Originally what Murong Yu fusion is Saint Blood Dragonhawk!

After compelling Murong Yu Demon Spirit, the strength of Nie Li to Murong Yu, knew from A to Z.

Truly, by Murong Yu 6 Fate Realm Cultivation, in addition Saint Blood Dragonhawk, Nie Li has confidence to defeat Murong Yu, will certainly be one struggles hard, perhaps must expose own God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit.

Now has not shown Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon time!

However, why can Nie Li struggle hard with Murong Yu? In competes with before Murong Yu, Nie Li has then been ready.

The Nie Li corners of the mouth bring back a smiling face slightly, Murong Yu run into him, will be doomed is very miserable, his right hand moved, extracts has prepared good Thunder God Meteorite Sword, sturdy thunder and lightning gathered on Thunder God Meteorite Sword, appeared especially magnificent, the god thunder strength and Murong Yu strength fiercely resisted, from the sky has caused a series of fulminations.

On the martial arts contest stage the contests of two strengths did not know one's place unexpectedly, the person shock of surrounding.

Only depending on a weapon, sufficiently resisted with Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon?

Nie Li this weapon, perhaps at least is Rank 7 or Rank 8 Artifact!

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai look at each other to smile bitterly, on the martial arts contest stage will not forbid to use Artifact, after all Artifact is also part of individual strength. Artifact that however past each fight, the East Court juniors had, definitely was much better compared with Artifact of new promote talents.

To Nie Li here, seemed but exceptional.

Although does not know outcome that Nie Li puts on is Artifact Armor of any rank, but Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai almost can determine that definitely at least is Rank 4, the Murong Yu fist vigor cannot rumble completely.

But now, Nie Li put out Rank 7 even to be possible be Rank 8 aggressive Artifact unexpectedly!

Artifact in Nie Li does not know that is what thing, unexpectedly can contend with his strength, but depending on Artifact, wants to win me? That is is impossible! In the Murong Yu eye pupil flashes through wipes the woods cold ray, he cried loud and long, wielded the sharp claws to grasp to fall toward Nie Li.

That sharp sharp claws, are coercing the enormous and powerful strength. The dispersing complementary waves made fiercely to shake compared with musicians who play percussion instruments surrounding knot.

This was strikes, built the infinite strength that Murong Yu contained ones anger, strength of the flame, are ordinary just like the rainstorm that the horizon crashed.


The complementary waves bombardments of some flame in ground. Made the ground disrupt instantaneously, spread out all over generally rapidly just like spider web.

Powerful strength that Murong Yu shows, making the surrounding nearby person shock, they have not thought completely, Murong Yu strength unexpectedly strong to so astonishing degree.

„Then Nie Li died!”

The crowd that nearby martial arts contest stage surrounds was discussing low voice.

Has not thought that Nie Li gave to compel the Murong Yu complete strength. They do not believe in this case, a Nie Li new person, but can also resist with Murong Yu.


Flame column fell on the body of Nie Li, the strength of flame has rumbled several Dadong on the body of Nie Li, has revealed inside pale silver Armor.

Saw that Nie Li must be embezzled by that terror flame, an invisible strength is centered on Nie Li, expands to all around, has formed a barrier.

These blazing flame strengths explode unceasingly, but was cut off beyond the barrier, definitely is unable to injure to Nie Li nothing.


The sharp claws of Saint Blood Dragonhawk fell in Nie Li body week barrier. Strength of the formidable rebound transmitted, makes the body of Saint Blood Dragonhawk.

„This is impossible!” The Murong Yu innermost feelings rave, he was fusing Saint Blood Dragonhawk the strikes, even if 7 Fate Realm Expert, will be intimate unable to endure, finally this will strike the attack on the body of Nie Li, will not have to injure including the Nie Li superficial knowledge!

In instance that Murong Yu attacks, the corners of the mouth of Nie Li brings back a smile, wields Thunder God Meteorite Sword in hand, sees only surrounding void the god thunder strength. All gathered on Thunder God Meteorite Sword.

A sword wields, Thunder Pillar falls together baseless.

Only listened to the bang of bang, the Thunder Pillar bombardment on Saint Blood Dragonhawk.

Murong Yu feels immediately that strong electric current has passed through his body. Made his whole body numb to almost not have the consciousness, a severe pain has spread over the whole body.

Although this Thunder Pillar cannot kill him, but made him encounter the heavy losses.

„I must kill you!” Murong Yu caused heavy losses, if the shape is crazy, wields the sharp claws to grasp toward Nie Li once again falls.

Bang bang bang!

Murong Yu dense such as rainstorm general attack fell.

However throughout is unable to break through the protection of Nie Li body week, Nie Li completely disregards the attack of Murong Yu. Wields Thunder God Meteorite Sword, Thunder Pillar go toward the Murong Yu bang.

This Thunder Pillar hits every time one time, Murong Yu will exude the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the sound that shouts oneself hoarse, obtains conceivably, Murong Yu is suffering the big pain.

The person who the surroundings surround was scared, martial arts contest Taichung everywhere is the flame and Lei Guang, what condition they cannot see clearly are, the fight looks like very intense
appearance, but why called out pitifully was Murong Yu?

Was Murong Yu being devastated?

But this should not, Murong Yu, but 6 Fate Realm Expert, moreover fused Saint Blood Dragonhawk!

This, but can also 't hit Nie Li? That Nie Li strength this formidable to what degree?

But the fact puts at their at present.

Looks at that crowded Thunder Pillar bombardment on the body of Murong Yu, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai looks dumbfoundedly.


This was also too shameless!

They have not thought from the start that the Nie Li body puts on, at is not Rank 4 Artifact Armor, but is Rank 6 Artifact Armor, moreover complete set!

The average people have Rank 4 Artifact Armor, was good, finally Nie Li this boy, has made Rank 6 Artifact Armor of one set unexpectedly!

Including Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, not necessarily broke through the Rank 6 Artifact Armor coverall!

But Murong Yu is 6 Fate Realm!
Because of the Rank 6 Artifact Armor coverall, was too rare, the ordinary person has not seen, Murong Yu is also, therefore Murong Yu does not understand that had any condition, attacks Nie Li crazily, what he does not know, his attack is completely invalid to Nie Li.

Except for the Rank 6 Artifact Armor coverall, in Nie Li that is not very simple Lei Jian, Thunder Pillar of stimulation of movement is extremely formidable.

Let alone Nie Li now is 4 Fate Realm, even if has 1 Fate Realm, with this luxurious attire, sufficiently oppressive dead Murong Yu.

However, what is extremely sinister, Nie Li simply does not have any to want the thought that Murong Yu defeats thoroughly, but wields Thunder Pillar to attack Murong Yu time and time again, is oppressive that to call one to suffer extreme distress Murong Yu.

Too ruthless!

Huang Yu creepy feeling, he heard before Murong Yu, had stepped on Nie Li in the place of clever ruins, now should be retaliation of Nie Li to Murong Yu.

„This was also too mean!” Nanmen Tianhai is speechless, before any martial arts contest, had not met such condition, a new person puts on the Rank 6 Artifact coverall tyrannical East Court fellow apprentice.

Before absolutely did not have such precedent, therefore did not have the stipulation in this aspect.

Experienced this time matter, later must have the stipulation in this aspect, enters cannot bring high-order Artifact compared with the musicians who play percussion instruments!

The Murong Yu pitiful yell sound is lingering on faintly, one listens to know that what happened, Gu Bei and Liu Piao titter, their almost conceivable Murong Yu pitiful condition.

Li Hangyun also cannot help smiling, Nie Li Murong Yu, plays well miserably!( To be continued.)

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