The entire Ghost Temple core, a surrounding area several kilometers giant object, brought in Nie Li Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

After this everybody takes in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li is then tired a little pants.

To draw in this giant object, consumed enormous Heavenly Energy to stimulate to movement Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Grazed to seek in all directions in periphery, did not have other discoveries, Nie Li then to receive the hand again, has grazed.

„My here altogether gets so far as more than 300 Spiritual Stone fine gold, Artifact in more than 500 Rank 6, as well as more than 30 Rank 7 Artifact!” Xiao Yu looked that said to Nie Li.

Nie Li stares void, always thought that this region is quiet a little strangely.

Why didn't the thought of Ghost Temple, say a few words?

In Ghost Temple genuine treasure, should continue Illusory Spirit Bead is!

Perhaps the thought of Ghost Temple, has hidden certain treasures in Ghost Temple!

Is but big void, Nie Li suddenly does not know that which looks.

„Comes with me!” Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu to say.

Two forms change to the time to graze to go.

At this time, beside Ghost Temple, a formidable thought has covered entire Ghost Temple, at this time places the human in Ghost Temple, felt a fearful pressure.

Places Expert in Ghost Temple to gain ground to stare void.

That terrifying strength as if must make their whole bodies blast open generally.

Puff puff!

Outside some palace region strength bad Expert direct spit the blood under this terrifying pressure crazily, some directly die a violent death to perish.

All people frighten fearful and apprehensive.

This was Expert of Martial Ancestor level arrives at here!

Only during listens to be void, numerous coldly snort transmits.

„All people in Ghost Temple are listening to me, I am Demon God Sect XuanMing Deity, as long as today arrives at this Ghost Temple, can not leave arbitrarily. Ghost Temple by my Demon God Sect control, had been handed over the treasure that all your obtains to leave, otherwise, must die in here!”

The XuanMing Deity sound, is common just like the thunderclap, falls in Ghost Temple.

Expert in Ghost Temple look at each other in blank diamay. Even if the Demon God Sect person, was depressed.

But XuanMing Deity Demon God Sect most unreasonable Martial Ancestor Expert, once XuanMing Deity gets rid, they do not want to carry over Ghost Temple the treasure. Only if their treasures, XuanMing Deity cannot have a liking for! Spiritual Stone fine gold that however snatches and so on thing, definitely did not have their shares.

XuanMing Deity one, audiences each Divine Sect Expert no longer are thinking sought for the treasure, but is thinking how to withdraw.

Several Expert plundered Ghost Temple, but they have not run several hundred meters. The body bang bang bang, explodes fragmentation, remaining these want to run sees this, hurried to draw back, saw this on creepy feeling.

Entire Ghost Temple, by XuanMing Deity controlling!

XuanMing Deity has swept that crowd of Expert, coldly snort: „Acts recklessly!”

The thought of XuanMing Deity has swept entire Ghost Temple, there is a region his thought. Also definitely is unable to enter, his coldly snort. Holds the vigor to go toward that region bang together.


That palm vigor blasts open.

XuanMing Deity wrinkled the brow, his palm vigor tied together prevents outside, cannot break through.

The treasure in Ghost Temple, decides however hides in this knot, but leaves behind Ghost Temple the big energy, the strength is extremely obviously formidable. To break through this to tie is not the simple matter.

XuanMing Deity suddenly Zheng both eyes, in the eye pupil explode suddenly shoot to make a debut black light, sweeps in tying on.

„Snort, the light is this stratification, wants to prevent me!” XuanMing Deity palm vigor. Grasps void in tying on, started to study the structure of this stratification.

At this time, ties.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu also in search treasure, void of this big piece, completely empty, anything could not find. Outside sound is very big, does not have a sound to pass to here.

If knows that perhaps the arrival of XuanMing Deity, Nie Li does not have now to be so easy and comfortable, must hurry to find the way to withdraw.

At this moment, together the place of red ray from being away from Nie Li and Xiao Yu probably several kilometers away has delimited.

Sees this, the Nie Li eyebrow selects slightly, the corners of the mouth reveal a happy expression.

„To run, does not have the gate!” Nie Li flies high to plunder.

Sees this, Xiao Yu is also hurries to follow, helping Nie Li pursue stops up that red ray.

Nie Li pursues in that red ray behind, sees only that red ray looks like the meteor is together ordinary, is towing the long tail flame.

Nie Li a black white wing suddenly leaf, speed suddenly to increase, is after death ordinary just like a lightning, his right hand moves, sees only Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to let go, an infinite huge space has covered toward that red ray.

That red ray keeps struggling, resembles to work loose.

Nie Li brow slightly wrinkle: „To run, does not have is so easy!”

Nie Li stimulates to movement Heavenly Energy unceasingly, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting attraction is getting bigger and bigger, the infinite formidable strength bundles toward the red ray goes, the red ray that will keep struggling ties up firmly.

The red ray seemed works loose motionless, changed to together the time, was hidden in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

This red ray took in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting by Nie Li!

„So to be how easy?” Nie Li wrinkled the brow, he felt that red ray far and away has not been in the degree that the strength uses up, almost sneaked in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting on own initiative.

„What has not to suit?” Nearby Xiao Yu looked that asked to Nie Li, why after Nie Li received that red ray, on the contrary a little heavyhearted appearance?

„I was played!” Nie Li has smiled bitterly, hurries to search in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting the thought that in present Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting changed an appearance, besides float Deity’s Lake, Large Array that stone columns compose, surrounding area several kilometers Ghost Temple stands erect in void.

That red ray does not know where, Nie Li has kept taking a fast look around with the thought that has not actually searched for that red ray the trace.

Really has the issue!

In the Nie Li heart smiles bitterly, but regretted that now, Nie Li has hurried to send greetings without enough time to the Yu Yan goddess.

„Sister Yu Yan, you must be careful, has not to know that any thing entered Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, where I cannot search for it!”

Is hearing the Nie Li words in the Yu Yan goddess that in Deity’s Lake practices, nodded saying: „I knew, I will pay attention!”

Although does not know what Nie Li said is anything, but the Yu Yan goddess has been vigilant quickly.

Took in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting the bewildered thing, Nie Li sought for the treasure the interest not to have continually, must hurry to find the way to look that red ray, hurried to expel Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to be good!( To be continued.)

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