Heard the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi goes bad depressed.

If Nie Li said that thousand imaginary ** is unable to explain, that at the worst he went to be good.

However, Nie Li said that thousand imaginary ** can explain, actually does not go, this was very depressed. He goes to Ghost Temple, just like many people, tries one's luck, after all wants across thousand imaginary ** was too difficult.

„You can explain thousand really imaginary **? Isn't will deceive my? Or you explaining thousand imaginary ** a method told me, if I have gotten so far as the good thing from Ghost Temple, divided your half to be what kind of?” Wu Yazi looks at Nie Li to say.

„Thousand imaginary ** has more than 1000 kinds of changes, each change must have the laws of different explaining, I told you these that you can remember completely?” The Nie Li faint smile looks at Wu Yazi, „how, otherwise that will also call thousand imaginary **?”

Heard the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi incomparably has had a headache.

Large Array of more than 1000 kinds of changes, even if Nie Li explaining the method told Wu Yazi, perhaps Wu Yazi is unable to explain.

Xiao Yu hears the dialog of Nie Li and Wu Yazi, in the heart smiles, Wu Yazi estimated that quick wanted on wrapping of Nie Li. Although on her does not know that Nie Li said the genuine and fake, but was a little, Nie Li such was carrying, definitely had the goal.

„That is inferior to this, I lead you to go to Ghost Temple, you help me explain thousand imaginary ** thing that all obtains, our two to half minute.” Wu Yazi has thought said.

„Does not go.” Nie Li shook the head, looked that said to Xiao Yu, „we hurry to leave this place is apt to get into trouble!”

„Wait!” Wu Yazi sank to drink a sound track.

„Does?” Nie Li looks to Wu Yazi.

„You , if not go to Ghost Temple, you died!” Wu Yazi clenched teeth, said.

„Since came Greater World, unavoidably will die. Died died, had anything at the worst!” Nie Li shrugs, looks to Wu Yazi, „do you want fight?”

Heard the Nie Li words, the Wu Yazi expression slows down saying: „Naturally is not, this nearby Demon God Sect were too many. Without my protection, you cannot go back, dies in any case, why doesn't go Ghost Temple with me?”

„It is not we do not go, but is this all the way, if were seen, we with Demon God Sect one, definitely will be regarded as the spies in Human race, when the time comes we will jump in the Yellow River unable to wash clean!” Nie Li said.

„Sectarianism. In my opinion, Demon Clan and Human race, so long as does not snatch the thing from my hand, is not my enemy.” Wu Yazi has groaned a sound track, „, as long as must snatch the thing with me, kills entirely!”

„You do not care, that Demon God Sect sees you and two Human race, how to think?” Nie Li supplements to say.

Wu Yazi thinks. Nie Li said that indeed really has the truth, asked: „What good means do you have?”

Nie Li has thought for a long time. Said: „Means have but actually.”

„What means?” Wu Yazi eye one bright, asked.

„Have you listened to have one to call the mystique of monster blood sacrifice?” Nie Li looked that asked to Wu Yazi.

„Monster blood sacrifice? This is not good!” Wu Yazi shakes the head to say hurriedly that „this is our Demon Clan big death anniversary!”

„That, did not have other means.” Nie Li let go to say.

„What is monster blood sacrifice?” Xiao Yu asked with amazement.

„Regarding the monster blood sacrifice, I is also only heard, is the Demon Clan person. Pays some monster blood, completes sacrifice, can make Human race have the Demon Clan appearance and Aura, like this we can cheat to pass, will not be treated as the different races to massacre by other Demon Clan!” Nie Li pretends to say blurry. Xiao Yu this saying really inquired is too prompt.

„That helps us complete the monster blood sacrifice, what he also does not have to lose, but pays some monster blood, why isn't willing?” The Xiao Yu doubts asked.

„I do not know.” Nie Li shrugs.

Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li, how many does Nie Li know about the monster blood sacrifice? In the Nie Li mind, is the monster blood sacrifice used to get by under false pretences?

„Cannot get by under false pretences, we are not willing to be seen with the Demon Clan Expert same place, therefore considers as finished.” Nie Li shrugs saying that „we hurry to leave!”

Wu Yazi looks at Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the gaze twinkle, pondering.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu before arriving at here, has reposed Fate Soul, if Nie Li and Xiao Yu are unable to live going back, then the effect of monster blood sacrifice automatically will vanish! Wu Yazi thinks that has made the decision, this cannot blame him to dismantle the bridge after crossing, the strength of monster blood sacrifice, cannot absolutely by two Human race obtains!

Nie Li and Xiao Yu are preparing to walk, Wu Yazi stopped by calling out Nie Li two humanity: „Wait.”

„How?” Nie Li has turned head to look to Wu Yazi, asked.

„I have thought that I can display the monster blood sacrifice to you, but then until comes out from Ghost Temple, you cannot leave in my two li (0.5km)! Comes out from Ghost Temple, you were free!” Wu Yazi looks that Nie Li and Xiao Yu said.

Nie Li gaze looked at Wu Yazi profoundly, said: „Ok.”

„Good, I give you monster blood.” In Wu Yazi hand were many a sharp weapon, has sheared in the skill, a little bit monster blood dripped down, took in the bottle by Wu Yazi.

A moment later, Wu Yazi then collected one bottle of monster blood, threw to Nie Li.

Nie Li receives that bottle of monster blood in the hand, then started to dip some monster blood.

„Was right, how Inscription Pattern method does of monster blood sacrifice draw?” Nie Li looks up asked to Wu Yazi.

Nie Li will not portray Inscription Pattern method of monster blood sacrifice, making Wu Yazi feel relieved, it seems like Nie Li really did not know the use of monster blood sacrifice.

„Is such writing” Wu Yazi starts to teach Nie Li.

Nie Li has written down Inscription Pattern, these Inscription Pattern have formed one entire Inscription Pattern method slowly, revolves on the body of Nie Li rapidly, blooms the dazzling ray.

Wu Yazi extends the right hand, in this Inscription Pattern method center, boundless strengths has injected in monster blood sacrifice Inscription Pattern method, saw only the Daoguang mark to proliferate together rapidly, with the help of Wu Yazi, this Inscription Pattern method was hidden rapidly in the body of Nie Li.

Nie Li can feel that a faint trace mysterious strength, flows in the bloodline.

This is the monster blood of Wu Yazi, this monster blood flows in the blood vessel of Nie Li, is dormant there. The Nie Li sensation, does not know that this Wu Yazi anything origin, in the monster blood of Wu Yazi is containing the extremely boundless strength, it seems like that the bloodline of Wu Yazi are not very simple!

„Was good, your monster blood sacrifice has completed!” Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li to say.

Then, Xiao Yu also has completed quickly the monster blood sacrifice.

Although Xiao Yu does not know why monster blood sacrifice uses specifically, but she has a feeling indistinctly, perhaps this monster blood sacrifice, like Nie Li did not say that is used to camouflage merely that simply.( To be continued..)

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