300 _ 4 () \; „? Is this.” That grey robe old man gaze falls on Long Tianming, said impartially.

The Long Tianming shift topic said: „This time I have harvested many Spiritual Stone, can expand the strength exactly. Before sent so many Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to give Gu Heng, has not thought that Gu Heng was not good, but no matter how, cannot make Gu Bei Demon Alliance rise, regarding the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, I won!”

„I will help you step the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, but you comply my, do not forget!” The grey robe old man looks at Long Tianming, sound is cold.

„Naturally cannot!” Long Tianming smiles to say.

What Gu Bei et al. do not know, when they cope with Gu Heng with concentration, they stared.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li with concentration is still practicing, wild abundant Heavenly Energy keeps emerging in Nie Li Soul Sea.

Heavenly Energy in entire Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, simply great quantity, and inexhaustible.

The time passed by day-by-day, has Primordial bloodline as accumulating, Nie Li absorbed Heavenly Energy to have no scruples simply, Soul Sea expanded unceasingly, just like keeping being torn, that fierce pain made the Nie Li face whiten, the forehead perspiration class like the note, this Heavenly Energy as if must explode general the entire body brace.


Soul Sea has as if blasted out generally.


Nie Li entered in a marvelous ideal condition, he as if feels that in own Soul Sea, that vine cane is getting bigger and bigger, is ordinary just like a lofty tree, disperses branches unceasingly, above blooms unceasingly the flowers of mysterious.

These flowers have no time pure white, flower petals keep falling gently.

The flower fragrance seeping person, as if arrives at the spring that hundred flowers bloomed.

Nie Li feels faintly that under this vine Fujiyuki, the space and time stagnated completely.

He like this calmly sits cross-legged, in this implicates under Fujiyuki to practice, condense Cultivation, the time is passing unceasingly quickly.

One month flashes, in the Nie Li dantian, condense left the third life star finally.

Nie Li sits cross-legged there.

Three months later. The fourth life star.

Is ordinary just like a statue, such static domain sits, absolutely did not have any movement, the concept of Nie Li to time also completely to stop.

Six months later. In Nie Li Soul Sea shone the fifth life star once more.

Of bang, the Nie Li mind has blasted once more as if open generally, he revived from a chaos blurry situation, he has gawked, immediately has opened the eye. The secret passage is not wonderful, has not thought that unexpectedly practiced in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was so long!

Six months, how also did not know Liu Piao and Gu Bei they!

After Nie Li opens the eye, sees only Xiao Yu dull to visit him.

„Xiao Yu, why do you use this gaze to visit me?” The Nie Li doubts asked that the Xiao Yu expression looked like saw the ghost was common.

„Why did you say? You the time of a twinkling, Cultivation from 9 Fate Realm, practiced Heavenly Star Realm a moment ago, moreover probably also Lian promote several steps!” Xiao Yu said shocking.

Heard the Xiao Yu words, Nie Li also tarries. In his time sense, he has practiced obviously for six months, how looks like in Xiao Yu, is only the time of a twinkling?

Remembered that marvelous mysterious ideal condition, in the Nie Li heart moved a moment ago, is it possible that was the reason of that vine cane?

Nie Li was recalling carefully the feeling, just that feeling, is it possible that was the space and time stopped?

Own this, in Soul Sea had a mysterious vine cane bewilderedly, the previous generation absolutely does not have such situation. Is it possible that this vine cane. Is related with Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

Has Temporal Demon Spirit Book, has the strength of so formidable space and time!

Nie Li thinks that really very much has possibility, was Temporal Demon Spirit Book leads to shuttle back and forth this space and time. But this, in Desert Palace, actually could not find Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

Thinks that Nie Li one page of Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page took, stimulation of movement within the body, has poured into Heavenly Energy. Sees only Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page in hand to change to a star light, fluttered, entered in the body of Nie Li, then fused in that vine Fujiyuki.

Really so! That vine cane, is really related with Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

After the Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page fuses that vine cane inside, the heart of Nie Li bang bang and bang bang jumped suddenly crazily, the entire space and time has stagnated instantaneously generally.

Also was that feeling!

The space and time stagnated! The thought to the vine cane , the flower petal fluttered about, beautiful dazzling.

In Nie Li heart wild with joy, this Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page, stimulates one of actor's opening words the space and time stagnates unexpectedly!

Immediately has sat cross-legged, starts condense Cultivation.

Six months, Nie Li condense left the sixth life star.

Also one year, Nie Li condense left the seventh life star.

Three years later, condense left the eighth life star.

Nie Li such has sat cross-legged motionless, like sitting in contemplation general, at this moment, his Soul Sea keeps revolving, Heavenly Energy in entire Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, unceasingly toward the Nie Li gathering.

Five years later, the ninth life star.

Nine life stars keep revolving, then swallows nine Fate Soul completely, nine star sparkles, often transform various shapes, Nie Li Cultivation, is away from Heavenly Axis Realm, finally has the one pace!

Nie Li keeps practicing , the entire ten years, Nie Li has reached the peak peak in Heavenly Star Realm, but no matter how promotes, stayed in nine star Realm is unable to promote half step, wanted to achieve Heavenly Axis Realm, needed the stimulation of some extraneous factors.

Nie Li sobered unexpectedly once again, only listens to nearby Xiao Yu to shout the Nie Li name: „Nie Li, you? Asked how your you didn't reply?”

„What? What did you ask a moment ago? How long did the time cross?” Nie Li looked that asked to nearby Xiao Yu.

„Several minutes later, how speaks you quite a while not to reply me to you?” Xiao Yu asked that looks at Nie Li, she has been full of the shock and doubts, Nie Li, how the moment, has Cultivation promoted these many? From Heavenly Axis Realm only feared that had one pace!

Nie Li has smiled bitterly, he is unable to reply Xiao Yu, perhaps told Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu does not understand.

Who can imagine, such short moment, did Nie Li experience for nearly 20 years?
Mystery of Temporal Demon Spirit Book, but also is really hard to imagine! A small remnant page, can let the time static 20 years unexpectedly!

Nie Li has swept another two pages of Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant pages, these two pages of Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant pages, perhaps can also can be as good as for 40 years! However Nie Li does not prepare to use temporarily, because he has been a bottleneck stage, self-torture for him already not any use, only then found the turning point to break through Heavenly Axis Realm first, then uses the Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page to be cost-effective!( To be continued.)

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