In Greater World, to compete for several Deity’s Lake, Sky Alliance and Li Yufeng influence had several large-scale fights, loses is serious, although Gu Bei and Liu Piao are not, but Gu Bei and Liu Piao have confessed that Sky Alliance has any trouble, even if they in do not help, therefore Demon Alliance Expert also participated in the fight.

However participation of Demon Alliance, is actually the command fights several degrees promotion. Three big influences fell into the middle of tangled warfare thoroughly.

Does not know where Li Yufeng looked for the so many master, just started, only then several hundred Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, the behind war was stronger, including was presenting 700-800 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, behind even had Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to appear.

Li Hangyun thinks more and more does not suit, hurrying let Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person kept in Skysoul Institute.

At Li Yufeng own energy, feared that could not find these many helpers!

These definitely have the issue!

The Skysoul Institute entrance, Li Yufeng person under was shouting curses to Skysoul Institute: „Sky Alliance and was the Demon Alliance chop suey, killed by our wind pledge does not dare to come out? One flock of turtles!”

„Your this ability? Has courage a war?”

Li Yufeng sound, reached Skysoul Institute.

The Skysoul Institute students whoop.

„You know that Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person following pledge spells very fiercely! Heard that Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance were hit cannot gain ground!”

„Influence that Demon Alliance recently rose, although seems like the large number of elderly persons, but the inside story following pledge does not have the means ratio, is Sky Alliance is so strong, was hit why also cannot gain ground?”

„This was not very clear, it seems like that the wind pledge hid many strengths!”

„The Ashen Flames Family most excellent two later generations, one is Li Hangyun, one is Li Yufeng, now looks like, is Li Yufeng even better!”

„Li Yufeng is first in order successor, these many years management, Li Hangyun how ratio?”

The entire Skysoul Institute students in secret were discussing this matter.

„The Hangyun Boss, we went out to spell with them!” Heard cursing of outside Li Yufeng person various contamination, Li Hangyun brothers under became flushed the face. To go all out with the Li Yufeng person.

„Exits also to bring death, all people listen to my order, cannot tread Skysoul Institute!” The Li Hangyun sinking sound said.

Hears the Li Hangyun words, Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance person, although is not willingly. In heart resentful, actually also obediently stayed in Skysoul Institute.

Saw that Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance stay in Skysoul Institute are not willing to come out, the person of wind pledge was wild, the words of various shouting curses were lingering on faintly.

Li Hangyun wrinkled the brow, is bringing Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person walks toward inside.

The Skysoul Institute students look that Li Hangyun et al. left.

„They scolded such coarse. Li Hangyun can endure unexpectedly, really does not have the balls!”

„Before also thinks that Li Hangyun is a character, unexpectedly on this breadth of spirit!”

„That can also be what kind, clearly knows not to hit, but can also exit to bring death?”

„Also wants to join Demon Alliance, has not thought that the Demon Alliance people instigate the goods!”

Heard these student low voice exchanges words, Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance people became flushed the face, but can only feel suffocated, left with Li Hangyun.

Li Yufeng stands in the Skysoul Institute entrance, looks at the Li Hangyun back. The look is cloudy, if Li Hangyun is proceeds to constantly the boorish fellow, has nothing to be worried that on the contrary, but these fight, Li Hangyun was smallest the damage control of Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance.

Must know him, but has many helpers!

Otherwise light depending on borrowing wind pledge strength, decidedly is not the Sky Alliance match, not to mention suppressed Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance two big influences like the present!

Because has replied on others' strength, Li Yufeng is not feeling well at heart, in his opinion should with a person who he are treated equally. Unexpectedly has the so formidable influence, borrowed these many masters to make him cope with Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance to him. It seems like the opposite party goal, decides however is the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master.

Similarly has the God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit person, he so is big with the opposite party disparity. In Li Yufeng heart annoyed, he all blamed all mistakes on the body of Li Hangyun, Li Hangyun always does with him right, the Ashen Flames Family young later generation all reversed to Li Hangyun, he will not fall to the present so poverty-stricken region decidedly, did such selects the matter to draw support from bystander's hand! Perhaps he also had the strength to compete position of the Patriarch!

For several days. Various types about Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance suppressed news, spread in entire Divine Feather Sect. However currently did not have any giant to stand to mediate this matter, allowed that the battle of later generation, this is the Divine Feather Sect consistent manner.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

The Nie Li turnover, was feeling unceasingly entire Soul Sea had been suffused by Heavenly Energy.

Indistinct within feels that in dantian implicated the cane to keep growing, has connected the nine life stars in Nie Li dantian sea, strengths each other communicated. The strength of space and time is flowing unceasingly, Nie Li as if entered in a marvelous ideal condition.

One after another three days, Nie Li Cultivation, although has not broken through, but the mood had the enormous change, Aura as if melts with the world for a body.

At this moment, Nie Li as if saw indistinctly, the peak of that vine cane, seems containing infinite starry skies, formidable Aura transmits from that infinite starry skies, making Nie Li shock.

That is Aura, what thing?

Is it possible that this vine Fujinaga, what astonishing secret but also hides to be inadequate? Nie Li has taken back the thought that knits the brows to think, thinks or considers as finished, later inquires about the vine cane again slowly the secret.

Gu Bei and Liu Piao under Sky Dragon 9 Glorious Secret Method Large Array as well as nourishing of monster blood sacrifice strength, Cultivation also promoted quickly, to step into Heavenly Star Realm one after another, particularly Liu Piao, because had the relation with Nie Li Soul Sea, his Cultivation promoted quickly, condensed the sixth life star.

„Ha Ha, I condensed six life stars! Nie Li, your strategy is quite fierce!” Liu Piao said excitedly.

Gu Bei looks at Liu Piao, is a little depressed, before, him and Liu Piao Cultivation is a rank, but such how many days later, he condensed three life stars, has missed three ranks with Liu Piao, how can not be depressed?

The Gu Bei expression fell in the Nie Li eye, Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile: „Gu Bei you do not need to be depressed, Liu Piao has established the relation with my Soul Sea, can therefore promote such quickly. Moreover Cultivation to you on the contrary secondary, you continue to practice Sword Aura with concentration, so long as practices peak Sword Aura, can surmount the Cultivation boundary!”

„Um.” Gu Bei nodded, in Sword Aura practice together, he is not inferior in anybody, this is a formidable self-confidence!

„Entered the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting also several days, we went back!” Nie Li has thought said.( To be continued.)

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