Does Long Tianming within the body, really have a strength of monster blood?

„How do you realize?” Nie Li looked that asked to Wu Yazi. Happy article mobile network

„That wisp of monster blood hides in his within the body, so long as he does not release this strength, nobody can realize, even if Expert of Martial Ancestor level is not good. But who do not forget me is, I am a god blood monster fox clan, the ability of our sensation bloodline, is not ordinary Human race can compare!” Wu Yazi said proudly.

Nie Li nodded, god blood monster fox is the mysterious race, Nie Li also completely traces the airtight god blood monster fox to have any ability, in some ancient books, to a description of god blood monster fox clan is also very few.

Only if there is a Demon Clan Expert agreement, and helps voluntarily, humanity is unable to obtain the strength of monster blood sacrifice.

„Is it possible that had Demon Clan Expert also to help him complete the monster blood sacrifice?”

„Felt that his monster blood, does not obtain through the monster blood sacrifice, makes concrete me unclear.” Wu Yazi smiles bitterly was shaking the head to say.

„Do you have the method to nose clearly?” Nie Li looked that asked to Wu Yazi.

„Only if ties up him, then uses a mystique of our god blood monster fox clan to him, but was too difficult. fighting, I discovered that I unexpectedly am not the match of that boy, although I protected oneself the no worries, hit, I stimulated to movement the bloodline strength to be not necessarily more inferior than him, but wanted to hold him, was almost the is impossible matter.” Wu Yazi said that „, moreover I am not clear he, once fuses Demon Spirit, the monster blood of stimulation of movement within the body, will erupt any level the strength.”

Heard the Wu Yazi words silent, Nie Li, said: „That, you first killed off his subordinate. Kept his one to run its own course along with him!”

It seems like wanted to kill Long Tianming is almost the is impossible matter, such being the case, that let the matter that Wu Yazi handled to complete.

„This simplicity! Waits for my good news!” Wu Yazi said that got rid once more.

Nie Li is looking out Long Tianming of distant place, gaze is profound. Previous generation Divine Feather Sect splits, cannot withdraw the responsibility with the Long Tianming estimate, afterward Long Tianming went to Ancestral God Land, is hundred years later, Ancestral God Land by the golden flame combustion completely, is not known has the relations with Long Tianming.

Long Tianming hides very much deeply. More deep cuts, to exceed discovered that Long Tianming is not simple.

Nie Li can always from Long Tianming, feel the threat faintly.

„Nie Li, what have you discovered?” Xiao Yu looked that asked to Nie Li, the Nie Li expression was a little unusual. It is estimated that has discovered anything.

„All right, later careful Long Tianming this person, you, should better little contact with him particularly, to the farther the better!” Nie Li said.

„Why?” Xiao Yu is a little surprised, why is she?

„Listened my then!” Nie Li said that Xiao Yu within the body is hiding her parents' consciousness, if were discovered by Long Tianming. Possibly will bring in some troublesome, something, the opportunity has not arrived. Nie Li thought what do not tell Xiao Yu is good.

Why can listen your? A reason does not have, Nie Li also was too rather overbearing, Xiao Yu mumbled one at heart, may „um” comply with one.

At this time that side Wu Yazi already in fight, although the Long Tianming strength has striven to excel Wu Yazi, but Wu Yazi is a god blood monster fox clan. That speed is fast, at is not Long Tianming can overtake. Several Demigod leave ghost no sneak attack, Long Tianming person drops down.

More than 30 individuals. Turned into more than 20, turned into more than ten, finally only remaining he and Long Liu.

The Long Tianming air/Qi resulted in the top of the head to be about to belch smoke, he several times wanted to hold Wu Yazi, but can only see the Wu Yazi remnant shade, Wu Yazi does not want to oppose the enemy with Long Tianming obviously directly, has sneak attacked his person, making him virtually impossible to guard against.

A speed of monster fox clan, must be hard to imagine simply quickly.

Person, unexpectedly by Wu Yazi killing only remaining Long Liu one people.

„We walk!” Long Tianming said annoyedly that with the Long Liu two people together, fast plunders, vanishes does not see.

Wu Yazi fell on Nie Li and Xiao Yu side, shrugged saying: „Can handle has handled, remaining that two, is a little troublesome, even if!”

Looks at Long Tianming and Long Liu two people of a little distressed forms, Nie Li shows a faint smile, it is estimated that this is biggest one that Long Tianming eats in history time owes. Perhaps and contest between Long Tianming, just started.

„Was good, we walk!” Nie Li shows a faint smile saying that looks to Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu, „comes with me, with tight, do not fall behind over three meters, otherwise with losing have not blamed me!”

Under the leadership of Nie Li, three people walk toward thousand imaginary * a center.

At this time, thousand imaginary * beyond.

Had each Divine Sect person to rush to here one after another, even had much is Dao of Dragon Realm Expert.

The Ghost Temple given name, many people knew, innumerable they arrive at here, tries to break thousand imaginary * to enter Ghost Temple, but many people were defeated, some people gave up, but some people, whenever Ghost Temple opens time, will come here to explore.

No matter three big demon ancestor correct path six big Divine Sect, came many Expert, eyes covetously.

Several hundred influences, at least 100,000 people, are seeking for the entrance beyond thousand imaginary *.

Some person luck were good, found thousand imaginary * a person to graze , some people have been prevented by thousand imaginary * outside.

However some people entered thousand imaginary *, wants to enter Ghost Temple is also difficult such as to ascend to heaven.

Long Tianming and Long Liu two people rove in Ghost Temple, fell completely, did not know the east , south , west and north, walked back and forth also in the original position, quick insanely fell.

But at this time Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi, actually under the leadership of Nie Li, lead the way, the surrounding various sceneries are similar to give a cursory look and gain shallow understanding general, keeps transforming, saw that Ghost Temple was getting more and more near.

In the Wu Yazi heart shocks, thousand imaginary * looks like in Nie Li, regards simply , if no thing to be ordinary.

Nie Li said that can arrange thousand imaginary *, does not know that is really the vacation.

Probably after half double-hour, Nie Li, Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi three people then stood in one giant, the here 56 stone columns were towering toweringly, the ancient front, is the palace in Ghost Temple surrounding. Although did not have to enter in Ghost Temple truly, they can feel a terrifying pressure.

A grave dignified imposing manner, making Wu Yazi cannot help but respectful.

Although does not know that Ghost Temple is which can under greatly the cloth, but Wu Yazi does not dare hurriedly, to become including the speech completely cautiously.

In this Ghost Temple, perhaps also remains some position to be able greatly will!

Solely Wu Yazi, Nie Li and Xiao Yu are not so, Nie Li looked up a front broad construction, said: „After going, must listen my, do not wander about aimlessly, otherwise died do not have blamed me!” Nie Li exceptionally serious earnest. ( to be continued ) 

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