„Outside resembles some people to chase down you, when they walked, I then deliver you to exit.” The Tianyuan Great said.

„Many thanks Tianyuan senior!” Nie Li said respectfully that chatted the matter about Sage Emperor with the Tianyuan Great.

The Tianyuan Great determined basically that Nie Li truly is the hundred years later people, truly hopefully can defeat Sage Emperor. Many years, he was waiting for the revenge the opportunity!

„Besides these treasures, my here also most precious object gives to you!”

The Tianyuan Great said that saw only in sky to emerge out of thin air a disc, this disc was dancing in the air falling, fell in the hand of Nie Li.

„Ten thousand spirit sword!” Nie Li said with amazement.

„Good, this thing is ten thousand spirit sword!” The Tianyuan Great nod said.

When previous generation with the Sage Emperor showdown, hides in Expert of each border area, some most precious objects fight the soldier, all comes, helping Nie Li resist Sage Emperor together. And ten thousand spirit sword are also one of them, these ten thousand spirit sword are only the most precious object, but strangled to death five of Sage Emperor to wait on god Expert.

„This thing also survives my thought that by my thought stimulation of movement, is unable to stimulate to movement by your ability. When meets, you who troublesome is unable to solve can communicate with the thought that I can stimulate to movement ten thousand spirit sword to help you, but you are clear, it must agglomerate the world essence, can show the might, decidedly do not abuse easily, best is when facing Sage Emperor, uses this thing!” The Tianyuan Great said seriously.

„I understand that this thing use, the Tianyuan senior felt relieved!” Nie Li cups one hand in the other across the chest saying that took in these ten thousand spirit sword Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Ten thousand spirit sword must absorb Heavenly Energy, can stimulate to movement, but in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, exactly is the Heavenly Energy richest place, inside Heavenly Energy continuously!

These ten thousand spirit sword might, Nie Li has experienced, this thing, needs to absorb Heavenly Energy massively, can stimulate to movement one time.

Receives after ten thousand spirit sword. Nie Li has remembered anything suddenly, looked that said to the Tianyuan Great: „I want to ask about a matter.”

„What matter?”

„Does not know that the Tianyuan senior does know a person, that person says Emperor Kong Ming, from Tiny World!”

Hears the Nie Li words. The Tianyuan Great silent for a long time, a moment later said: That Emperor Kong Ming that „you said that very possible is that person, several hundred years ago, presented a shocking certainly colorful talent probably. I do not know his origin. Very possible is some position can be reincarnated greatly, his god read once had an exchange with me. His Cultivation brought to the attention of Sage Emperor, Sage Emperor has sent several to wait on the god to hunt and kill him, he and Sage Emperor three waited on the god to fight several days later, suddenly went into hiding, nowhere searched again.”

Regarding Emperor Kong Ming this person, in the Nie Li heart has had the doubts and puzzle. Besides that true words, that raises the kind of witchcraft trained disciple method, making Nie Li be still worried momentarily enemy who might present.

„This person talent is aloof, the short 200-300 years then had extremely astonishing Cultivation. If he is some position can be reincarnated really greatly, the strength must above me, I expect he can untie the seal, explains the Sage Emperor space and time seal, however was a pity. In this long endless years, in entire Endless Space and Time, grows to having the opportunity challenges the Sage Emperor person, but also are not really many!” The Tianyuan Great sighed was saying.

200-300 years then grow to challenging the Sage Emperor level.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow, Emperor Kong Ming has calculated words, then Nie Li of previous generation should also be.

He and Emperor Kong Ming stem from Tiny World. He has a feeling indistinctly, oneself and between Emperor Kong Ming, should have some relation.

Nie Li faintly had felt since. Emperor Kong Ming this person, has very big connection with oneself.

Therefore Nie Li has wanted to trace Emperor Kong Ming this person, hears these words of Tianyuan Great, Nie Li was also more definite oneself idea at heart.

The Tianyuan Great also has as if thought of anything, immediately inquired: „Do you also come from Tiny World?”

„Yes.” Nie Li hesitated, nod said.

The Tianyuan Great has gawked. Immediately has laughed: „I understood, before some of my matters have thought clearly, all not to understand now finally! Ha!”

Laughter of Tianyuan Great, during entire is void shakes.
That sound thunders just like the mighty bell, Long Yuyin has covered the ear, the beautiful cheeks somewhat are pale.

The Tianyuan Great said one understood, actually to understand what?

„What did Tianyuan senior understand?” Nie Li asked.

„The truth of this matter, must open by you, the world main road, all has the fate, one day you will understand.” The Tianyuan Great said with a smile, „, if this day, can have one person to be able with a Sage Emperor war, then inevitable only then you. The destiny of myriad things life, is controlled by you!”

The Tianyuan Great understood, did not say that this made in the Nie Li heart the suspicion numerous.

Does the here surface, have what profound mystery?

„I can only tell you a point, inheritance that all that you practice, inherits, already above me.” The Tianyuan Great said seriously, „, therefore you must explore own potential, erupts the potential, your present practice speed, wants to resist with Sage Emperor, was too slow, your time were not much!”

„I will do utmost surely!” Nie Li said seriously.

„I do not have anything to help you!” The thought of Tianyuan Great fell on Nie Li nearby Long Yuyin, „this girl was passionately devoted to you actually, the side is willing for the person who you died, the sincerity were not many, you must treasure well are. Her talent was too bad, if so gets down, only feared that could not help your anything, I delivered her a good fortune!”

A moment later, infinite thought between world, instantaneous wild, just like storm.

Long Yuyin is a little also in a daze, then felt that a formidable strength pours into from her top of the head god gate place, crashes in the body, the entire body floods in the boundless strength.

The entire body looked like explodes generally, on Long Yuyin that beautiful cheeks revealed the deep painful color.

However she tightly bites Bei Chi to insist, she a little understood the meaning of Tianyuan Great, if she wants one day, can help Nie Li, that must accept the baptism of Tianyuan Great!


Long Yuyin felt that strengths erupt in within the body, this strength must explode her mortal body brace simply generally. Not only the mortal body cannot support, the Artifact armor that her body puts on could not support completely, on Artifact has covered entirely a faint trace crack, immediately bang, the entire Artifact armor has blasted open!

The Artifact armor cannot withstand, the clothes already changed to the ashes!( To be continued.)

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