„I must lead you to go to a place, but you must keep secret absolutely, cannot reveal a rumor outward!” Nie Li looked that said to Gu Bei and Liu Piao.

„A place? Where?” Gu Bei gawked to ask.

„Relax, we will not reveal absolutely, haven't you felt relieved to us?” Liu Piao smiled to say.

The Nie Li right hand moves, sees only Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to let go, a formidable strength covered Gu Bei and Liu Piao, immediately, whiz whiz two, Gu Bei and Liu Piao changed to two rays, entered in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Gu Bei and Liu Piao enter to Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, immediately was shocked dull, they are hard to think à, unexpectedly can be this kind of magnificent scene.

Deity’s Lake float in sky, dense and numerous, just like giant god general, some indistinct as if also constructions.

The here Heavenly Energy rich degree, is outside dozens times of even several hundred times!

Inexhaustible Heavenly Energy, is flooding the space in entire Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

„God Root that originally Nie Li captures, transferred to here, condensed Deity’s Lake!” Gu Bei is suddenly enlighted to say.

„Is this space in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting? Quite is seriously huge, solemn side small realm!” Liu Piao said shocking, although knows Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in the hand of Nie Li, but has not thought that Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting unexpectedly is the so extraordinary treasure.

Nie Li returned to own other institute, after Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting hides, the intention moves, entered the space in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

„Nie Li, did you come?” Sees Nie Li, Gu Bei grazes to say.

„Nie Li, can Deity’s Lake in this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, how many Spiritual Stone a day deliver probably?” Liu Piao asked.

„One day at least several hundred thousand even over a million, I am not very clear!” Nie Li has thought said. „Heavenly Energy in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is much richer than the outside, the Spiritual Stone quantity of therefore delivering are many!”

Hears the Nie Li words, Liu Piao and Gu Bei shocks, a day several hundred thousand even over a million?

This was too simply astonishing.

Spiritual Stone that in Nie Li this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting a natural product leaves, is equal to a wealth of elder dozens years of accumulation! One year gets down. Perhaps the Nie Li wealth can being a worthy opponent entire Divine Feather Sect.

„So that's how it is, since this, our many lanes will select God Root to come back next time, that will have Deity’s Lake of many high production?” Gu Bei excitedly said.

„Nie Li, since you have these many Spiritual Stone, you do have to think, recruits some Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race masters?” Gu Bei said.

Hears the Gu Bei words, in the Nie Li heart moves, has pondered. This actually good proposition.

„What is Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race?” The Liu Piao surprise asked.

Gu Bei explained: „Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race is the life in the Endless Wilderness race, because their blood relationships were too formidable, by the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land person seal in Endless Wilderness, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert was wanted to leave Endless Wilderness, must sign the master and servant contract with the human!”

„Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race must swallow massive Spiritual Stone every day, but the Endless Wilderness resources are deficient, many Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert to go on living, will seek the promisor to the Endless Wilderness border. However their asking prices are high, everyone at least takes 50,000-60,000 Spiritual Stone. However Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert. At least is the Dao of Dragon Realm rank!”

Listened to the Gu Bei words, the Liu Piao eye to shine, that said that so long as were rich, they can hire massive Dao of Dragon Realm super Expert?

„Our here matters settle, we go to the small town of Endless Wilderness edge to walk one!” Nie Li said. If truly can have some Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to be auxiliary, decides however can significantly promote the Demon Alliance strength.

„What matter do we then want to handle?” Gu Bei and Liu Piao asked.

They have not known that Nie Li does make them come to do?

„Then I will arrange Sky Dragon 9 Glorious Secret Method Large Array, can stimulate to stimulate to movement the Demon Spirit together promote step of your within the body, but then you must obey my direction!” Nie Li said.

„Good!” Gu Bei and Liu Piao should say.

Nie Li puts out Thunder God Meteorite Sword, gently a stroke in skill. Sees only bloodily, flowed in bowl, Nie Li said to Gu Bei and Liu Piao two bowls of blood ends: „You drank it first, I just obtained the strength of monster blood sacrifice recently, in this blood, but has the Primordial bloodline strength!”

Gu Bei and Liu Piao carried to drink, then felt that a scalding hot flame class, has flowed following the throat.

The strength that in the blood contains, almost must explode their body braces generally.

Nie Li started to arrange Sky Dragon 9 Glorious Secret Method Large Array, several million Spiritual Stone have covered entirely the sky, has formed surreptitious Large Array, bang bang bang, exploded unceasingly, Heavenly Energy toward Nie Li, Gu Bei and Liu Piao within the body drill.

Inexhaustible strength, surging forward.

The empty shades of dragon, keep circling in the sky, covered the Nie Li three people.

Sees this, that thought shock in Ghost Temple, by his long several thousand years of experience, cannot see investigation ì that Nie Li displays unexpectedly completely is any strategy, although does not look clearly, actually knows that this strategy is very formidable.

Uses this strategy incomparable bad risk, incautiously the strategy central three people of whole bodies will rupture to perish.

But, Nie Li still dares to use, obviously the control of Nie Li to this strategy, has been the extremely exquisite degree!

Short one year, from a ordinary person, the promote step to Heavenly Star Realm, must arrive at Heavenly Axis Realm immediately, if this speed were known by others, only feared that the eye can stare.

Even if the entire Draconic Ruins Realm for several thousand years all peerless talents, does not have one person to be able with Nie Li to place on a par.

Nie Li feels that Holy Blood Wing Dragon and Fanged Panda in within the body have Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, kept moving restlessly, his strength crazily suddenly to increase. Nie Li Cultivation is only Heavenly Star Realm, but these three Demon Spirit strengths, actually increased the Heavenly Axis Sixth Level boundary.

Especially Holy Blood Wing Dragon this only God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, although only then Heavenly Axis Sixth Level, but must hit, only feared that compared with Heavenly Axis Ninth Level, is not also inferior.

At this time, in Li Hangyun other institute.

„Reply the young master, Gu Bei and Liu Piao two young masters does not know where, we absolutely do not have their news!” A servant catches up in a hurry, said.

Li Hangyun wrinkled brow slightly, he also just hurried back from outside, thinks that said: „Li Hu, you stay behind, when Gu Bei and Liu Piao came back, immediately informs them!”

„Yes!” The Li Hu nod should say, in the foreheads reveals one to worry about the color, exactly such important time, Gu Bei and Liu Piao two young masters are actually not, he is Li Hangyun feels the worry.( To be continued.)

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