All around the Wu Yazi glance, Xiao Yu vanished, had the corpse unable to find continually.

He roves, may same place pace back and forth, could not find the road that leaves.

At this time, Shi Zhen deep place.

Just suddenly carried off, Xiao Yu had a scare, great shout, will directly be covered the mouth, grasped stubbornly.

„Do not make the sound!” Nie Li passes message to Xiao Yu said that Wu Yazi was stranded, if hears shouting of Xiao Yu, then can following looking very much with ease.

Heard the Nie Li sound, the heart of Xiao Yu then relaxed, but thinks one and between Nie Li the ambiguous posture, Xiao Yu have blushed. This all the way, she several times had been profited by Nie Li, although is the peculiar circumstance has no alternative, but a Nie Li point maintains the determination of distance does not have.

Sees Xiao Yu no longer to struggle, Nie Li then drops.

„Was the circumstance compelled not to have the means a moment ago, I or covered your mouth, you have yelled, we walked, followed me, do not leave my over two meters, which rubble stone I stepped in, you must pay attention to my point of descent!” Nie Li jumps to graze, keeps stepping on one after another stone.

Xiao Yu follows in Nie Li behind, looks at the Nie Li back, her gaze twinkle, sighed finally silently.

Probably after half double-hour, Nie Li has passed through Shi Zhen, arrived in the opposite.

Void is floating various treasures, has the Spiritual Stone fine gold, Artifact of various steps, in void of distant place, strange gem is sparkling the radiant ray.

This mysterious gem, is fluctuating unceasingly the color, is emitting ten thousand multi-colored sunlight.

Sees that gem, in the Nie Li heart moves, that gem, clearly is Illusory Spirit Bead in fable.

Illusory Spirit Bead is an extremely formidable fight treasure, person who grasps Illusory Spirit Bead, once stimulates to movement Illusory Spirit Bead, even can who these are higher than oneself several steps, is bogged down in difficulties in the middle of unreal unable to work loose, although cannot kill people. Has the most precious object of special function.

Besides confusing human, it also has some marvelous functions, absolutely was antiquity Artifact.

The Nie Li corners of the mouth bring back slightly, function of this Illusory Spirit Bead. May probably be greatly more than Green Poison Pearl.

„I received that treasure, you this nearby Spiritual Stone fine gold, Artifact all collected!” Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu to say.

„Um!” Xiao Yu nodded, hurries to tidy up the Spiritual Stone fine gold and Artifact went, here various things. Made her be busy at work the last period of time sufficiently.

Nie Li approaches Illusory Spirit Bead rapidly, saw only this time, Illusory Spirit Bead sends out the dazzling ray suddenly.

Nie Li felt one looked like arrived at one roaring flame hells suddenly, the surroundings flaming raging fire headed on, must roast him simply roasts the adult to do general.

„Snort, does this fairyland also want to surround me?” Nie Li stimulates to movement Heavenly Energy in Soul Sea suddenly, the bang enters in Lingtai, passes through two meridians, in the eye pupil glitters two unusual rays. Sees only the surrounding flaming flame hidden to go rapidly, Nie Li puts out a hand to grasp toward Illusory Spirit Bead.

Illusory Spirit Bead in not pilot-controllable situation. The might naturally is inferior.

Must be held by Nie Li shortly, Illusory Spirit Bead whiz, changes to a ray to fly rapidly.

„To walk? It is not easy!” Nie Li coldly snort, summoned Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting from Soul Sea rapidly, Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting lets go.

Present Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, could definitely be controlled by Nie Li at will!

The huge space covered Illusory Spirit Bead, Illusory Spirit Bead Zuo Chongyou, actually likely was covered suddenly in a transparent cover, kept making bang bang bang the sound, throughout is actually not able to hit.

The Nie Li corners of the mouth show a faint smile. He had already been ready, even if Illusory Spirit Bead does not listen to the control, he also has the means to surrender him thoroughly.

Although Illusory Spirit Bead is an astonishing treasure, but with Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting this antique God Item. The disparity is very big!

„Receives to me!” The Nie Li right hand extends void, sees only Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to be taken back rapidly, Illusory Spirit Bead took in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting inside space, is the Nie Li domain, so long as entered Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, do not want to come out again. After waiting for Ghost Temple, Nie Li can find the time to surrender Illusory Spirit Bead slowly!

During Nie Li in this piece is void grazes, rapidly each article Artifact also has the Spiritual Stone fine gold and so on thing, all took in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is only four Rank 5 Artifact, fully several hundred, the Spiritual Stone fine gold also fully has over a hundred, various types of other things, eyes cannot take it all.

This absolutely is extremely astonishing wealth!

These things, naturally do not have the means to compare with Illusory Spirit Bead!

What Nie Li a little wonders, why when plunder these treasures, the thought of Ghost Temple, looked like vanished baseless generally.

Before must know, because Nie Li took a Spiritual Stone fine gold, the thought of Ghost Temple has flown into a rage, now took his these many treasures, his response?

Nie Li continues to seek toward the void terminus, distant place several hundred the stone columns of standing erect, attracted the attention of Nie Li, these stone columns stand erect in void, each stone column reaches as high as dozens meters, above quarter various Inscription Pattern, that motley trace, had shown completely they cross for several million years!

Saw these stone columns, Nie Li wrinkled the brow slightly, these several hundred stone columns, have composed mysterious Large Array!

Although was unable to calculate this Large Array some strong might, but a little can determine that this Large Array is not absolutely simple!

Once enters Large Array, even if Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, even is Expert of Martial Ancestor level, perhaps will meet with a disaster!

This Large Array such float in void, general surrounding area about several hundred meters.

„Although has not studied to understand this Large Array, but, received first said again!” Nie Li opens the right hand, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting lasing in hand, changed to giant light screen, covers this Large Array.

Whiz, entire Large Array had brought in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting by Nie Li directly.

„I studied thoroughly this Large Array, perhaps will have some wondrous uses!” Nie Li thinks to say secretly, after receiving Large Array, he continues to search for in void.

Distant place multi-colored sunlight ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), a broad palace appeared in the line of sight of Nie Li.

Royal Court this broad palace plunders, sees only this palace simply is the Ghost Temple diminished version, various buildings are exactly the same, was only small, occupying land area surrounding area also several kilometers, inside palace, had several meters high.

„This should be the Ghost Temple core!” Nie Li thinks to say secretly that manages its anything thing, first received said again, after receiving, went back to study again slowly!

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting lets go once again!( To be continued.)

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