In the Fire Demon Prince eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly to absorb the cold brightness of person, is staring at Yan Yang Holy Son, said coldly arrogantly: „Today I do not want to be meddlesome, Yan Yang, you lead all people to leave, I can let off you, otherwise, you and your subordinate, all people must horizontal corpse here!”

The Yan Yang eyebrow selects, desire to fight flaming, said: „Fire Demon Prince, although my strength is inferior to you, but my Skyblaze Sect disciple, has not been afraid of getting into trouble! If lives in peace with each other, if Demon God Sect must fight, my Skyblaze Sect disciple momentarily accompanies!”

„Snort, I must have a look at the Skyblaze Sect person but actually, many abilities!” Fire Demon Prince coldly snort, boundless enormous and powerful Aura, went toward Yan Yang turbulently.

Yan Yang also shouted angrily, characteristics change rapidly, changes to a giant gold ceratop beast, the whole body covers entirely golden scale, imposing power and influence.

„Before me, dares to summon Demon Spirit unexpectedly!” In the Fire Demon Prince eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly anger, the Human race strength compares inferior with Demon Clan were too many, therefore Human race has then thought a mean method, that hunts and kills Demon Clan, enters within the body thus to obtain the formidable strength the Demon Clan Demon Spirit seal.

From Human race Demon Spiritualist birthday starts, Demon Clan and Human race then had the absolutely irreconcilable enmity, the outbreak of war gets stronger and stronger, wishes one could to exterminate the opposite party thoroughly.

The body of Fire Demon Prince, burnt the blazing flame, entire void was shone by the flame bright red eye-catchingly, the forehead shook slightly, an invisible strength swung suddenly.

Two forms change to startled great wild goose suddenly, two big Divine Sect Holy Son, almost also get rid.


The flame shoots up to the sky, scatters in all directions the splash, void as if must be torn generally.

„Really worthily is Skyblaze Sect and Demon God Sect Holy Son, gets rid then if quickly time, potential like startling thunderclap!” The Wu Yazi secret sigh said that his strength compares with these two Holy Son, that was misses many.

Two big Divine Sect Expert also tangled warfare, but they do not dare to approach the places of two big Holy Son battles, because may the dispersed complementary waves anytime kills.

Suddenly the tactical situation became is even more intense.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow. Yan Yang with oneself also calculates that has the casual acquaintance, but Yan Yang wants to win Fire Demon Prince. This was too difficult, but Fire Demon Prince wants to strike to kill Yan Yang, is actually not that simple matter. Although both sides were diverted, but fights too intensely, Nie Li wants to open Inscription Pattern method is very difficult matter.

„Nie Li, what to do then should we?” Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi looked that inquired to Nie Li.

„What to do can also? Waits!” The Nie Li sinking sound said that he starts Eyes Closed to maintain mental tranquility. condense Cultivation, attacked toward Heavenly Star Realm.

Sees the Nie Li appearance, the Wu Yazi forced smile, Nie Li and Xiao Yu in such environment, can practice relieved, is he actually cannot, he must give Nie Li to work as the bodyguard!

When Yan Yang and Fire Demon Prince fight just intensely, another group of people graze, lead slaughters innumerably. Pentabolt Demon Sect Honored Thunder God.

„Yo, has not thought that Skyblaze Sect and Demon God Sect two big Holy Son both , is really lively!” Honored Thunder God said self-important. In the rank, he wanted high one section compared with Yan Yang and Fire Demon Prince.

During Yan Yang and Fire Demon Prince are battling. Both sides both have not given up.

„Honored Thunder God, our Demon God Sect and your Pentabolt Demon Sect are Ancestral Demonic Saint Land, you helped me kill Skyblaze Sect these people, here the crystal of Ganges, gave to you, what kind of?” Fire Demon Prince while the crevice, is shouting to Honored Thunder God.

Honored Thunder God has laughed at a sound track: „Does Fire Demon Prince want to do business with me? I also think Fire Demon Prince to come and go freely, never asked the human to help?”

After Honored Thunder God appears, Yan Yang somewhat is slightly impatient. Among the styles then presented a flaw, a Fire Demon Prince palm bang in the chest of Yan Yang. Has repelled Yan Yang.

Yan Yang, the vitality turns slightly wells up, the Fire Demon Prince strength was too strong, he copes to be a little reluctant, let alone here also has Honored Thunder God.

„Matter between your Demon God Sect and Skyblaze Sect, I am not willing to meddle, I come for the Ghost Temple treasure, in my hand had the crystals of 60,000 Ganges, seizes the next part again, then can advance into first six, divides to the Ghost Temple treasure, you are what kind, that is your matters.” Honored Thunder God appears the indifferent appearance.

Fire Demon Prince coldly snort, he knows that Honored Thunder God manner, Honored Thunder God mean bad is became famous, now said that does not participate, it is estimated that wants to wait for him to be mutually wounded with Yan Yang, reaps profits again, he looked at Yan Yang, although has wounded Yan Yang, he again has not actually gone a step further.

„By your strength, wanted to fight with me also early, this time put your horse first!” The Fire Demon Prince sinking sound said.

Yan Yang looked at Fire Demon Prince, looked at Honored Thunder God, understands that at this time raised one's head that is courts death, bringing Skyblaze Sect Expert to plunder one side, first watched changes quietly said again.

Honored Thunder God wrinkled the brow, has not thought that Fire Demon Prince does not hit unexpectedly, no wonder the bystanders said that Fire Demon Prince is not good to cope, it seems like said not empty, Honored Thunder God showed a faint smile saying: „This Ghost Temple, can have qualifications to divide equally the treasure, feared that is only then three of us. Is inferior to three of us to collaborate, seizes all crystals of Ganges, how?”

The Yan Yang corners of the mouth cast aside slightly, let him collaborate with Demon God Sect and Pentabolt Demon Sect person, that is decidedly the is impossible matter!

„You are interested in the crystal of Ganges, that then fights, I do not have the interest to the crystal of Ganges now!” Fire Demon Prince said indifferently that the foot pedal is void, walked toward under slowly.

Honored Thunder God wrinkled the brow, what that is Fire Demon Prince this takes advantage?

Nie Li has opened the eye, looks at the Fire Demon Prince action, is it possible that did Fire Demon Prince look through this Inscription Pattern method mystery to be inadequate?

As if felt that anything, Fire Demon Prince gaze has cast a sidelong glance toward Nie Li, that monster different green eye pupil absorbs the person heart and soul. Nie Li hurried to take back gaze, appeared very tranquil, should not be looked through the monster blood sacrifice to be good by Fire Demon Prince, otherwise was dangerous!

Fire Demon Prince looked at Nie Li, then has taken back gaze, looks up to these sculpture, seems is deducing anything.

Honored Thunder God is prepared to fight for the crystal of Ganges, is now, Fire Demon Prince as if gave up, the appearance that Yan Yang has not prepared to compete, Honored Thunder God suddenly thinks a little insipid, always thought where a little does not suit, cannot say.

Yan Yang gaze is staring at the Fire Demon Prince back, the eye pupil was profound, is indistinct as if understood anything, if Honored Thunder God wanted the crystal of Ganges, that snatched then.

In the entire main hall starts to be in a subtle balance, temporarily no one has any movement.

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