The Tianyuan Great, is the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race ancestor, was struck that kills by Sage Emperor!

„I, if said that our common enemies are Sage Emperor?” Nie Li smiles to say lightly.

„Sage Emperor?” In the thought of Tianyuan Great, flashes through wipes imposing killing intent, „young people, you thought that my meeting does believe you? You so are big a age, the Sage Emperor surface cannot bump into! If Sage Emperor wants to kill you, a finger does not use!”

„Tianyuan senior may know a space and time saying!” Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile.

„Space and time? Are you antique time shuttle space and time come? It is not right, if Expert of antique time, my is impossible did not know!” The Tianyuan Great a little has doubts.

„If I am hundred years later returned to the present, can the Tianyuan senior be willing to believe me?” Nie Li also said.

„Hundred years later returns to the present? The perpetual flow of time always rolling forwards, never meets retreat, only if” the Tianyuan Great has anchored the sound immediately, his thought fell on the body of Nie Li.

The thought of Tianyuan Great, as if must penetrate Nie Li to be ordinary.

„Good, I believe that you are the hundred years later people, you said that your enemy is Sage Emperor, I also believed.” Tianyuan Great silent a moment later, said.

Because on the Nie Li lots, at all are not at present this Realm can obtain, can explain only that Nie Li truly is the hundred years later people.

The hundred years later people?

Long Yuyin looks at Nie Li, such strange matter, making her believe?

„On first, I and Sage Emperor showdown, but finally is not his match, returned to the young time, I start to practice Heavenly God Technique, obtained many all sorts of treasures, but wants to break Endless Space and Time of Sage Emperor seal, was too difficult, has not thought that will bump into the Tianyuan senior in here unexpectedly!” Nie Li said.

„Says how the previous generation you lose!” Tianyuan Great sinking sound said.

„After previous generation Ancestral God Land destroys, Sage Emperor has explained the seal, works loose. Starts to slaughter various group of Expert, initiated was disillusioned greatly. Hides in Expert of each border area is not willing to live on dishonorably, rises spiritedly to revolt, but forcefully had been suppressed by Sage Emperor. Either body dead soul extinguishes, either is always the slave!” Nie Li said.

The Tianyuan Great had not spoken, but Nie Li can feel the anger of Tianyuan Great.

The Tianyuan Great was killed, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race by the entire seal in Endless Wilderness, generation after generations, only if the slave. Do not tread, so under the vicious matter, can the Tianyuan Great bear this tone?

„How you can resist Sage Emperor, even if in hundred years, you also over hundred years old, what Realm can practice?” The Tianyuan Great opened the mouth finally once more.

„I, because obtained a treasure, has the strength of reversal space and time, can therefore have the opportunity to resist with him.” Nie Li explained said.

„That treasure that you said that should be Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” The Tianyuan Great wrinkled brow, the sinking sound said. In his impression, only then this treasure has might so.

Nie Li smiles does not speak, was default.

Long Yuyin is auditing, head inside blurry, she looks at Nie Li, she more and more did not understand Nie Li.

„If you want to cope with Sage Emperor, I can help you!” The Tianyuan Great said that „, but you must accept my some conditions.”

„What condition?” Nie Li asked.

„That leads all Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race, leaves Endless Wilderness, if you defeated Sage Emperor. Then must put them to be free!” The Tianyuan Great said.

„This did not need Tianyuan senior saying that I will also do!” Nie Li said very much earnestly.

„Supreme position, who does not drool with envy, I believe that present you can maintain the conscience. However in the future will be uncertain. I want you to pledge, if not obey the pledge, when was cursed by Heavenly Dao, Cultivation can not again the little advance!” The Tianyuan Great looks at Nie Li, sinking sound said.

Nie Li understands that Tianyuan Great this is makes Nie Li plant the heart demon. If violates the pledge, will be affected by the heart demon, Cultivation is unable to promote.

„I can pledge, when I defeat Sage Emperor, then puts Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race to be free, such as disobeys this oath, the condemned by heaven and earth, Cultivation always can not the little advance!” Nie Li holds up the right hand treaty of alliance to say.

Long Yuyin looks in the one side that she does not know who Nie Li and Sage Emperor in Tianyuan Great mouth is, but she can think that this Sage Emperor, absolutely is extremely formidable existence. How although does not know the strength of Tianyuan Great, but can determine that the Tianyuan Great is much more formidable than any Martial Ancestor.

„Has your words, I felt relieved.” The Tianyuan Great smiled, „I have left behind many treasures, these treasures regarding Expert of Great level, are possibly useless, but to your Heavenly Axis Realm, can actually promote your Cultivation enormously.”

Great level Expert buried treasure?

If can obtain the treasure that the Tianyuan Great keeps, truly can promote the speed of Nie Li practice extremely quickly.

At this moment, Nie Li and Long Yuyin front ground splits suddenly, a disc rose from the place bottom slowly, this disc approximately surrounding area several hundred meters, various types of things have everything expected to find, besides some Armor god soldiers, various types of efficacious medicines.

These things, perhaps Expert of Martial Ancestor level, has never seen!

„These things were too formidable, by your present Realm, if not know the method, is unable to use!” The Tianyuan Great sighed saying that „these, were I give your gift! The usages of these things, when can use, I can 11 tell you!”

Nie Li is actually laughs saying: „Tianyuan senior actually despised me, do not forget me hundred years later came back, the usages of these things, have not needed the Tianyuan senior to teach me!”

The Tianyuan Great has gawked, immediately smiles saying: „Such being the case, that has saved lots of troubles actually!”

Nie Li looks at the present these things, in the heart wild with joy, enough several hundred the Armor god soldier who does not have the god fruits and over a hundred to surmount the Martial Ancestor level, various types of day material treasures, these things, too were useful!

The Nie Li present strength is unable to be increased rapidly, with lacking the day material treasure also very much has the relations, there are many day of material treasures, cannot attain by the Nie Li present rank! However obtains the thing that the Tianyuan Great has left behind, then in a short time can promote absolutely many.

How these things should effectively use, Nie Li must go back to think, after all they at present this rank, but also definitely is unable to withstand such high-grade day material treasure!

„These things I accepted, many thanks the Tianyuan senior helps!” Nie Li smiles was saying that front these treasures all will receive with Interspatial Ring.

These things, to Expert of Great level, died particularly, has not used completely, therefore Nie Li definitely does not need to be polite with the Tianyuan Great! After all among them, but has transaction!( To be continued.)

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