The Primordial bloodline strength, keeps passing through say (way) meridians of Nie Li, is ordinary just like the scalding hot crag class, keeps surging.

This blazing strength is attacking the Nie Li four limbs hundred arteries unceasingly.

The strength of monster blood sacrifice, constantly is strengthening Nie Li own Cultivation.

In Soul Sea, that nine Fate Soul central life stars, bloom suddenly the dazzling ray, becomes incomparably eye-catching, Nie Li felt that the whole body as if has blasted open generally, each part of body, shines in this star light, just like must rupture general.

The body of everyone has trillion tiny units, each unit is hiding the infinite boundless strength.

Under the star light shines, imposing manner that the strengths in these units, one type erupts faintly.

Nie Li opened the eye suddenly, broad strength surging forward, imposing manner increases crazily, that life star sparkles more and more, that ray has covered all Fate Soul.

Heavenly Star Realm, star Realm!

Compares beforehand Cultivation, the violent rose several tenths suddenly.

The average people just promoted to star Realm, definitely already impatiently consolidated own Cultivation, but Nie Li completely is different, but is directly Heavenly Energy, all penetrated in life star, sees only the life star to be getting more and more bright, under the stimulation of this life star, the strength of body each unit, even more wild.


Strength surging forward of whole body, just like must blast open generally.

However Nie Li understands that present he will have Demon Clan Primordial bloodline, the body will not blast open easily, therefore constantly will still be stimulating the life star.

If misses this opportunity, life wanted to wait till the second opportunity is very difficult again!

Stimulates to movement the Heavenly Energy exciting life star, while condense Heavenly God Technique, practices the Heavenly God Technique Second Level heart method unceasingly.

„Does not have the body, lives by heart, the heart lives not to have” Nie Li to meditate unceasingly, stimulates to movement the strength of monster blood sacrifice to quenching the mortal body repeatedly.

When the Nie Li practice, a thought fell on the body of Nie Li vague.

„Unexpectedly has Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting this most precious object. What practice is unsurpassed Divine Technique, moreover there is a strength of monster blood sacrifice, this person was not seriously simple” that thought to say silently.

Heavenly Star level Cultivation, wants to have the Nie Li so destiny. That is an extremely difficult matter!

„Your mortal body, gives me!” That thought laughs, changes to together the cold brightness, goes toward the Nie Li lasing.

Saw that cold brightness must hit Nie Li, Nie Li has opened the eye suddenly. Whiz, vanished in same place.

That cold brightness strikes to fail, where doubts Nie Li was going, Nie Li appeared in the place several li (0.5km) away.

„Finally found you!” Nie Li is staring at that thought that he in practice, momentarily is paying attention to all in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is guarding secretly.

Nie Li saw clearly the true colors of opposite party finally, that is one group of green mist, does not have the real physique.

„Has not thought that you in practice, can guard against my attack unexpectedly. I despised you actually!” That group of green mist said slowly.

This sound, is the thought of that Ghost Temple!

Thought of Ghost Temple, took in this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting by Nie Li!

„Far more than despised me, you have made a very big mistake, that should not enter to Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting , the space in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is my domain!” Nie Li said with a smile lightly, present Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is Nie Li the life treasure, Nie Li can definitely control all in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

„Even if Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is your domain, but you actually do not know that I am anything! You want to surround me are the is impossible matter!” That wisp of thought said proudly.

Nie Li attempts to fetter that fellow with the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting domain strength, actually discovery. If that thing shape does not have the thing, although can induce to its existence, actually completely cannot control it.

„Although here is your domain, but I am free in the here shuttle. Has not distinguished with my domain completely. Moreover you have made a very big mistake, and Ghost Temple has brought in Myriad
Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting the empty shade god, the space in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is your domain, but Ghost Temple is actually my domain, can you my what?” That wisp of thought Ha Ha said with a smile, „this time was defeated. At the worst considers as finished, I can also find the opportunity next time again, one day will go well!”

Whiz, that wisp of thought vanishes once again.

Nie Li saw, that wisp of thought sneaked in Ghost Temple.

Nie Li wants all in nosing front that Ghost Temple, discovery own thought completely was actually prevented outside.

The Nie Li corners of the mouth show a faint smile, the thought of Ghost Temple thinks that hid to be all right? He Heavenly Star Realm, naturally does not have the means with it now, but his is impossible forever stays in Heavenly Star Realm, obtained his Cultivation to be enough, the thought of Ghost Temple thinks that can hide to keep?

Nie Li has not paid attention to it, continued to sit cross-legged condense Cultivation.

In Ghost Temple, that wisp of thought looks calmly sits cross-legged practice Nie Li, was depressed, it was only a wisp of thought that if the frontage with Nie Li to the war, definitely were not the Nie Li match. Has not thought that the guarding heart of Nie Li is so heavy, unexpectedly already had the alert.

It also wants to stimulate Nie Li, attracts Nie Li to attack Ghost Temple, but Nie Li was not swindled completely.

The opposite this fellow merely is only a shiwuliu-year-old Human race youth, so to be how hard to deal with?

Nie Li keeps condense own Cultivation, this time he, as if already could not feel passing of time.

Stimulation of movement monster blood strength constantly is strengthening the change of mortal body, Nie Li suddenly Zheng both eyes, the side float had three Spiritual Stone fine gold suddenly, only listens to these three Spiritual Stone fine gold to rupture the powder, Heavenly Energy are turbulent is entering the body of Nie Li.

The Nie Li whole body just like huge swirl, Heavenly Energy in entire Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting surged, goes toward the body gathering of Nie Li.

Is ordinary just like the Kunpeng turnover.

That Heavenly Energy mobile might, blows below trees flap flap makes noise, raises in inside Demon Beast is startled scatters in all directions to flee.

Takes three Spiritual Stone fine gold as to direct, Nie Li starts to absorb Heavenly Energy crazily, entire Soul Sea looked like the balloon general, crazily the ballooning.

Heavenly Energy suffuses unceasingly.

Continuously is stimulating that life star.


In side of this life star, glittered the second life star.

The Nie Li eyebrow selects, has not thought such quickly, the previous generation he practices in a life star to two life stars, has spent more than two years of time, this, passed the moment unexpectedly. However thinks also to understand, although the previous generation has most precious object
Temporal Demon Spirit Book, but Temporal Demon Spirit Book does not assist the practice the treasure, and cultivation method that practices is not formidable.

Nie Li of this, except for having Heavenly God Technique this formidable cultivation method, the strength of monster blood sacrifice, but also had Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and other treasures, the thing of practice as well as the Spiritual Stone fine gold treasured, the speed of Cultivation promotion naturally is not the previous generation can compare.( ~^~)

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