Several days later.

Acted the selection of Sect Master to start immediately, Divine Feather Sect was stationed in regional elders and deacons to hurry back, Divine Feather Sect up and down also became especially lively.

These are capable of attacking to act the position of Sect Master, started high and low to move.

Acted Sect Master to control very formidable real power, so long as when acted Sect Master not to make any huge mistake, over 90% becomes next Sect Master.

Liu Piao, Gu Bei, Li Hangyun et al. gathered at one, a they appearance with a worried look. Nie Li has not regained consciousness, the Long Yuyin 24 hours defend in the Nie Li side, keep close, did not participate, who do the remaining people compete to act the position of Sect Master? They cannot compete Long Tianming absolutely.

„Now what to do? Nie Li has not awaked, we must look helplessly Long Tianming does mount to act the position of Sect Master?” Liu Piao said depressed that „such words Nie Li beforehand preparation did waste?”

„What to do can that?” Gu Bei smiled bitterly to say.

Li Hangyun is deeping frown, he was pondering how the present situation should process.

„We could not compete to act the position of Sect Master, cannot make Long Tianming prevail absolutely, was inferior that we started to support Huyan Beiyan!” Gu Bei has thought that „lets on Huyan Beiyan, total makes on Long Tianming that villain better.”

„Um, such manages!” Li Hangyun thinks that the nod said.

In Divine Feather Sect central void, Expert in ancestor float to empty.

Sky over Divine Feather Sect is bustling and filled with people, has several million audiences fully.

After is one of the super Divine Sect, the influence is quite astonishing, in besides Divine Feather Sect beside the ancestor, beyond more than 360 the ancestor also sends for participating in this scripture.

Sees only the void peak, presented five huge forms. That is Expert of Divine Feather Sect five Martial Ancestor levels, Expert many sons and daughters of these five Martial Ancestor levels, the whole body seven color time revolve. How cannot see clearly the appearance, but law dignified. Dignified solemn and respectful.

This is the Divine Feather Sect five gods Senior.

What lead is current Sect Master, title day Wu Shenzun, remaining is Long Meishen Senior, Hierarch Skycloud and spirit jade god to honor with the dark green flame god separately Senior.

These five gods revere the status to be lofty, is Divine Feather Sect currently most has the character of real power, although the characters of some Divine Feather Sect also remote antiquity elder ranks, but these remote antiquity elders often cannot close up, therefore various matters concerned are revered to decide by these five gods basically.

The day Wu Shenzun voice, has spread over entire Divine Feather Sect high and low.

„Today calls all gate juniors. Behavior what everybody should know, recently, my Cultivation has met the Martial Ancestor Seventh Level day, needs to close up attacks higher Cultivation, in the ancestor the matter will hand over by agent Sect Master governs, today to select to act the Sect Master candidate!”

„Asked Sect Master to show!”

Divine Feather Sect high and low, the sound is uniform.

„The position of this agent Sect Master, wants in the ancestor to select is good, you thought that who is appropriate?” Day Wu Shenzun gaze like torch, has swept all people.

At this time Long Meishen Senior with Hierarch Skycloud is saying anything.

„Skycloud. That hasn't Nie Li that you said how come?”

„I am not very clear, this only feared that you can clearly be more right than me?”

„Why is this?” Long Meishen Senior somewhat is actually curious.

„Does dragon flatter the god to honor does not know? Long Yuyin that child has only one in mind to Nie Li that it is said the Long Yuyin mother wants to permit Long Yuyin to him. If this marriage has succeeded, the child was the granddaughter's husband who Long Meishen Senior.” Hierarch Skycloud shows a faint smile to say.

„Has this matter, that this Nie Li, I must inspect actually well!” The sound that Long Meishen Senior, having one type to be charming and sexy, if Nie Li presented to listen, will be definitely surprised, this dragon flattered the god to honor the expression of speech, how such to look like with the Long Yuyin mother.

Four gods revere send greetings secretly are exchanging. Only then day Wu Shenzun was announcing various matters concerned.

„Now acts the election of position of Sect Master to start, is started to nominate by the elders. The candidate who over ten elders nominate, is qualified for participating to act the competition of position of Sect Master.” Day Wu Shenzun was announcing.
Entire Divine Feather Sect altogether has more than 200 elders. To be acted position of nomination Sect Master is quite simple.

However what is accidental, only then Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan had been nominated by the elders, Long Tianming is nominated by 61 elders, Situ Beiyan is nominated by 53 elders.

Acts competition of position of Sect Master, must say entitled, these two, other people mostly gave way before difficulties. By the prestige, the theory strength and theory influence, nobody can resist Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan two people.

„Two Sect Master a candidate appeared, we can wait again whether has other competitors, in addition, Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, according to the old times custom, you led the influence, fought a victory and defeat!” The day Wu Shenzun sinking sound said.

Hierarch Skycloud gaze has swept, in the crowd actually cannot find Nie Li. He a little has doubts, these days he is Nie Li has prepared the ground, had some support, several gods revere also in discussing the consideration, finally to has competed for acts the position of Sect Master the time, Nie Li has not come unexpectedly, does not know that Nie Li is up to mischief.

However he was not worried actually that Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan competition acts the position of Sect Master, must fight, this weaponry at least took several double-hour to finish.

„Was good, now examines your strength and leadership time, you started!” Day Wu Shenzun shows a faint smile to wave to say.

Divine Feather Sect numerous Expert draw back in abundance, sets aside a stretch of open area to come out the middle.

Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan led a group of troops respectively, turned into the distinguishing right from wrong two sides, two groups of troops respectively have several thousand greatness.

As Divine Feather Sect proxy Sect Master, except for own strength, the respective leadership must be topest, oneself form the influence time, can lead several thousand troops, has the qualifications to compete the position of Sect Master. Why this is also nobody with the reason that Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan fights. If who has won, and obtained five gods to honor over three approvals, that can succeed the position of Sect Master.

The entire Divine Feather Sect young generation, can command several thousand people, few.

Long Tianming is of Dragon Seal Family Three Great Families direct descendant, successor who deserves, but Situ Beiyan is the child of current Sect Master, who dares to resist with these two gangs of troops, that was really does not consider resources bite off more than can chew.

Before this scripture holds, almost all people can foresee, this must be Long Tianming and ultimate war between Situ Beiyan!

Long Tianming flies high to stand, the clothing flap flap makes noise, that appearance of outstanding ability, the slim figure, has no qualms seriously is the outstanding person phoenix, naturally Situ Beiyan is not inferior, a black clothing, stands proudly.

desire to fight soars to the heavens, a war must start immediately.( To be continued.)

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