After Li Hangyun, Gu Bei et al. had prepared, then started to take action.

Fate Soul this thing, is extremely mysterious. Reposes Fate Soul in soul palace, quite in a false body, once after outside mortal body died, the new mortal body will act according to reposes Fate Soul the time starts to remould, but after remoulding, only before can have, ** strength that becomes, reason that this also why Cultivation meets suddenly Jian.

If there is not practiced Fate Soul this thing, perhaps Human race already exterminated in Draconic Ruins Realm this dangerous world!

Had Fate Soul, Human race has been able to expand to Greater World.

The antiquity buried treasure that all influence to fight for the resources in Greater World, Spiritual Stone and in Demon Spirit even Greater World contains, will frequently have various conflicts. Only then establishes the stable influence in Greater World, rules a region by force, has the qualifications becomes Dragon Seal Family, Gu Clan, Ashen Flames Family and other Patriarch of super aristocratic family.

This is also the inheritance people of each aristocratic family, why in the reason that in Greater World will fall over one another.

Weak Patriarch, will not be approved by the family!

Demon Alliance by Blood Moon Alliance extinguishing, in family, not only will not render the assistance, will also watch critically, if Gu Bei cannot recover the gathering place, that this matter will become Gu Bei whether will have the qualifications becomes Patriarch basis it one.

The world of law of the jungle, can go on living, is Expert!

Blood Moon Alliance assembles dozens influences, suppresses Demon Alliance, makes a show of force, if Demon Alliance wants to continue in Greater World to survive and stands firm, only has to Blood Moon Alliance deals a head-on blow, proves own strength!

Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance more than 500 elites, embarked under the leadership of Li Hangyun and Gu Bei, their goals are Blood Moon Alliance control Deity’s Lake!

But Nie Li, keeps in Heavenly Soul Institute , to continue to practice with concentration.

A moment later, some guests visit, is Senior Chimu.

„What does Senior look for my?” Nie Li asked courteously.

„Spiritual Senior Tian Yun wants to see you.” Senior Chimu shows a faint smile saying that „you are willing to follow me?”

„Good.” Nie Li nodded, previous generation time he then knows. What person Spiritual Senior Tian Yun is, to some Spiritual Senior Tian Yun favorable impressions. After all Spiritual Senior Tian Yun in Divine Feather Sect was a quite fair person.

Nie Li is following Senior Chimu, leads the way following the track of winding.

Tian Yun Shen palace.

A look dignified old man calmly float in the front line of temple, clothing is calm. Boundless strengths are turbulent, the strength of week Heavenly Star Chen, keeps evolving in his body week, Qi of entire Tian Yun Shen palace, during his control.

This old man. Master of Senior Chimu, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun Divine Feather Sect five big giants!

Except that beside Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, the surroundings are also standing five youth, is Aura is formidable, both sides the direct impact clouds, these five youth establish separately, it is estimated that is the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple or any person.

Nie Li followed Senior Chimu to arrive in the Tian Yun Shen palace, looked toward the front that saw only Spiritual Senior Tian Yun also to look toward him.

After seeing Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, in Nie Li heart one cold. Spiritual Senior Tian Yun Aura a little out of the ordinary, carefully had recalled, is somewhat similar to Ying Yueru, is it possible that did Spiritual Senior Tian Yun also study the technique of evolution to be inadequate?

Nie Li such mused in the heart, does not dare to inquire Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, after all the technique of evolution, is extremely secret.

Spiritual Senior Tian Yun shows a faint smile saying: „Are you Nie Li?”

„Yes, god your father.” Nie Li bows slightly, appears very respectful. After all the opposite party is one of the five giants.

The five disciples under Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, all focused gaze on the body of Nie Li.

They clearly knew Nie Li before, carefully examines Nie Li in side, the facial expression is varying.

The character that „you write I looked. In which the depth of ideal condition, made me is also very surprised, by your present Cultivation, can write such deep ideal condition the character. Heard that you have done obeisance have come from the depth of small exquisite aristocratic family similarly is a master.” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun looks to Nie Li, said kindly.

„Yes.” Nie Li nods to say respectfully. He truly requested Nether Realm Master to be a master, naturally, what others did not know, he also had another master, that was Ying Yueru.

„Said that deeply with some of some of my also origins, he is a disciple of my old friend, I want to receive you for my 39 th disciple, does not know that you do want? As for deep there, I believe that he should not reject!” On the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun face reveals a gentle smiling face to say.

Nie Li has not thought that Spiritual Senior Tian Yun will propose unexpectedly such request, this to Nie Li, a little was too truly accidental.

Can do obeisance Spiritual Senior Tian Yun for the disciple, then to Nie Li, has the greatest advantage absolutely, if can have the support of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, he is away from Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, was nearer one step.

„Teacher, this little is perhaps improper!” Nearby wore the youth of golden long gown to stand, opened the mouth saying that his gaze coldly has swept Nie Li.

„Why not proper?” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun wrinkled the brow, asked.

„Each of us before becoming the disciple of teacher, in the contemporaries, is the outstanding people, moreover Cultivation at least has achieved above Heavenly Axis Realm, Nie Li at present is also Heavenly Fate Realm. Moreover Nie Li before arriving at here, is the disciple of lima wood, if you receive him for the person, like this calculates that chaotic rank?” That gold robe youth opens the mouth saying that wants to prevent Spiritual Senior Tian Yun.

Senior Chimu cups one hand in the other across the chest to say hurriedly: „Teacher Sir, although before Nie Li, is my nominal disciple, but I simply do not have what thing to teach him in fact! He basically is practicing!” Senior Chimu has smiled bitterly.

„Even if so, that Master and Disciple status cannot write off!” The gold robe youth said categorically.

Spiritual Senior Tian Yun beckoned with the hand, says with a smile: „These common-place points of view, completely do not need to care. As for Realm, Cultivation secondary, in the comprehension of reading, Nie Li perhaps also wanted on strongly to be too more than many Heavenly Axis Realm Expert!”

Hears the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun words, that five disciples looked at each other, it seems like Spiritual Senior Tian Yun was determined to accept Nie Li this disciple, another four people did not have any too many opinions but actually, only then gold robe youth, very not quick appearance.

„Senior, who is he?” Nie Li passes message quietly inquired that Senior Chimu said.

„Senior Wuyan, is the big disciple of my teacher, is responsible for governing various matters concerned of Tian Yun Shen palace. Usually the teacher practices, the Tian Yun Shen palace is managed by him, it seems like he does not like you.” Senior Chimu passes message to Nie Li said that has smiled reluctantly, he is very honest.

Nie Li looks up to the front, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, said to Spiritual Senior Tian Yun: „Many thanks looking upon with favor of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, I am willing to become the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, but I have been used to slackly, cannot obey other people's controls, if becomes the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, I hope to be able in the Tian Yun Shen palace freedom to come and go.”

„Dissolute!” Senior Wuyan looks angrily at Nie Li, sank to drink a sound track, „teacher Sir is willing to receive you for the disciple, that is to your greatest gracious gift, you did not hurry to thank for kindness, unexpectedly also discussed the condition?”

Heard the words of Senior Wuyan, Nie Li wrinkles the brow, Nie Li absolutely did not have a favorable impression to this Senior Wuyan, reason that set such request, feared that in the Tian Yun Shen palace, received preemption of Senior Wuyan. Although becomes the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, extremely will really have the advantage to the future development, but if not be able to stay in the Tian Yun Shen palace, that later matter, will be useless!

If cannot the freedom to come and go, Nie Li rather not, when Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple!

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