After Long Yuyin walks, Nie Li then immediately started to dive to cultivate.

Long Yuyin Cultivation, has promoted to 5 Fate Realm, if he does not hurry to practice to follow, but must be pulled open by far and away.

Nie Li entered in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting float the spatial Deity’s Lake float there, has begun to take shape, it is estimated that soon continuously will produce Spiritual Stone.

Nie Li looks toward the Yu Yan goddess of distant place that sees only Yu Yan goddess that golden color flame even more blazingly, in one group of golden hot clouds just like sky is ordinary. Does not know that the Yu Yan goddess Cultivation, actually has been what degree. During the Yu Yan goddess is also at dives to cultivate, Nie Li is not willing to go to awaken her.

As for the gold egg, the head of this kid, is original two times has, but also was keeping eating resting, has rested eating. In this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to it, simply is the fairyland.

Nie Li sinks the heart, starts to practice, he no longer like before, has absorbed Spiritual Stone, but directly absorbs the Spiritual Stone essence.

Heavenly Law Power that in the Spiritual Stone essence contains, must not have the several fold purely.

The Spiritual Stone essence was equal to together 1000 Spiritual Stone, the ordinary follower cannot enjoy, but regarding Nie Li this wealthy person, is actually not anything.

Absorbs the strengths in three Spiritual Stone essence, Nie Li Cultivation then restored 3 Fate Realm, but he unceasingly was still taking many Spiritual Stone essence to come the absorption.

Then some time, Nie Li Fate Soul is also at not the steady condition, has not been thinking goes to Greater World, practices the promotion strength relieved.

The time fast passes, five days later, consumed dozens Spiritual Stone essence, Nie Li Cultivation has stepped into 4 Fate Realm finally smoothly, condense left fourth Fate Soul, this fourth Fate Soul was the black.

The safflower is yellow, following fifth can Fate Soul, what color be?

Nie Li was also a little obscure.

However after achieving 4 Fate Realm, Nie Li has not halted , to continue to practice.

In Greater World. Gu Bei and Liu Piao are leading the Demon Alliance person, finally has captured Deity’s Lake. Since this has been their Demon Alliance establishes, first Deity’s Lake that attacks and occupies, although this Deity’s Lake is only output ordinary low status Deity’s Lake. However regarding Gu Bei them, is quite good.

Had Deity’s Lake as the foothold, then can recruit many Expert to come, they are not short of money in any case now, so long as the competent talent comes. Treatment that they can give, absolutely is the several folds of other influences continues.

They are practicing in Deity’s Lake, hears a subordinate to run over in a hurry.

„Master Bei, the influence that called Ancient Jade Alliance, said that must hire oneself we!”

„Ancient Jade Alliance? Their what origins?” Liu Piao wrinkled the brow, looked that asked to Gu Bei, after arriving at Greater World, Liu Piao finally becomes discrete many.

„Is a small influence in Greater World, the similar more than 60 people, basically all are Heavenly Fate Realm.” Gu Bei said. „They do not have any connection with other influences actually!” After arriving at Greater World, Gu Bei every large or small the influence in Greater World all has then combed, depending on his astonishing memory, so long as is in Greater World can name the character the influence, he had understood.

„Has to ask why they do want to hire oneself we?” Gu Bei pondered the moment to ask.

„They said that they the wanderer in Greater World were too laborious, before once had also contacted some big influences, but these big influences cannot have a liking for them, is not willing to give shelter. Heard that Master Bei has established the influence, therefore runs to ask!” That subordinate reports to say.

In ordinary situation, like their this strength ordinary. Generally the big influence is not willing to give shelter, but after all person expensive essence inexpensive many, are many some people also to spend massive Spiritual Stone to raise, after these big influence balances. Naturally is not willing to give shelter to these strengths weakly.

„Do we receive?” Liu Piao looked that asked to Gu Bei, this was first hires oneself their influences!

„Receives, naturally receives, in any case Nie Li is a person of great wealth, rich!” Gu Bei said with a smile that „other influence worry bears is too heavy. It is not willing to receive the human, but we are different, Nie Li said that making us have many people to receive many people!”

, Ancient Jade Alliance one group of people arrived in front of Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. quickly.

„Master Bei, I called Heng Yan!” Ancient Jade Alliance Boss Heng Yan was arching to Gu Bei slightly has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying that he was 20-year-old young people, did not have any family background inside story, but before Gu Bei and Liu Piao et al. was actually not the inferior non- throat.

„If joins our Demon Alliance, must obey our Demon Alliance custom, can you be clear?” The Gu Bei look gazes at Heng Yan to say dignifiedly.

„We understand.” Heng Yan bows to say immediately that joins Demon Alliance to sign the contract, has the contract restraint, moreover by his family background, does not dare to betray Gu Bei, must know Gu Bei, but first in order successor of Gu!

„Was good, you sign the contract!” Gu Bei said with a smile lightly.

„Master Bei, we grasped low status Deity’s Lake, although has dried up close, now sent more than ten to defend in that side personally, did you want?” Heng Yan looked that asked to Gu Bei.

„Naturally wants, after you join our Demon Alliance, your Deity’s Lake we will send for receiving, after you arrive at our Demon Alliance, all people defer to the Demon Alliance treatment to come.” Gu Bei said straightforwardly.

Heard the Gu Bei words, Heng Yan et al. looked at each other, the eye has shone, Demon Alliance treatment that was great, mixed with Gu Bei, one month of income approached they beforehand one year of income, weren't they possibly glad?

, Heng Yan et al. had dismissed Ancient Jade Alliance quickly, all people sign the contract, has joined Demon Alliance.

Regarding Heng Yan et al., contributes Deity’s Lake that has dried up close, actually traded Demon Alliance that excellent treatment, has gained absolutely, but to Nie Li here, can attain together God Root, every month was actually only payment few Spiritual Stone takes Heng Yan et al. the rewards, gained.

Ancient Jade Alliance dismisses, and joins the Demon Alliance news, has disseminated quickly.

Other these small influences did accounts quickly, they are defending Deity’s Lake every year, laborious one possibly also obtains dozens Spiritual Stone all year round, but with Demon Alliance, everyone one month can obtain dozens Spiritual Stone!

The eldest children of some small influences are too not willing to dismiss their influence, but saw that the brothers had the thoughts, understands how long own influence could not maintain, simply dismissed has hired oneself Demon Alliance to be quite simple.

One month, dozens influences dismiss after one after another, has hired oneself Demon Alliance, the Demon Alliance influence expands extremely fierce, besides gathering massive members, they also received dozens Deity’s Lake, but these Deity’s Lake, had been taken God Root by Nie Li quickly.

Annexed dozens influences one after another, the Demon Alliance member expanded more than 3000 people, but on the other hand, Cultivation of everyone was not very high, Heavenly Star Realm, only then few dozens individuals, but can in the short several months time, expand to so the degree, was sufficiently shocking.

The outside very much wonders, Demon Alliance must pay these many Spiritual Stone every day, can supply? Any influence spends so many Spiritual Stone to provide for these many people of eating without working, perhaps already collapsed!

However what they do not know, Nie Li not only can supply, Spiritual Stone quantity also crazily suddenly to increase.

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