Xiao Yu continues to keep here to be also useless, but Long Shuyun Dao of Dragon Realm Ninth Level, but Xiao Yu Heavenly Fate Realm. Xiao Yu is impossible saved him!

„Thanks the elder sister, the elder sister was laborious!” Although is at heart depressed, but on the Nie Li mouth such deals with say.

The Xiao Yu complexion got dark, looks at Nie Li to scold one: „Nie Li, you are dirty! Before was Long Yuyin, now has changed a woman! Simply shameless!” He bang, goalkeeper has flung.

Saw Xiao Yu to draw back, Long Shuyun has patted the thigh of Nie Li, said with a smile: „Good, calculates that your boy knows the limitation.”

The Nie Li forced smile, he a little does not think clearly, is Long Shuyun really the Long Yuyin old lady? This mother and daughter's dispositions so are why entirely different. Although Long Yuyin the temperament is irritable, but is actually quite reserved, outside in the person eyes is an iceberg, but Long Yuyin old lady, actually such bold.

It is estimated that Xiao Yu also really thinks one with Long Shuyun how!

„But, that male said a moment ago, before ‚, is Long Yuyin’ what meaning is?” The Long Shuyun faint smile looks at Nie Li.

Nie Li complained of hardship secretly, he had not counted on completely Xiao Yu saved him, but why must hit a person when he is down! Really makes friends carelessly!

„Boy, you will not want to eat to wipe the mouth to think that cleanly doesn't acknowledge mistakes? My daughter is a little weak, but you, if thought that our family quite bully, ahem!” Long Shuyun snort said.

This which, Long Shuyun had recognized probably he and between Long Yuyin has a leg, but he is pure with Long Yuyin, a little righteousness of Master and Disciple, all the matters of doing meet the custom at most. Woman who Nie Li most loves, is Ye Ziyun, although afterward knows that Xiao Ning Er has the inexplicable fetters starting from the previous generation with oneself, Nie Li somewhat had the Xiao Ning Er component at heart. However to Long Yuyin, Nie Li is also only Master and Disciple, moreover and between Long Yuyin, just now knows shortly. Possibly how to have the sentiment of remembering with eternal gratitude?

As for Long Shuyun said that their mother and child quite bully, this what with what? Who dares to bully Long Shuyun? Isn't that courts death?

„Aunt, I think this matter. Must ask that Long Yuyin is good?” The Nie Li forced smile looks at Long Shuyun saying that „I did not think the shame the pureness of Long Yuyin girl!”

„Since you must see my daughter, happen to I also brought my daughter!” The Long Shuyun faint smile looks at Nie Li, her right hand wields, sees only a form to emerge out of thin air. Sees only Long Yuyin to stand in distance here animated the place several meters away.

The look that at this time Long Yuyin correct use one type means very much complex, looks at Nie Li.

Nie Li was shocked, originally Long Shuyun brought Long Yuyin to come together, but Long Shuyun has utilized some methods, hid Long Yuyin, he could not see.

Has saying that this mother and daughter two , are really long looks like, Long Yuyin at least has a Long Shuyun nine points of charm, but Long Shuyun is more charming. But the Long Yuyin facial expression is desolater . Moreover the stature does not have Long Shuyun to be so irritable, but Long Yuyin did not have to be long now, is not necessarily able more inferior than Long Shuyun, previous generation truly so.

In other words, Nie Li with the talk of Long Shuyun, Long Yuyin heard a moment ago!

This what with what, Long Shuyun such copes with itself, did Long Yuyin also speak the sentence just words for oneself this master unexpectedly?

„Mother, do not compel him again. Between I and him truly do not have anything! On that day he helped me clash the acupuncture point with gold Zhen!” In the eye pupil of Long Yuyin flashes through a low-spirited look, reason that she has not come, how was also wants to listen to Nie Li saying that but Nie Li obviously was the meaning of shirking. Her does not know at heart is a little why uncomfortable.

Beforehand time, even if these men collect, including Hu Yong, Long Yuyin will not pay attention to the opposite party completely, will not have fluctuation on any mood, but this time. Hears Nie Li to deal with mother with various methods, shifted responsibility onto others in every possible way, in the heart had a faint pulling out pain unexpectedly.

In the Nie Li mind, oneself such can't withstand? Even if mother so intimidates, Nie Li isn't willing to marry her?

However thinks, after all with Nie Li knew that several months, oneself give the impression of Nie Li from the beginning is an overbearing impolite person, is Nie Li has been granting, oneself have not actually repaid to Nie Li anything, Nie Li is willing to receive is in itself a person, helping oneself stimulate the bloodline, showed extreme tolerance. What do one have to be worth Nie Li liking?

„Master Nie Li, my mother she jokes with you, but also asked you do not care!” Long Yuyin looks to Nie Li, the apology said.

Nie Li then relaxed, good of cracking a joke, oneself had been played very miserably by Long Shuyun.

Sees the appearance that Nie Li feels relieved, Long Shuyun actually does not do, looked at Long Yuyin, she knew about Long Yuyin again, Long Yuyin had Nie Li at heart obviously, but flinched.

„Yin Er, did we such let off this boy? This is not good! Also came tonight in any case, such returns empty-handed? This is not my Long Shuyun style!” Long Shuyun coldly snort, said that „Yin Er, since you like this boy, that has been with the child of this boy first, if he does not acknowledge mistakes, that butchered him, previously I such coped with your father! Before the father also everywhere incurred the bee to direct the butterfly, had not been received by me docile, but that fellow assigned thinly, died in the person hand of Demon God Sect. Now the just right old lady I in here, can teach you hand in hand!”

Nie Li is staring Long Shuyun dumbfoundedly, he had nothing to say in reply simply! On this day next within, there are such teaches the daughter? Actually is the brain of this woman at present long?

Hears the Long Shuyun words, Long Yuyin shames stamped the feet anxiously, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech called out: „Mother, you make anything!”

„Yin Er, the man is a bum, this you must listen my!” Long Shuyun said categorically.

„Good!” Long Yuyin called out shamefully and angrily.

That angry sound made Long Shuyun be startled being startled, Long Yuyin such loudly had not spoken to her, making Long Shuyun silent.

„Between I and him, am our matters, does not want you to manage!” Long Yuyin frowns saying that she

was a little angry, Long Shuyun has not paid attention to the feeling of her innermost feelings completely!

Long Shuyun looks at Long Yuyin, she thinks that sighed to say gently: „Such being the case, that!” Long Shuyun has a deficit to Long Yuyin at heart, since Long Yuyin intensely has prevented, she.

Long Shuyun looked at Nie Li, coldly snort a sound track: „Today first lets off you, if later by me is known you bully Long Yuyin, do not blame me not being impolite to you!” Her right hand wields, fetters the Nie Li rope to loosen suddenly.

Finally has extricated, Nie Li fell on the ground, shouted the one breath, he a little did not understand bullying in Long Shuyun mouth is any concept, but did not need to take the dagger to threaten by Long Shuyun finally, Nie Li relaxed finally.

„I walked!” Long Shuyun turns around to walk toward outside, her facial expression a little desolate appearance.

„Wait!” Nie Li made noise to call out.

„What matter also has?” Long Shuyun returns to turn the head, looks to Nie Li, hadn't Nie Li this boy been taught suffices?( To be continued.)

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