Simply is complete being reborn!

The efficacy of this terror crashes in Soul Sea unceasingly, almost must crack Soul Sea rising generally, before has taken any compounded drug, does not have this type of compounded drug to be so terrorist!

Liu Piao loses sè in great surprise, if this efficacy rises to break to pieces his Soul Sea, he was finished!

The life did not have, has Cultivation promoted useful?

However, this efficacy is nourishing Liu Piao Soul Sea quickly unceasingly, making Liu Piao Soul Sea repair unceasingly.

This compounded drug, besides the efficacy terror, has to nourish the function of Soul Sea unexpectedly!

Liu Piao has shocked, he felt that own Cultivation increased successively, breaks through Heavenly Axis Realm, Heavenly Axis First Level and Heavenly Axis Second Level, stopped until Heavenly Axis Fifth Level.

My God, actually this is the compounded drug that anything goes against heaven's will!

This effect also was too rather terrorist!

Compounded drug has promoted these many, how many if this eats, that can also?

Nearby Li Hangyun, Gu Bei et al. look at Liu Piao shocking, they thump swallowed saliva, this was too terrifying.

They can feel the promotion of Liu Piao Cultivation obviously, this how long, such small compounded drug!

Nie Li shows a faint smile, change of Liu Piao as he expected. The compounded drug that this is Great level Expert leaves behind non god fruit that makes! To their current this rank, is no different than the super elixir!

„Nie Li, a bit faster gives me one!” Li Hangyun a little impatiently said.

Any person in Divine Feather Sect, sees the speed of Liu Piao this Cultivation promotion, perhaps will unable to bear!

Nie Li refines good compounded drug to apportion the people on hand, then entered in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, has apportioned numerous Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert the compounded drug.

After the people attain the compounded drug, started to practice with concentration.

One after another one month. Demon Alliance and person of Sky Alliance chord pledge, stays in Skysoul Institute, has not exited, how whatever the Gu Heng subordinate shouted curses, they have not exited. Demon Alliance, Sky Alliance and core member of sound pledge looked like disappeared generally.

Because has not seen the core member for a long time, the surrounding member will of the people fluctuates. Some many people left Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance chord pledge, even became the Gu Heng subordinate.

In a Skysoul Institute other institute.

„what does Yuan, we such do is not quite sincere?” A person said weakly that the person of speech is a 26 or 27-year-old thin youth, has worn a white sè white clothing.
Side asked what Yuan the scar face man to sneer: „Is insincere? Initially did we join Demon Alliance for what? Has not looked at Demon Alliance to have potential, moreover is the condition that gives quite excellent? Now? You have a look at Demon Alliance, Demon Alliance inside core member does not know where went, it is estimated that was when the turtle hid, why did we also keep here?”

„But we left. Also led more than 200 brothers ...”

„Ha-ha, people strive upward, the water toward the low spot class, Demon Alliance wants not to be good shortly, the condition that Gu Heng opens is also good, we lead some brothers, can discuss the condition with Gu Heng, if only our two goes. Gu Heng can he manage us?” what Yuan curled the lip to say.

Since the Demon Alliance core member lives in seclusion, the surrounding member will of the people fluctuates. Under what Yuan agitation, more than 200 individuals are willing to leave with what Yuan together.

Regarding the Demon Alliance rebel, Gu Heng naturally is glad to accept, and has pledged very excellent condition.

That thin youth thinks that clenches teeth saying: „Good, since stayed in Demon Alliance does not have the future. We walk!”

Except that No. several hundred person becomes the Gu Heng subordinate, reaches over a thousand people to leave.

These days, Nie Li in paying attention to Demon Alliance, in Demon Alliance the trustworthy core member, Nie Li has provided the compounded drug to train. As for these surrounding members, Nie Li is still observing, these must hire oneself Gu Heng, to leave Demon Alliance, Nie Li has not stopped completely, whatever it departs.

Although many people left, but many people remained.
After this turbulence, believes the person who these keep, the major part is worth training!

Nie Li has been reorganizing in secret, the spy in Demon Alliance, has cleaned up, as for these credible members, alone looks, trains secretly.

Skysoul Institute has been uneventful, after Demon Alliance, Sky Alliance and sound pledge ceases all activities, Gu Heng jumped happier, prepared for war wantonly, talked wildly, must recapture Gu Bei the position of first in order successor, but Ashen Flames Family Li Yufeng, declared to the outside that immediately must act the position of Ashen Flames Family Patriarch.

As for Long Tianming, although does not have any sound, but heard that is Divine Feather Sect acts Sect Master to move.

Expert of older generation, wants to live in seclusion practices secretly with concentration, strengthens the Divine Feather Sect inside story, as for these trivial matters, naturally is not willing multibarreled, wanted to give the young people to process.

Nie Li continually has been promoting Cultivation, is observing the change of Divine Feather Sect, whatever changes constantly, so long as Demon Alliance own strength increase, these are not the issues. Besides the daily practice, Nie Li also once for a while goes to Divine Feather Sect Skycloud Hall, exchanged the idea with Hierarch Skycloud, Hierarch Skycloud trusted Nie Li.

Divine Feather Sect Skycloud Hall.

„Nie Li, you said that you do want to compete Divine Feather Sect to act the position of Sect Master?” Hierarch Skycloud stares slightly, asks.

„Yes!” Nie Li said firmly that „present Demon God Sect duo duo presses hard on, if makes Long Tianming be in power, only feared that Divine Feather Sect will beset with a crisis in bigger, therefore I must stand to compete Divine Feather Sect to act the position of Sect Master!”

„But, this simply does not have stratagem which ensures success! You were too shallow in the Divine Feather Sect foundation, even many Divine Feather Sect disciples do not know that who you are, do you compete to act the position of Sect Master? Although you are my disciple, I am also willing to support you, however big Divine Feather Sect, the light has me to support is absolutely insufficient!” Hierarch Skycloud shook the head to say with a smile that Nie Li this idea, indulged in fantasy, „I know that your heart has the grand plan . Moreover the talent is outstanding, but Divine Feather Sect acts the position of Sect Master, but also was too difficult!”

„If wielded Divine Feather Sect by me, Divine Feather Sect will welcome the brand-new magnificence surely, I only want to know that the teacher firmly supports me!” Nie Li looked that asked to Hierarch Skycloud, it is estimated that including Hierarch Skycloud, had the anxiety to his ability.

Hierarch Skycloud has hesitated the moment, he is a little surprised, the Nie Li so confident appearance, is it possible that has the possibility really ... Hierarch Skycloud calmly sits on the chair, silent the moment said: „Perhaps I cannot firmly support you, several other gods revere, perhaps is impossible!”

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