In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Liu Piao and Gu Bei also shock in the Sky Dragon 9 Glorious Secret Method Large Array great power, procession of lanterns supine Tianchang recited, rumbled unceasingly into their Soul Sea.

Nie Li using the strength of monster blood sacrifice, million Spiritual Stone strengths, under cloth this Sky Dragon 9 Glorious Secret Method Large Array, for is wards off Liu Piao and Gu Bei Soul Sea.

The time passes rapidly, three days of time then passed by quickly.

In boundless Greater World.

Li Hangyun under escorting of bodyguard, changes to Daoist believers only, speeds away to graze.

Distant place one group of people have pursued after behind, lead Ashen Flames Family first in order successor, Li Yufeng.

At this time Li Hangyun appears somewhat distressed, right arm was cut, but has carried on the simple wrap, Armor several breakages, do not know on Li Hangyun to take any Artifact, can cut his Armor unexpectedly directly broken.

Li Hangyun is aggrieved, the influence that Li Yufeng controls, far and away is inferior obviously his, was this time, the Li Yufeng subordinate were suddenly many several hundred Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, making Li Hangyun be caught off guard. The Sky Alliance influence suffered the serious attack all of a sudden, two Deity’s Lake that just snatched also fell in Li Yufeng.

Li Hangyun was depressed.

„Young master, they were suddenly many so many master, always thinks a little fishy!” Nearby accompanies to open the mouth to say.

„Is a little fishy, before with Gu Heng fought, Gu Heng subordinate suddenly were also many several hundred Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, among Divine Feather Sect young generation of person, there is this ability had two people, one was Situ Beiyan, one was Long Tianming!” Li Hangyun grazes to dash about wildly, at the same time muttered said.

„Whose possibility does the young master think greatly?”

„Long Tianming this person, although is haughty, but is not good with Gu Heng and Li Yufeng relations, often will have the conflict, Long Tianming should not lend a hand to help Gu Heng and Li Yufeng. As for Situ Beiyan, does not have truth to get rid to cope with us!” Li Hangyun frowns to say.

Li Hangyun really does not think at heart clearly, who is in secret is helping Gu Heng and Li Yufeng? Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan is still the object of key suspicion. Now Li Hangyun did not have the solid evidence.

Li Hangyun person had only been chased down remaining more than 30, behind Li Yufeng et al. were getting more and more near.

The sound that Li Yufeng sneers, far and away transmits: „Li Hangyun, your this ability. Like a mouse, everywhere will only scurry about? Depending on you, wants to become Ashen Flames Family Patriarch?”

In the Li Hangyun eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly wipes the cold brightness, for these days, he truly planted in the hand of Li Yufeng. Sky Alliance was hit scattered about, only remaining them. However Li Yufeng rather was also wild too early, but a defeat.

Li Hangyun understands that in family his unvalued, was pushed aside, even including family only God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, was used some Light method not to take away.
However Li Hangyun has not actually submitted, does not submit.

One day, he will bring back him to want, even if Ashen Flames Family cannot accommodate him finally again. He must with the strength of his oneself, get his stretch of world.

Thinks that in family the countenance of these elders, Li Hangyun is the what kind disappointment.

He can lose, but will not submit.

„They pursued, young master you walked first, we intercepted them!”

Whiz whiz whiz, several accompanied to turn around to plunge Li Yufeng rank.

„Snort, one flock of ignorant ants, I will make you know that with Li Hangyun is your biography biggest mistake!” In the Li Yufeng hand presented a great halberd suddenly. The Royal Court front cut to fall.


Accompanied to be cut two sections by the unapproachable strength directly.

Before the right arm of Li Hangyun, in the weapon by Li Yufeng hand was cut broken, the great halberd in Li Yufeng hand, at least is Rank 7 even is Rank 8 Artifact.

If the Li Yufeng shape is crazy. Including was cutting to kill 56, the blood has splashed completely the whole body.

Looks that these were cut to kill by Li Yufeng to the loyal and devoted brothers, Li Hangyun both eyes blood red, these time truly is he has a low opinion of the enemy, harms the brothers to lose seriously, looks toward the distant place. Saw only Li Yufeng Heavenly Axis Realm Expert under swiftly to surround.

Li Hangyun halted the footsteps.

„Young master, is we are incompetent!”

Sees this, Li Hangyun accompany the look grief and indignation.

Li Hangyun was actually the hearty laughter, said: „It is not you are incompetent, this time is my mistake, has not thought that Li Yufeng this fellow looked for these many helpers, but also dies at the worst. Ten days later, we come out to measure strength with them again!”

„Yes!” The audiences accompany are also high-spirited.

„All people spell to try a war, kills under cost price, kills two to gain one!” Li Hangyun said that flushes away, the directions flushes away toward Li Yufeng rank.

An intense tangled warfare eruption.

Li Hangyun is relying on Armor, pushes to the front, including was cutting to kill Li Yufeng under several Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

„Snort, courts death!” In the Li Yufeng eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly cold brightness, he wants to seize Li Hangyun Armor, but Li Hangyun shape , if crazy, wanted to seize Li Hangyun Armor to be too difficult completely! Since cannot seize, that directly destroys!

Li Yufeng wields the great halberd, a wild incomparable strength cuts toward Li Hangyun.


Li Hangyun another arm was also struck to cut by this Li Yufeng.

In the Li Yufeng eye pupil the ominous light reveals completely, his strength has striven to excel obviously Li Hangyun, is the Ashen Flames Family family juniors, actually likes with Li Hangyun, on the contrary he has become an outsider, even the most intimate several brothers betrayed him to hire oneself continually Li Hangyun, this made Li Yufeng to the Li Hangyun hate, regarded it is the eye-sore thorn in the side, wished one could to tear to shreds Li Hangyun.

Two people of hatreds, accumulation for a long time.

Although cut off two arms, but a Li Hangyun still foot kicked accompanying of Li Yufeng Heavenly Axis Realm.

„Li Yufeng, you rob from my hand, will happen one day, I will take carry back completely. How even if some people do shelter you to be able? By your ability, you think that can control Ashen Flames Family? Your all obtains with the ignominious method, the Ashen Flames Family son of first wife juniors who can take you?” Li Hangyun looks at Li Yufeng tranquilly, body shows wipes the imposing imposing manner.

„Defeated, but also dares to say the boastful talk in here! No matter I use any method, all are my. From now on so long as you dare to tread Divine Feather Sect one step, I will thoroughly extinguish you kill! Dies!” Li Yufeng wields the great halberd, is pinching the exceedingly indignant mood, strikes to cut to fall toward Li Hangyun.


The great halberd cuts to fall, the wild strength embezzles Li Hangyun.( To be continued.)

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