„The master, can you write to give me to have a look that sword character?” Long Yuyin Bei Chiqing bites to say.

„You are not suitable to practice Sword Aura, I write other character to you, you comprehend slowly!” Nie Li smiles to say with a smile, he knows that Long Yuyin has been intertwining for this matter.

„But, I want to try!” Long Yuyin said that her innermost feelings somewhat are not convinced, why Gu Bei can comprehend, didn't she comprehend?

„Good, but martial arts surely, everyone has the domain that oneself excel, compares with others' strong point with own short board, this is very stupid behavior.” Nie Li instructs earnestly saying that „, once formed held to read, likely forever stayed in that domain is unable the little advance.”

Hears the Nie Li words, in the Long Yuyin heart one cold, the nod should say: „Yes.”

Sees the Long Yuyin earnest appearance, Nie Li smiles, is thinking, present Long Yuyin clearly is a young and inexperienced girl, actually has she of previous generation encountered what matter? Turned into like that ferocious appearance? However these Nie Li are unable to examine.

The rebirth comes back, can transform Long Yuyin, is the good good fortune.

Then, how to teach with skill and patience, making Long Yuyin participate in competition of Dragon Seal Family Patriarch.

Nie Li is staring at remote void, revealed the deep dignity, the feeling said: „This world, there is a lot, is you do not know.”

„What master said is what?” The Long Yuyin doubts said.

„You do not have doubts very much, can I with your similar ages, actually comprehension far and away on Realm surpass you? Is because I knew this world unknown matter, Martial Ancestor is not peak of martial arts. In this world, supreme existences, called Sage Emperor, he has blocked Endless Space and Time, has controlled three Greater World including Draconic Ruins Realm, once there is a anybody to dare to crop up, resisted his absolute authority. Will die a tragic death. For a lot of years, countless people of lofty ideas, the calculation secret, reverses the space and time. To resist with him.”

Heard the Nie Li words, Long Yuyin opens the eye, Nie Li her told that completely was her unthinkable matter.

Nie Li continues to tell, said: „A lot you do not know completely. Only then these have studied the person of technique of evolution, can contact to 12. Divine Feather Sect non founder and profound spatial founder even are your master Wu Yu, grasped the person of technique of evolution, the technique of evolution evolved in their within the body unceasingly, evolved before peak must die, will otherwise bring the total destruction to Divine Feather Sect. Because Sage Emperor when the time comes will deduce their existence! Has studied the person of technique of evolution, is the Sage Emperor mortal enemy!”

„For thousands of years, die the super talent in Sage Emperor hand, millions, because of Sage Emperor, but death also countless. Only must maintain the unsurpassed hegemony because of him!”

„Naturally, the revolt never has also stopped, grasped the talents of technique of evolution, continually uses various methods, even reversal space and time, to resist Sage Emperor, but some people have never succeeded.”

Hears the Nie Li words, Long Yuyin was a little indistinctly clear.

In the past her master Wu Yu in dying, had spoken a few words to her: The day is wicked, the human breaks it surely. Trillion ghosts will not die of punishment on a false charge. When Long Yuyin, the life has finally, the life of everyone is a node in Endless Space and Time, does not need to feel sad for the master. However you no matter how, certainly cannot study the technique of evolution! The technique of evolution, so long as there is a successor to be enough!

The technique of evolution was most formidable cultivation method, Long Yuyin also had the extremely intense curiosity, wanted to study, but afterward the technique of evolution was taken away by Ying Yueru. She has not managed the legal science.

Originally, the truth is this!

In the Long Yuyin heart touches, in eye pupil is glittering the tears.

That, has studied the female apprentice of technique of evolution, may die anytime! As doubts after at heart relieve, misunderstanding of Long Yuyin to Ying Yueru did not have finally, was Ying Yueru was worried.

Nie Li looks at Long Yuyin, the sound said low and deep: „Matter that Long Yuyin, I then must handle, resists Sage Emperor, are you willing to help me?”

Hears the Nie Li words, Long Yuyin deeply looks to Nie Li, originally Nie Li is a such selfless great person! Resists Sage Emperor, this matter some people have never succeeded, but Nie Li still dutifully decided that does.

„No matter makes me make anything, I listen your!” Long Yuyin said seriously.

„Long Yuyin, wants to resist Sage Emperor, is insufficient depending on a strength of person, I want you to control Dragon Seal Family, becomes Dragon Seal Family Patriarch!” Nie Li looked that said to Long Yuyin.

Hears the Nie Li words, the Long Yuyin look was vacant: „Makes me Dragon Seal Family Patriarch, can this possibly accomplish? After all Long Tianming strength compared with my these many!”

