That white clothing Young Master deeps frown, his named Lin Kong, is Rising Cloud Sect Young Sect Master.

Although Rising Cloud Sect compared with Divine Feather Sect these super Sect, actually is also known, Expert of Martial Ancestor level assumes personal command.

Rising Cloud Sect is Divine Feather Sect subsidiary Sect, is only this subsidiary relations, along with the declines of these year of Divine Feather Sect, became a little is not quite gradually stable. Rising Cloud Sect has a mind to betray actually, but is the Divine Feather Sect potential is weak, the Rising Cloud Sect possession is always invaded by Demon God Sect, therefore Rising Cloud Sect wants to look for a stronger backer very much, so as to avoid by Demon God Sect swallowing.

Concerned about the face, Rising Cloud Sect had not raised with Divine Feather Sect.

Lin Kong looks at the entrance that Divine Feather Sect shuts tightly, in the heart sighed, these days Rising Cloud Sect is in imminent danger, wants to pray for rescue from Divine Feather Sect, but now looks like, Divine Feather Sect is unable to defend oneself now, making him heavyhearted.

„Yan San, hands over our Bai Tie!” The Lin Kong sinking sound said.

„Yes!” Yan San should say respectfully that walks toward the entrance, will do obeisance a disciple who the placard gives to guard the entrance.

That disciple looked at Lin Kong and the others, said: „You are waiting in here first, I asked for instructions our Sect Master immediately.”

„Our Rising Cloud Sect had a half year not to come Divine Feather Sect, how doesn't know Sect Master Situ his present recent situation?” Yan San smiles the inquiry to ask.

„, You have not possibly known. Sect Master Situ he has passed to our new Sect Master the position of Sect Master!” That disciple smiles was saying.

Hears the words of this disciple, Lin Kong at heart thump, asked: „Does not know whether to inform this new Sect Master given name?”

„What our new is Nie Li Sect Master!” That disciple smiles was saying that he wants to tell these people very much, this new Nie Li Sect Master is how formidable existence, under the leadership of Nie Li Sect Master, the Divine Feather Sect strength has been the extremely astonishing degree, because in the sect elder's warning, he does not dare to say too.

„!” In the Lin Kong heart sighed, it seems like Divine Feather Sect today we are no longer as we have been, has made an unknown person become Sect Master unexpectedly, the strength buckle is surely serious, no wonder now Sect shuts tightly.

„You in here, etc., my this reported that reported Sect Master!” That disciple said that runs in a hurry toward inside.

Yan San looked that asked to Lin Kong: „Young Sect Master, now what to do should we?”

Lin Kong has hesitated the moment, in eye pupil plunders a corridor none remaining, said: „Met with new Sect Master, let alone we are pray for rescue, but must tell them, we are discuss marriage!”

„Discusses marriage?” Yan San was startled.

„Good, Dragon Seal Family Long Yuyin!” Lin Kong nodded to say.

Yan San hesitation moment, an eye bright [say / way]: „Young Sect Master is wise, if married Long Yuyin, quite in has formed an alliance with Divine Feather Sect, we can also move the reinforcement from other place again, like this satisfies both sides!”

„Um.” Lin Kong nodded, he stares at the entrance that stands tall and erect, besides having these plans, an important reason, that is that banquet, after he since looked at Long Yuyin, then never forgets, in the mind will reappear once for a while Long Yuyin that beautiful appearance.

Originally by the great strength of Divine Feather Sect and Dragon Seal Family, he wants unable to think that but now, in his mind has had this thought that then again cannot stop.

A moment later, that Divine Feather Sect disciple walked, looked that cups one hand in the other across the chest to say to Lin Kong and the others slightly: „Sect Master is invited, come in!”

„Had the work.” Lin Kong appears elegant bearing, has the courtesy extremely.

Divine Feather Sect, Sect main hall.

Nie Li sits in the Sect main hall the position of head, at this moment, he sits tranquilly, Aura just like melted with periphery for a body.

The big Sect main hall, has Li Xingyun, Liu Piao, Gu Bei and other people.

Lin Kong and audiences accompany line, his gaze falls on Nie Li and the others the bodies, in the heart slightly one cold.

Nie Li and the others are so young, can actually be the high-ranking in Divine Feather Sect, making him a little have doubts, didn't Divine Feather Sect have a stronger person to assume personal command? Moreover made him feel what was surprised, although Nie Li was young, but the strength was not simple, should have the Dao of Dragon Realm strength.

But, lets Dao of Dragon Realm assuming personal command Sect, becomes Sect Master, where Divine Feather Sect Martial Ancestor Realm did Expert go to?

Divine Feather Sect all Martial Ancestor Realm Expert

This idea made Lin Kong frighten, if were really this, that Divine Feather Sect Sect shut tightly can also understand.

„This was Rising Cloud Sect Young Sect Master!” Nie Li gaze fell on the body of Lin Kong, he had understood the Rising Cloud Sect condition, the Divine Feather Sect strength early today we are no longer as we have been, some movements, have not thought now Lin Kong came.

Lin Kong gaze fell in crowd on a pretty young girl, his gaze suddenly one bright, because this young girl another day thought of Long Yuyin that the night thought.

Long Yuyin beautifully seemed to be more moving than before, did not have beforehand swift and fierce, the cheeks are ruddy, appear moisten, graces, infinite charm, that moving stature, to the utmost enticement.

Lin Kong thought that own eye quickly cannot move.

„Hey, Rising Cloud Sect, are you do do? Has the fart to put quickly, do not waste the time in here!” Liu Piao curled the lip, appears very insolent. These are the Nie Li confession, although he does not understand why Nie Li makes him make impertinent remarks, but he always believes that Nie Li definitely has own truth!

„You rather did not have politeness!” Yan San wrinkled the brow, will proceed, had actually kept off by Lin Kong.

Lin Kong is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Nie Li slightly, appears has the demeanor very much, has not cared the Liu Piao words completely, said: „A half year has not come Divine Feather Sect, how also does not know the old Sect Master recent situation, with Nie Li Sect Master first meeting, fortunate meeting. We come Divine Feather Sect, something requested.” Lin Kong is carefully examining Nie Li, Nie Li made the feeling that he a little could not completely understand.

The Liu Piao manner is crude, clearly is Nie Li incites, is Nie Li what intention?

„? Actually is any matter, unexpectedly makes ice Young Sect Master run personally, my brother Liu Piao a little made impertinent remarks, but also asked ice Young Sect Master to excuse me!” Nie Li smiles to say lightly.

„Is this, our Rising Cloud Sect and Divine Feather Sect, were good of ally” Lin Kong have been just about to continue, was actually waved to break by Nie Li.

„Ice Young Sect Master, in this regard, I need to correct, Rising Cloud Sect is Divine Feather Sect subsidiary Sect.” The Nie Li smile looks at Lin Kong, in the eye pupil is glittering the profound swift and fierce ray.

Lin Kong knits the brows slightly, Nie Li these words are extremely sharp, if Divine Feather Sect were really feeble, does not dare to say this decidedly, or Nie Li in bluff?( To be continued.)

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