Nie Li stared at outside vigilantly, the sensation was expanding in a big way.

But still has not felt existence of opposite party!

The Nie Li forehead has seeped out a perspiration mark, his Cultivation has achieved 5 Fate Realm, the sensation ability has been the extremely astonishing degree, so long as in a radius of 50 meter s, Heavenly Axis Realm Cultivation Expert, can induce opposite party Qi reluctantly, but opposite party actually complete stealth in his sensation!

The opposite party strength, at least is existence of Dao of Dragon Realm!

Although does not have the sensation to opposite party Qi, but with the previous generation rich fight experience, Nie Li felt the intense danger keenly.

Assassinates the student in Heavenly Soul Institute, this matter does not permit occurrence absolutely, this is Divine Feather Sect Sect Rules prohibits strictly, even if the Senior Wuyan status is prominent, if handles such matter, will be investigated, this is must compensate the life.

Divine Feather Sect Sect Rules, not being able to allow anybody to offend!

If Senior Wuyan, Nie Li thinks that does not understand why Senior Wuyan must such do.

After all the Senior Wuyan matter is done again secret, will be looked up by the Divine Feather Sect five giants, did he such do rather also disregards all consequences?

Nie Li postponed the breath, gaze was searching for cold, so long as the opposite party got rid, he swiftly and fiercely will counter-attack!

If the opposite party strength is too strong, that can only use Heavenly God Technique several mystiques, fought to the death with the opposite party! We hope that the sound and Aura that fights to initiate fluctuate, can bring to some Divine Feather Sect high-level attention.

Nie Li is staring at the surroundings, at any time standing by, suddenly, surrounding void. Invisible strength locks to Nie Li.

„It is not good!” In Nie Li heart one cold, wields Thunder God Meteorite Sword in hand, cuts toward the front.

Said that Thunder Pillar forms baseless, goes toward that road invisible strength bang.

However, Thunder Pillar just released half. Only listens to bang one, the disruption to dissipate.

How can like this? The pupil of Nie Li is contracting fiercely, opposite party strive to excel strength!

That road invisible strength continued the lock to Nie Li.

Nie Li has roared, immediately prepares to fuse Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, but in Nie Li just mobilized the strength in Soul Sea, wants to fuse Shadow Devil Demon Spirit time. The strange strength bang to Nie Li Soul Sea, Soul Sea shake dispersing, the process of instantaneous Demon Spirit fusion had been interrupted together.

An invisible strength has tied down the right foot of Nie Li, the Nie Li whole person carrying in midair.

The attack speed of opposite party was too fast, in Nie Li heart in great surprise. Body, wields that road invisible strength of Thunder God Meteorite Sword on toward foot to cut.

When Nie Li just had an action to perform, was two invisible strengths has tied down both hands of Nie Li, a strength patted in Nie Li the place of pulse, Nie Li felt that the skill ate the pain, Thunder God Meteorite Sword lets go all of a sudden.

The hands and feet completely locked by the invisible strength.

In the subordinate of opposite party absolutely does not have a resistance strength, where the Nie Li even opposite party not to know that the opposite party strength has at least reached the Dao of Dragon Realm peak! Nie Li wrinkled the brow. Perhaps has thought mistakenly, the opposite party was very possible is not the person of Senior Wuyan.

Perhaps Expert of this strength, is not Senior Wuyan can transfer.

Although clearly knows that the opposite party strength is very strong. But Nie Li so will not be hands tied ties up, if on, there are able to cope with this rank strength the hideaway method, that only had that mysterious vine cane!

Nie Li has stimulated to movement that vine cane in Soul Sea immediately, felt the strength in Soul Sea boundless turbulent to the hands and feet place.

Sees only that vine cane in Soul Sea to grow rapidly, is strengthening the surrounding strength crazily. Tied up that road invisible strength of Nie Li hands and feet to enter the body of Nie Li, then had been swallowed by that vine cane.

Bundles binds the invisible strength of hands and feet to disintegrate immediately. Nie Li jumped to decline from the sky, threw toward Thunder God Meteorite Sword. To grasp Thunder God Meteorite Sword again in hand.

As if was a little accidental is worked loose by Nie Li unexpectedly, some void sound surprisedly well.

Saw that Nie Li must catch Thunder God Meteorite Sword, actually saw Thunder God Meteorite Sword as if to be patted by some strength at this time, the lasing, gripped in the ground in distant place, kept the earth tremor calling, Nie Li felt that the innumerable road invisible strengths tied up him once more, mentioned him again airborne.

Nie Li hurries to stimulate to movement that vine cane in Soul Sea, actually sees in Soul Sea the sudden golden light to put greatly, mysterious Inscription Pattern method has deadlocked the vine cane in Nie Li Soul Sea together thoroughly in inside.

Vine cane also absolutely is useless!

Nie Li tied hands by the invisible strength, is sprawled such spans in airborne.

The Nie Li forced smile constantly, the opposite party formidable strength, at is not can resist, even including fusing the Demon Spirit opportunity does not have! Even if resists also useless, even if uses several mystiques in Heavenly God Technique, perhaps is not the match of opposite party!

Nie Li was guessing the status of opposite party, copes with itself, serves a need to set out such formidable master?

Saw only this time, a form emerged out of thin air, falls in the ground.

This person wears a black tight-fitting travelling by night clothes, Lian Lian also covers up under the cape, making the human not see clearly, this person Aura as if completely is hidden during was void, made one unable to realize radically that looked like Shadow Devil Demon Spirit after empty is simply ordinary.

This person walked toward Nie Li slowly, although the wear travels by night the clothes, but can feel that the opposite party travels by night under the clothes, that astonishing hot stature, curls upwards the abundant buttocks, the slender beautiful leg, front that astonishing plentiful, is passing attracting of peak.

She walks every time one step, that graceful physique, astonishing flavors, strongly fragrant fragrant wind heads on.

Only is this hot stature, perhaps sufficiently made countless men not be oneself.

Although cannot see clearly the face of opposite party, but a Nie Li actually intuition, the opposite party absolutely is a beautiful woman of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman.

She walked toward Nie Li slowly gradually, wipes the murderous intention to pass the Nie Li heart, making the blood of Nie Li whole body coagulate, before she arrived at the body of Nie Li slowly, Nie Li such was sprawled spans in her front, looks like was strip naked Little Bai sheep is common.

Her right hand moves, in the hand presented a sharp dagger, the cold brightness has flashed before.

„Some people make me take your life, but massacred you like this is really has been a pity, has wasted this good leather bag, therefore I planned that played with you well, if served happily the old lady, can perhaps make you die with ease!” Her sound swift and fierce has a monster to flatter, the dagger in hand has attained the Nie Li thigh place slowly, saw only puff one, the Nie Li pants is lacerated, has revealed inside skin, above presented one bloodstain.

Nie Li felt that the pants crotch, this dagger distance key position has one inch remote cool, Nie Li creepy feeling.

„Senior please wait a bit, does not know that is actually who to send the senior? What person I offended, dies, can make me die to understand?” The Nie Li train of thought racing, is pondering the intention of opposite party. ( to be continued )

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