„So long as were determined matter that handles, certainly can accomplish, where your talent is not necessarily worse than Long Tianming to goes, time that but he practices is earlier than you, moreover you have God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, has me to instruct you to practice, if given time, you can certainly surmount Long Tianming! Before then, you must in the name of your, establish the influence in Greater World, I will help you fully!” Nie Li looks at Long Yuyin, said seriously.

Hears the Nie Li words, the Long Yuyin vacant look, becomes limpidly is gradually transparent and firm, she nodded saying: „Good, I listen your!”

„Your scarlet Dragon Blood arteries flow in within the body, some essential acupuncture points have not opened, once your acupuncture points open completely, stimulates your complete potential, your strength can be an extremely astonishing degree, this strength Long Tianming is unable to touch. Since you request me to be the master, I help you open this complete acupuncture point! Another day we will find a secret place , helping you complete this matter!” Nie Li said.

Opens the acupuncture point in within the body?

Although is not quite clear, but Long Yuyin feelings, Nie Li said should not be false, after opening the acupuncture point, actually will the strength be what level?

The Long Yuyin innermost feelings a little anticipated.

If Long Yuyin can help him control Dragon Seal Family, then Nie Li left Divine Feather Sect Sect Master about one.

To compete for Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, needs to satisfy the essential point, has the qualifications to compete for the position of Sect Master! Long Tianming these people have not satisfied, therefore Nie Li can take your time.

A moment later, Li Hangyun came back, looks to arrive in Nie Li Long Yuyin, has gawked, immediately smiled suddenly, compares the thumb to Nie Li.

Nie Li also is really fierce, just had packed off Xiao Ning Er, unexpectedly has surrendered a beautiful woman, moreover Long Yuyin that always to irritably be famous. Looks at Long Yuyin in Nie Li side that clever appearance, Li Hangyun suspected one misread.

Really maneating woman, so long as bumped into can surrender their men, again ominous does not get up.

Nie Li knows that Li Hangyun has misunderstood, has smiled bitterly next step: „It is not such that you think, she just requested me to be the master!”

Li Hangyun has gawked, immediately nodded, says with a smile: „Good, I also think that she is your woman!”

Hears the Li Hangyun words, the face of Long Yuyin one becomes red, was awkward.

Li Hangyun also is really direct, does not attend to the Long Yuyin girl being thin-skinned completely.

To be honest, Li Hangyun very admires to Nie Li, not to mention Long Yuyin is anything relates with Nie Li, the Long Yuyin temperament he is knows that it is said also the fiance abandoning, finally now by Nie Li, the appearance that is obedient very much cleverly.

„The Hangyun brother, Long Yuyin she decides to compete Dragon Seal Family the position of Patriarch, if later Long Yuyin wants to establish own influence, but also asked the Hangyun brother to help much.” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say.

Heard the Nie Li words, Li Hangyun has gawked slightly the god, more wants more to think astonishing.

Gu Bei is Gu Clan first in order successor, Long Yuyin also under instigation of Nie Li, decides to participate in the competition of position of Patriarch, two big aristocratic families already by the Nie Li institute about, but he, in involuntary, participated in the competition of position of Ashen Flames Family Patriarch.

Actually is this coincidence?

Is Nie Li intentional?

If is intentional, that also was too rather astonishing!

Li Hangyun thinks, reason that he and between Nie Li will have occurring together , is purely the coincidence, Nie Li should not be specially so.

Li Hangyun recovers, shows a faint smile saying: „Relax, this matter wraps on me, before Gu Bei and Long Yuyin influence grows, I will help one another.”

„To establish the influence but actually also simply, my father has some former subordinates, before I did not struggle Dragon Seal Family the position of Patriarch, condition that they go into seclusion close, once I decide to struggle the position of Patriarch, raises the arm shouts, they affirmed that will all come back.” Long Yuyin said.

This is also status special reason of Long Yuyin in Dragon Seal Family.

Long Yuyin is not Dragon Seal Family first in order successor, but her father can actually leave behind God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit to her, conceivable, Long Yuyin father's once status was aloof.

Because some loyal in the Long Yuyin former subordinate, therefore nobody dares to move Long Yuyin in Dragon Seal Family, even if only seventh in order successor, she can also not pay attention to Long Tianming completely, it can be imagined.

Nie Li was a little clear, why master said that Long Yuyin is he steps the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, an extremely essential point!

Once Long Yuyin struggles Dragon Seal Family the position of Patriarch, that Nie Li wanted to compete for the success ratio of position of Sect Master greatly to be many. However Long Yuyin wants to step the position of Dragon Seal Family Patriarch, the ridge that must first step over is Long Tianming!

However Nie Li does not worry, this matter can take your time.

Nie Li had confessed, then made Long Yuyin the first former subordinate who went back to call her father.

Three days later, Li Hangyun is leading Nie Li also one group of people, sets out toward the Greater World deep place together.

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