The black and white two photospheres hit in together, explode loudly, erupted a formidable strength, shelled on the body of Frost Drake, almost exploded to turn Frost Drake.

Although the Nie Li strength is also 4 Fate Realm, but this Yin Yang Blast, can actually erupt the several fold the strength.

Frost Drake calls out angrily, wields makes a debut icy cold, goes toward the Nie Li Fanged Panda bang.


Nie Li changes to Shadow Devil Demon Spirit once again, vanishes rapidly.

Cut back and forth, just likes the Hangyun running water is ordinary.

Although Frost Drake the strength is intrepid, far and away has surpassed Nie Li, but a short time, actually how Nie Li.


The cold ice and Yin Yang Blast to the bang, the terrifying impulse sweep across unceasingly.

Sees Nie Li and Frost Drake fight, the outside these East Court students were all shocked.

In Nie Li has not fought before Ye Chong, their strength to the Nie Li has the absolute suspicion, they thought that once fights, Nie Li must lose without doubt, it is estimated that the brace is about three moves

! However fact far and away has gone beyond their expectation, the strength that Nie Li shows, although does not have Ye Chong to be so strong, actually can also calmly deal under the attack of Ye Chong, has not been defeated quickly.

„That boy, unexpectedly simultaneous integration two Demon Spirit?”

No matter Huang Yu or Nanmen Tianhai, a little are surprised, they have not seen have been able the simultaneous integration two Demon Spirit people!

They think that Nie Li closes right up against Artifact completely, can defeat 6 Fate Realm Murong Yu, until now they discovered that Nie Li also hid the strength. Had not displayed a moment ago. If not their compulsion makes Nie Li receive Artifact, perhaps Nie Li is not willing to show own strength.

The talent that Nie Li displays, making them very excited.

Does not know that is the Nie Li itself physique is special, can therefore fuse two Demon Spirit?

On the martial arts contest stage, the fight carried on the degree of superheating.

Two Ice Dragon keep circling in the sky. Twists to Nie Li, Ice Dragon everywhere one visit, the air congeals instantaneously.

Frost Drake is displaying various formidable styles tyrannically, wants to deadlock Nie Li thoroughly in the space near martial arts contest stage.

Nie Li felt more and more formidable pressure, after all Frost Drake is Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Beast, moreover Ye Chong I have 6 Fate Realm Cultivation. Nie Li Yin Yang Blast. Also burnt Frost Drake part of skins of merely, is unable to cause the big damage to Frost Drake.

At this time, Senior Wuyan gaze is gazing at Nie Li on martial arts contest stage, the facial expression on face cloudy like the water, no wonder Spiritual Senior Tian Yun so takes seriously Nie Li. Nie Li talent, truly is very astonishing, in the past he when Nie Li this age, it is estimated that also just stepped into Heavenly Fate Realm shortly after!

However present Nie Li, can contend with 6 Fate Realm Expert!

Moreover Nie Li also fused two different Demon Spirit unexpectedly!

The Nie Li talent is stronger, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun more takes seriously Nie Li, his to exceed wishes one could to strike to kill Nie Li directly! Because he feels that Nie Li will win is his thing!

„Ye Chong. A bit faster has not killed him, limited within your quarter to kill him, otherwise. You look at the office!” Senior Wuyan passes message annoyedly to Ye Chong.

Ye Chong at heart that depressed, he fused Frost Drake, however front Nie Li actually like is a loach skidding, no matter he displays any strategic move, throughout is actually not able to hold Nie Li.


Said that Ice Dragon circles to revolve in the sky, shells unceasingly. Everywhere ice corner falls, throughout is actually not able to catch the Nie Li trail. Suddenly, he had some ideas. Shouted angrily, saw only the surrounding cold ice to form the huge block secret rooms suddenly, entire all will have covered compared with the musicians who play percussion instruments.

Swiftly, ice walls condensed.

In the instance of Nie Li empty conclusion, iced in the wall to drill Ice Dragon suddenly, went toward the Nie Li bang.

Only listens to the bang of bang, that said that Ice Dragon shells really on the body of Nie Li, struck to fly Nie Li, Nie Li throat one sweet, overflowed a blood.

Nie Li in the airborne several tumblings, fell above thick ice, the heart kept fluctuating, he protected the strategic point, this strikes will directly perhaps strike to kill him, if such hit again, the light with Shadow Devil Demon Spirit and Fanged Panda, could not defeat to fuse Frost Drake Ye Chong absolutely

Nie Li is staring at front Frost Drake, it seems like, must put out the real skill!

Ye Chong the Frost Drake gaze woods look at Nie Li coldly, although Senior Wuyan request Ye Chong has killed Nie Li, but Ye Chong is at heart contradictory and hesitant, after all here is Heavenly Soul Institute, killed Nie Li to severely be punished!

However, the Senior Wuyan order he does not dare to disobey, once disobeys, very possible result killing Nie Li was much more serious.

His parents, his wife and children, under the Senior Wuyan control!

„Dies!” The body of Ye Chong, erupted blazing killing intent suddenly, in the surrounding ice wall grew the innumerable road ice thorn suddenly, gripped toward Nie Li.

Sees this, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai is startled terrified.

„It is not good!”

They have not expected, Ye Chong must kill Nie Li unexpectedly!

Ye Chong this move of profound cold ice thorn, that is the style of murder, Nie Li 4 Fate Realm, in addition now was injured, basic is impossible can evade!

Nie Li is a talent that they excavate with great difficulty, how can like this be killed!

However they wanted to rescue already without enough time, after all Ye Chong action not any indication.

Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al., although clearly knows that Nie Li is hiding many cards in a hand, but sees this, in heart also unavoidably anxious, because of the opposite party goal, but must kill Nie Li thoroughly! Moreover Nie Li has not entrusted to Fate Soul in the soul palace, if dies in here, that too was injust! Their eyes red, if Nie Li were killed, they will make some people pay the price absolutely reckless!

These East Court students, a little are obviously accidental, after all competition each time, compares notes, the new people who although just promoted will be been oppressive very miserably, but has not appeared in the situation on the martial arts contest stage killing people.

Was Ye Chong this? Does he have the bitter hatred with Nie Li?

Saw that these sharp icy cold, must pierce the body of Nie Li, Nie Li roared, the body fused Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon Demon Spirit rapidly, the body suddenly became huge, the whole body has covered jet black scale.

Bang bang bang!

These shell icy cold on Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon scale, explodes in abundance, changes to the shaved ice.

Regarding the strength that this profound cold ice punctures, Nie Li estimates very accurately, these icy cold, although has caused certain damage to Nie Li, is actually not enough to pierce Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon scale.

The Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon huge stature, made to break to pieces nearby thick ice, that jet black scale, pan- the spooky gloss, back that giant wing, was filling made the rushing strength of person palpitation, then just like the copper bell common eye, coldly was gazing at front Frost Drake.

Unexpectedly is

Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon!

Moreover is God level growth rate!

My heaven!

At this time no matter Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, are Senior Wuyan, has tarried, Long Tianming of distant place has stood broadmindedly. ( to be continued )

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