Steps into this side hall, then saw that reach as high as more than ten meters stone columns, a surrounding area hundred meters broad main hall.

In the ground, on stone column also has in the main hall, everywhere is mysterious Inscription Pattern.

These Inscription Pattern are ordinary, has covered entirely the eye institute and all places just like the spider web.

In the main hall, closely scatters the box that dozens pure gold are building, the box closed, does not know that in put any thing, the box surface has been mounting legendary luminous pearls, these legendary luminous pearls were brilliant, gorgeous incomparable.

Looks at these boxes, knows that inside thing is not simple.

Wu Yazi sees these boxes, immediately both eyes shine, want to go forward to open these to scatter the box in ground.

Nie Li puts out a hand to block Wu Yazi, sinking sound said: „Do you want to court death?”

„How?” The Wu Yazi doubts looked that asked to Nie Li.

„On Inscription Pattern on this ground, wall, stone column, is day of lock Inscription Pattern method, once the misstep, these Inscription Pattern will change to invisible chain to lock in you carelessly directly, making you unable to breathe, finally dry and died until the oil completely lamp.” The Nie Li sinking sound said that „this Inscription Pattern, let alone Heavenly Axis Realm, even if Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, was done directly!”

Wu Yazi looked in this side hall to cover entirely Inscription Pattern in all directions densely and numerously, in the heart slightly one cold, has thought asked: „Can we across the sky plunder?”

„You can give a try!” The Nie Li faint smile looks at Wu Yazi to say.

Wu Yazi thinks that looked said to Nie Li: „Didn't we have the means to open these Treasure Chest? These Treasure Chest Heavenly Energy overflow, should hide very not the simple treasure, let off to be a pity!”

„I said that cannot wander about aimlessly, has not said us unable to attain, told you, arrived at here, all matters must listen my. If attains the treasure, how we should assign?” Nie Li looked that asked to Wu Yazi, „, if I were not dry to the half minute!”

Wu Yazi slightly silent, immediately gains ground saying: „You elect first. Takes away 60%, was always OK!” Left Ghost Temple in any case, he must kills Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the thing that Nie Li and Xiao Yu choose, he will take carry back, therefore Nie Li and Xiao Yu took nothing.

„Did not say that who has elected, I have counted. Locks in engraved inscription on this day, altogether has 26 Gold Jade Treasure Chest. I do not know that what thing is hiding, who opened, inside thing turns over to anyone, what kind of?” Nie Li looked that said to Wu Yazi.

Wu Yazi thinks that agrees to say very much decisively: „Ok.”

„Good, then you listen my, proceeds to walk first seven steps, then turns right three steps, then proceeds six each step to take three feet as to be apart from!” Nie Li director Wu Yazi said.

Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li. Also looked at this Inscription Pattern method, asked: „This really? Won't you deceive me?”

here has covered entirely day of lock Inscription Pattern, once his line of bad misstep one steps, will arrive at directly by the invisible Inscription Pattern chain bunch, what to do if Nie Li can harm him?

„Relax, killed your us not to have any advantage, our two Heavenly Fate Realm. Even if has attained the treasure, Ghost Temple, if were killed, the treasure may be robbed by others, we will not handle such stupid matter.” Nie Li said.

Wu Yazi thinks that Nie Li said indeed really has the truth. Two Heavenly Fate Realm, without his protection, definitely cannot enter Ghost Temple, he died did not have any advantage to Nie Li!

„Good!” Wu Yazi said according to Nie Li, walked gradually.

Really according, these Inscription Pattern that in ground Nie Li said are triggered, before he has arrived at Gold Jade Treasure Chest. Lowered the head to turn on the box.

The box opens, inside suddenly presents one to wear the puppet of Jinjia, wields the fist to go toward the Wu Yazi bang.

This Jinjia puppet, at least is Heavenly Axis Realm!

Treasure Chest opens, has not discovered the treasure, suddenly was actually sneak attacked, Wu Yazi had a scare, wields the fist to go toward that Jinjia puppet bang.


A formidable impact proliferates, although that Jinjia puppet also has the strength of Heavenly Axis Fifth Level boundary, but compared with Wu Yazi, missed, was been broken by a Wu Yazi fist bang.

Wu Yazi has patted the chest, long spits to vent anger, said: „Frightened me to jump, in this box did not have any treasure from the start, was almost killed by this clever thing!”

„This is the Ghost Temple master is joking with you!” Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile, „you stand in same place do not move, I made Xiao Yu come up!”

„In this box does not have the treasure, only then this clever thing, you only then the strength of Heavenly Fate level, did not fear that was killed?” Wu Yazi shouts immediately, „these boxes give me to start are safer!”

„The first box started, you also dare to walk one step to try and ensure you die miserably!” Nie Li curled the lip saying that „, only then the second box, you have been able to walk! Xiao Yu, you come up, according to walking that I said!”

Xiao Yu nodded, although she does not know that in second Treasure Chest, can also hide that golden puppet, this walks, she had the confidence to Nie Li very much, absolutely does not have a suspicion to the Nie Li words, dies in any case at the worst.

„Enters three, left six, to draw back two, left three” Nie Li to start to direct Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu walks, before arrived at the second box slowly, she a little cautiously turned on the second box.

In an instant, sees only in Treasure Chest to be bedecked with jewels, boundless Heavenly Energy fall in torrents.

„Unexpectedly is the Spiritual Stone fine gold!” Xiao Yu looks in Treasure Chest, shocking -ly said, „, moreover at least has more than ten!”

The Spiritual Stone fine gold is extremely rare thing, can be used to practice like ordinary Spiritual Stone, the Spiritual Stone fine gold, is equal to over a hundred Spiritual Stone essence together, is equal to 100,000 ordinary Spiritual Stone, can be used to forge Artifact, Artifact that forges, at least is Rank 8 and nine chief ministers of state!

These for several thousand years, Heavenly Energy is getting more and more thin, the Spiritual Stone essence were quite few, let alone Spiritual Stone fine gold!

More than ten Spiritual Stone fine gold of treasuring!

This absolutely is extremely astonishing wealth!

Wu Yazi looked instantaneously was jealous, even if the Spiritual Stone fine gold, treasured together rare, let alone more than ten!

Xiao Yu collected more than ten Spiritual Stone fine gold completely.

Looks at more than ten Spiritual Stone fine gold, all entered Xiao Yu Interspatial Ring, Wu Yazi at heart has been comforting itself, in any case the thing in Xiao Yu Interspatial Ring, sooner or later was his! Thinks of here, his slightly felt better at heart a point.

„Hurry up, can open third Treasure Chest?” Wu Yazi said anxiously that he must open Treasure Chest impatiently again.

„Third Treasure Chest should be one's turn me” Nie Li to sweep Wu Yazi, then, walks toward third Treasure Chest gradually.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to cast the recommendation ticket and bus permit, your support, is I biggest power.)

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