„Aunt, I have an idea, does not know , said does not work as to say?” Nie Li said that although just had been suffered one by Long Shuyun, the opportunity of but with Long Shuyun meeting are not really many, if has missed, next time does not know was.

„Said!” Long Shuyun shot a look at Nie Li, snort a sound track, the matter, she somewhat was unhappy, Long Yuyin on the scene, already manifested suddenly by her temperament.

„Aunt is lofty in the Dragon Seal Family status, has your support, Long Yuyin competes for the position of successful possibility Patriarch, although must be slightly more inferior than Long Tianming, but will not miss are too many.” Nie Li probes was saying.

„You spoke incorrectly, our Dragon Seal Family ancestor, supports Long Tianming! Therefore Yin Er wants to mount the position of Patriarch, decidedly is not the simple matter.” Long Shuyun has swept Nie Li lightly, „do not think that I do not know what idea that you have, Three Great Families supports a person superior respectively, competes for the position of Sect Master to lay the foundation for you? Three people that however you select, want to obtain the position of Three Great Families Patriarch, is not the simple matter!”

„In this regard, the aunt actually misreads me. I do not approach them desirably, wants to support their superior to pave the way for oneself!” Nie Li shakes the head to say.

„? What goal you are, did we misread you actually?” The Long Shuyun faint smile looks at Nie Li saying that obviously does not believe the Nie Li words.

Long Yuyin looks at Nie Li, she believes that Nie Li does not use itself, after all relations between she and Nie Li, have many coincidences, Nie Li do not approach her likely desirably. If Nie Li desirably wants to approach her from the beginning, like that fiercely will not resist with her in the gingko.

„Thinks that the aunt also looked, the Divine Feather Sect internal clique stood in great numbers, the battle was increasingly intense, many people, wanted to change actually have a mind to be incapable. Like Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, the simple choice retires does not ask in the ancestor the matter. I dare to assert that continues such to get down again, in 200 years, Divine Feather Sect splits inevitably!” Nie Li definitely said very much.

Hears the Nie Li words. Long Shuyun is a little slightly silent.

Long Yuyin opened the eye, was frightened obviously by Nie Li these words, before she never thought that long-term.

„You continued” Long Shuyun said silently.

„The person of world, all gives priority to own benefit. Although clearly knows that in Divine Feather Sect has various issues, but for own benefit, still falls over one another, continuously for a long time hence, Divine Feather Sect decline that will be the inevitable matter. Hundred years ago. Divine Feather Sect is six big Divine Sect places first three, now is end the class, Situ Sect Master, has a mind to change the present situation, but various Three Great Families bosom thoughts, he is also helpless, after all the Three Great Families power and influence, has dominated above Divine Feather Sect to a certain extent!” Nie Li said on and on.

„Your meaning, depends on your strength, can change inadequately?” Long Shuyun a little disdain said.

„Did has always compared does not complete. Although by my strength. It is not able to change anything, but I have bumped into Gu Bei and Li Hangyun, Long Yuyin, I thought that their talents are not bad, moreover is the trustworthy person. Were better than Gu Heng, Long Tianming and Li Yufeng too. If had been controlled Three Great Families by Gu Heng, Long Tianming and Li Yufeng, can foresee the Divine Feather Sect future to be dim in the future, ultimately definitely will move toward the fission. But if makes Gu Bei and Li Hangyun have Long Yuyin to obtain the position of Three Great Families Patriarch, perhaps is another appearance!”

Nie Li said fervently: „Although by my strength, is very difficult to achieve, but my Nie Li is willing to exhaust all strengths. Helps Gu Bei and Li Hangyun also to have the Long Yuyin three people of superiors! Not for me, for only hundred years later, Divine Feather Sect can also become our institutes of asylum!”

Looks appearance that Nie Li vows solemnly, Long Shuyun suddenly. Cannot distinguish the genuine and fake to come unexpectedly. This person in society, handles anything, for one ‚advantage’ character, who will generally make that type to damage the altruistic matter? Long Shuyun does not believe at heart.

Hears the Nie Li words, Long Yuyin was actually moved, originally in heart of Nie Li. Has such big aspiration to be ideal, she looks at Nie Li, compared with Nie Li, she felt that one was too base and low, she thinks that also merely is only own benefit, but Nie Li, has actually thought entire Divine Feather Sect general situation, the Nie Li image became in her mind incomparably big.

Long Shuyun contemptuously curled the lip, said: „Your these words, deceive the girl, wants to make me believe you, ha-ha, you do not think that I am so weak?”

Although Nie Li goal, not only for Divine Feather Sect, but Nie Li can have a clear conscience. Entire Draconic Ruins Realm, the biggest threat is not Demon God Sect these big Zong Men, but is that super exists, Sage Emperor!

Draconic Ruins Realm innumerable older generations, to resist with Sage Emperor, far more than number that surely calculation Heavenly Fate, dauntless sacrifice, dying?

In order to protect their family member and clansman, Nie Li all planning have a clear conscience, very broad and level.

„No matter the aunt does believe that to aunt, what fault doesn't have not?” Nie Li looked that said with a smile to Long Shuyun.

„That actually, how then do you prepare to do?” Long Shuyun silent moment, no matter how Nie Li decides to do, person who was pushed the superior, one is her daughter, this was enough. So long as does not threaten her, which manages Nie Li to make what?

„Matter that then I must handle, possibly the difficulty is big, I hope no matter what, the aunt can stand me, helping me be also equal to helping Long Yuyin!” Nie Li looks to Long Shuyun, said sincerely.

„That must look at my mood!” Long Shuyun both hands hold the chest, wind light Yun Dan said that „if you have anything to want me to help, can make Yin Er pass on to me, I when the time comes considered!”

Saw the facial expression that Long Shuyun that does not care at all, Nie Li actually knows, this matter 89 can become, Long Shuyun to Long Yuyin is very good, so long as convinced Long Yuyin, making Long Yuyin go to use both hard and soft tactics with Long Shuyun, did not fear that Long Shuyun does not comply.

The Expert help of Dao of Dragon Realm Ninth Level, that a lot easy to do were many.

„Doesn't the Nie Li boy, you marry my daughter really? If you married my daughter, as mother -in-law, which my also has does not help your truth? The Yin Er superior, we also fully will help when the time comes you mount the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, otherwise you did not fear that pushed the superior Yin Er, was oneself what advantage actually declining?” Long Shuyun looks at Nie Li, said skillfully.

„Mother!” Long Yuyin shames stamped the feet anxiously.

Nie Li the righteousness words said immediately: „Like the Long Yuyin such good girl, among the world few men does not move, but the matter of marriage, pulls the relations with the own selfish interests, I thought that this to the Long Yuyin girl is an insult! My Nie Li can it be that dirty person? Therefore this matter, good that needs further consideration!”

Long Shuyun looks at Nie Li, she actually a little could not understand Nie Li, properly speaking Nie Li pushed the Long Yuyin superior, if can marry Long Yuyin first, can get bigger interests absolutely, moreover other did not say, Long Yuyin look family background, was impeccable, no matter she persuaded, Nie Li should not, in this world, have is really not a oneself, was the person of being utterly devoted to others inadequate?( ~^~) 

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