„I called Cai Die, did four sons, what you want to buy?” An appearance adorable delightful young girl sat in the face of the Nie Li four people, that soft sound heard the person bone to be crisp.

„Heavenly Treasure Pavilion may do business, sending a such attractive beautiful woman to come, we do not spend not to be good!” Gu Bei said grinningly.

„Son overpraised, which can Cai Die handle so praises?” That young girl a little charmingly said.

Gu Bei appeared the true colors of his playboys, the appearance that a little color narrowed the eyes, looked at the Cai Die girl cheeks boiling hot.

„Was good, discussed proper business.” Nie Li has patted the shoulder of Gu Bei, said reluctantly.

Nie Li looked that asked to Cai Die: „The Cai Die girl, I wants to purchase several Rank 6 above Artifact, what good things doesn't know some of your here?”

„Rank 6 above Artifact?” Cai Die has gawked slightly, a Rank 6 Artifact that is value several thousand Spiritual Stone, entire Heavenly Treasure Pavilion also only then few dozens, as for Rank 6 above, that were less. But Nie Li said unexpectedly how many can purchase?

A Rank 6 Artifact ballistic vest, Heavenly Axis Realm wants to break through is a little strenuous, as for a higher rank, it is estimated that must to go to the god artisan pavilion in fable to be able to buy, nearby Divine Feather Sect cannot buy.

Side, Li Yufeng slightly a little absent-minded.

The Li Yufeng front young girl summoned one: „Son, your this does Artifact also want?”

„This Artifact is a little expensive, trades one!” Li Yufeng shook the head, a little awkwardly said that in front of him the Rank 6 Artifact, must sell to more than 50,000 Spiritual Stone, is so expensive, if bought, he has not remained many Spiritual Stone.

„.” That young girl a little disappointed appearance , to continue to say slightly, „, if the son also wants to have a look at other Artifact, Wu Die helps you take!”

Li Yufeng looks toward the wall on, Ling jade everywhere is Artifact. Preliminarily is also Rank 5, his gaze fell in Rank 5 Artifact, said that „Miss Wu Die helped me take that!”

Nie Li rank. Pours has not managed that side Li Yufeng what kind, but was chatting.

„Although Artifact this thing, once were killed is robbed very much easily, but if can have one set of Rank 6 Artifact, that is Heavenly Axis Realm. To kill you to be difficult, as for Dao of Dragon Realm, will not appear in Divine Feather Sect nearby Greater World generally, they will definitely go to the Greater World deep place!” Gu Bei said.

Li Hangyun looks to Nie Li, said with a smile: „We looked at Nie Li our idea.”

Nie Li said: „Since must buy, that naturally is everyone has, does not buy for me!”

The people have gawked staring, looks to Nie Li, but Rank 6 Artifact value tens of thousands Spiritual Stone, how many does Nie Li prepare to buy? Also prepares everyone to deliver one?

Nie Li gaze has swept the surrounding wall. Looked at these to be hanging above Artifact, pointed at the distant place saying: „The Cai Die girl, helping me take that Artifact!”

That is Rank 6 Artifact Starrock Sword.

„This son is really the good eye, this Rank 6 Artifact Starrock Sword, absolutely is the leader in Rank 6 Artifact, its sharp degree, as for cutting the broken general Rank 6 Artifact ballistic vest!” Cai Die said with a smile that then the stance takes down that gracefully Starrock Sword, then carried on the table.

„Good sword!” Cold brightness that looks at Jianfeng, Gu Bei eye one bright. He practices Sword Aura, to sword thing, naturally extremely likes.

„This sword how many Spiritual Stone?” Nie Li looked that asked to Cai Die.

„This Starrock Sword value 76,000 thousand Spiritual Stone!” Cai Die smiles to say.

76,000 thousand Spiritual Stone? Liu Piao et al. in heart one startled, this Starrock Sword price is expensive.

Hears the Cai Die words. Actually saw Nie Li to smile saying with a smile: „The Cai Die girl, 36,000 thousand do Spiritual Stone sell, if sold us to want!”

Heard the Nie Li words, Cai Die has gawked, long time has not recovered, this Starrock Sword to the price that outside sent out is 76,000 thousand Spiritual Stone. However the actual selling price, is actually 35,000 thousand Spiritual Stone about, this is the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion psychological bottom line.

Common playboys, can afford Starrock Sword, the facial skin is very thin, even if will offer a very low price, will not look like Nie Li to kill such ruthlessly, moreover Nie Li was also too fierce, has hit half booklet all of a sudden, killed most base price. Made Cai Die a little unable to respond.

„Perhaps this son, this price, our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is unable to accept.” Cai Die pretends to say awkwardly.

„Only can this price, if many Spiritual Stone, I do not want again together.” Nie Li looks at Cai Die with a smile.

„, Good, this sold to the son Starrock Sword 36,000 thousand Spiritual Stone!” Cai Die smiled bitterly to say that regarding Nie Li, she does not know how should appraise, if Nie Li offered a very low price to kill to 34,000 thousand Spiritual Stone, her affirmation counter-offer, or does not sell directly, 36,000 thousand Spiritual Stone of Nie Li initial price, exactly in Heavenly Treasure Pavilion gave in her price space, that cannot keep them out Nie Li such customer.

No matter Gu Bei or Li Hangyun, look at Nie Li, they also never know that Heavenly Treasure Pavilion can offer a very low price unexpectedly like this, moreover Nie Li has hit half booklet unexpectedly directly, what is most shocking, Cai Die agreed unexpectedly.

Liu Piao, a little has been actually unalarmed by strange sights, kills partly to fold is not very normal matter?

„This I have bought Starrock Sword, this is 36,000 thousand Spiritual Stone!” Nie Li has smiled, after attaining Starrock Sword, threw to Gu Bei, said that „this gives you!”

„Thanked!” Gu Bei is excited is hard oneself, finally had good sword while convenient.

Nearby Li Yufeng sees this, is in a daze slightly, originally this Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, but can also offer a very low price like this?

„Young Master Li, this Rank 5 Artifact cold frost thorn, 12,000 thousand Spiritual Stone, do you look what kind of?” Nearby Wu Die looked that asked to Li Yufeng.

„This cold frost thorn, I leave six thousand Spiritual Stone!” Li Yufeng wants not to think that opens the mouth to say directly, according to the Nie Li offering a very low price method, this Heavenly Treasure Pavilion profit was also too high, kills half not to have the issue!

Heard the Li Yufeng words, the Wu Die facial expression stagnates slightly, has smiled bitterly next step: „Perhaps Young Master Li, this price, us is unable to accept.”

„I only leave six thousand Spiritual Stone, many does not want again!” Li Yufeng said categorically.

Wu Die has restrained the facial expression, is said very much politely: „Embarrassed Young Master Li, this cold frost thorn, 12,000 thousand Spiritual Stone are lowest.” Wu Die received the cold frost thorn, prepares to hang.

Hears the Wu Die words, the Li Yufeng complexion got dark, others Nie Li kills 50% prices, that side young girl agreed directly, why homicide 50% prices, here Wu Die directly thing receiving?

Li Yufeng was annoyed, but was not good to manifest suddenly.

In the Wu Die heart mumbled, 12,000 thousand Spiritual Stone things, were Ashen Flames Family first in order successor Li Yufeng, unexpectedly also felt all right also to six thousand Spiritual Stone, this cold frost thorn, ten thousand Spiritual Stone has not been will not sell absolutely.( To be continued.)

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