„Dies, must the dying same place!” Xiao Yu said very much firmly.

Nie Li gaze, looks to Xiao Yu, although is a son attire, but among that features, was moving.

On the cheeks of Xiao Yu pan- has wiped to faint red, stamped the feet saying: „What do you visit me to make?”

„Ha Ha, nothing!” The Nie Li hearty laughter, under the gaze of people, Nie Li moved toward directly a sculpture.

Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li, looked at Xiao Yu, appears a little has doubts, he felt that between Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the relations a little do not suit, are these two men up to mischief?

When Nie Li moves toward that sculpture, a anger snort transmits.

„These 36 sculpture, are my Ghost Temple Mi Zhen, excels, kills without the amnesty!”

Ghost Temple thought coldly snort, an invisible strength, has swept away toward Nie Li.

The Fire Demon Prince eyebrow selects slightly, waves, a red hot shield emerges out of thin air, in has been away from Nie Li the place dozens meters away.


That invisible strength bombardment on the hot shield, ruptures, sparks flying in all directions.

This attack has not affected Nie Li completely, Nie Li started to explain Inscription Pattern method. Nie Li understands, before Inscription Pattern method has not broken, Fire Demon Prince definitely reckless will protect him.

Although the thought of Ghost Temple was known as that has controlled the entire god palace, but actually how these Expert, will otherwise not sprinkle the crystal of Ganges to cause these Expert to slaughter intentionally.

Nie Li writes Inscription Pattern unceasingly, these Inscription Pattern map in that sculpture, Inscription Pattern in sculpture revolved rapidly.

Fire Demon Prince calmly looks in the one side that in his eyes pupil passed over gently and swiftly an astonished ray, Nie Li explains a Inscription Pattern method technique, has him completely unable to understand.

Obviously opinion of Nie Li on Inscription Pattern. Must be higher than much compared with him!

In the Fire Demon Prince heart moves slightly, he has not thought that by the strength of Nie Li Heavenly Fate level, can have ability so unexpectedly! Nie Li with Wu Yazi in the same place, is the Wu Yazi clansman, is the Wu Yazi retinue? If can take back the general's subordinates Nie Li. Actually good!

What Nie Li does not know, Fire Demon Prince has been having his idea secretly.

He explains Inscription Pattern method with single-hearted devotion, Inscription Pattern bang enter.

The thought of Ghost Temple is a little as if anxious, launched the attack to Nie Li again and again, but other audiences Expert had kept off by Fire Demon Prince.


Last Inscription Pattern rumbled into that sculpture, saw only dozens sculpture in Inscription Pattern method bang to move, kept fluctuating the position, a central place profound entrance appears in them at present.

Steps downward, do not know to where.

Sees this. The eyes of all people have shone.

They searched the Ghost Temple over 80% regions, although had found some treasures, but is not the extraordinary thing, but this tunnel, is very likely the genuine treasure to be at!

Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God also led human to fall.

Three people looked at one mutually, Honored Thunder God have shown a faint smile, in the eye pupil flashed through the crafty ray to say together: „In this bottom tunnel, does not know that has the hidden trap. Two Holy Son, anyone of you is impossible swallows all treasures. Was inferior that we join up, the treasure three people of all acquisitions divide equally, how?”

Yan Yang silent moment, evil does not coexist, cooperates with Honored Thunder God and Fire Demon Prince, has smeared his reputation simply. However this situation, he is not does not know the person who is accommodating, should for the time being under why not? Waits momentarily to be able the blade soldier to meet!

„Ok!” The Yan Yang sinking sound said.

Fire Demon Prince let go, said: „Ok.”

„It is not three people divides equally, but is four people divides equally!” Nie Li was saying at the same time slowly.

Hears the Nie Li words. Three Expert subordinates dumbfoundedly look at Nie Li, Nie Li is really bold, does a Heavenly Fate level, put forward the request with three close Dao of Dragon Realm Expert unexpectedly? Unexpectedly can also divide equally the treasure? Does not know really Nie Li this boy was the brain takes away.

Honored Thunder God appears have a relish looks at Nie Li, in the eye pupil is glittering the faint trace cold glow, he never has also bumped into a Heavenly Fate level, dares so to speak before him!

Fire Demon Prince beckons with the hand saying: „If there is resulted in the treasure, divides equally with him is! If no him, we cannot open this Inscription Pattern method!” In the Fire Demon Prince heart mused, a Nie Li Heavenly Fate level, if few minute of abilities, are will not make such request decidedly.

If Nie Li really has the ability, where that divides some treasures, can perhaps taking the opportunity gather the general's subordinates Nie Li!

Nie Li so is skilled to Inscription Pattern method, entire Draconic Ruins Realm these many big mystical places, aren't many treasures also easy? The talented people are much more important than the treasure!

Yan Yang said: „I also agreed.” It looks like in Yan Yang, attains one-third or one-fourth, is not most important.

Nie Li does not believe in any case these three people are willing to divide equally the Ghost Temple treasure, it is estimated that after discovery treasure, they hit first!

Reason that Nie Li such requests, but wants to probe the dispositions of these three people, moreover is makes their three take seriously own existence, increases the negotiations to oneself the chip. Fire
Demon Prince and Honored Thunder God a little meaningful glance, definitely also knows one are obtain a treasure indispensable person!

As for Yan Yang, Nie Li also has other plan.

„That this Mi Dao, who gets down first?” Honored Thunder God looked that said to the other two.

„Various our three faction ten people, get down to have a look first!” Fire Demon Prince said very much decisively.

„Good!” Honored Thunder God and Yan Yang also nod to comply.

30 people have collected quickly, then entered the -ly said together.

A moment later, in the -ly said has transmitted the intermittent pitiful yell one after another, three person whole bodies were the wound crawled.

„Reply Holy Son, secret said that in has the institution, we marched forward almost 500 meters, almost died!” And cups one hand in the other across the chest to say to Fire Demon Prince.

„Sends 30 people again , to continue to search!” The Fire Demon Prince sinking sound said.

Really these Divine Sect human lives are not valuable, chooses a person to fill in the institution?

Although Nie Li has the absolute assurance to break the institution, but he is actually not willing saying that temporarily first consumed Fire Demon Prince and Honored Thunder God strength under said again!

They sent the human to get down one after another, finally some people ran back your letter news, in the bottom had discovered a giant incomparable mausoleum chamber, was hiding the innumerable rare treasures.

„Walks!” Fire Demon Prince coldly snort, one group of people started to clash toward.

When enters the -ly said, a strength curled Nie Li, brought to enter Mi Dao together.

Xiao Yu does not have hesitation of moment, is grazes, followed, Wu Yazi also grazes on.( To be continued.)

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