Has led the way several hundred meters.

Finally saw steps layer upon layer, is upward.

The Nie Li three people go up steps on, then entered in a broad main hall.

This main hall surrounding area several hundred meters, are spacious, do not have a stone column, the main hall peak is the mysterious mural, has fierce Demon Beast, has ** Human race Expert of upper body, intensely slaughters, the terminus of endless starry sky, an eye calmly is staring at all these. Peak of Nie Li toward main hall looks that these Demon Beast and Human race Expert has not attracted his attention, what he notes is, that eye of endless starry sky terminus, just like Wang of Yiban god existence. Although is only the mural, has actually given the Nie Li infinite pressure, a little stagnated including the breath.

Although merely is only an eye, but Nie Li actually knows that is Sage Emperor.

Some people said that Sage Emperor is not formidable, for thousands of years, innumerable can Expert once challenge Sage Emperor greatly, had has almost succeeded, but Sage Emperor was all right, these can Expert actually all vanish into thin air greatly. This Endless Space and Time, under the control of Sage Emperor.

Nobody can shake the Sage Emperor absolute authority.

After previous generation Ancestral God Land destroys, Sage Emperor then starts to slaughter four directions Expert, entire Draconic Ruins Realm was only killed remains hundreds of thousands of people, there are innumerable Expert from gather in all directions, wants to besiege Sage Emperor, actually all died. Previous generation Nie Li by a person of strength, broke through the limit of humanity, had the god general strength, even suppressed Sage Emperor, but died in the hand of Sage Emperor finally. If not for Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Nie Li already unravelled.

„That eye what's the matter? Only only looked at one, terrifying pressures, likely surely said that the pintle gripped the body.” Xiao Yu looks to Nie Li, said in a low voice. „Did you say that eye? That is a formidable ancestor god!” Wu Yazi smiled saying that „this ancestor god is Ancestral Demonic Saint Land control. Is our Demon Clan reverent worship peak exists. In your Human race, nobody can contend with this ancestor god!” The Nie Li eyebrow selects slightly, Demon Clan worships Sage Emperor, but Sage Emperor actually not necessarily cares Demon Clan, Demon Clan is the Sage Emperor tool. However even if Nie Li said these, it is estimated that Demon Clan Expert does not believe. Why does not know. Ghost Temple really has this kind of mural.

Thinks all sorts that previous generation Sage Emperor makes, Nie Li got hold of the fist, on the arm was angry, truly wanted to challenge the Sage Emperor authority, was not the simple matter. However then these 200 years, Nie Li can the layout, not look like the previous generation like that hastily to challenge Sage Emperor slowly again.

The main shrine central committee is standing erect a 56 meters high crystal jade, the jade is glittering and translucent carving, illusory image class color. Gorgeous eye-catching.

Under the crystal jade, sits more than 100 Expert, has Human race, there is Demon Clan, they sit cross-legged on the ground, is staring at the front jade, with hardship appearance of thinking. „How does here have other people?” Wu Yazi stayed, in ground these Expert. Has Heavenly Star and Heavenly Axis, even including Dao of Dragon Realm has. Why does not know, actually sits in front of this crystal jade meditated with hardship. Do these people arrive at here?

Nie Li was guessing, these clan Expert, were previous time even is a earlier time intruded here, after they intruded here, then had kept here. To perceive through meditation the front crystal jade. This crystal jade, is Spirit Spatial Jade, only then explains the jade, can enter the Ghost Temple true core the place!

The Nie Li three people walked toward the crystal jade, have arrived at a crystal jade surrounding area 50 meters region. Although Cultivation not any change, but the Nie Li three people discovered that Heavenly Energy in within the body definitely is unable to transfer, coagulated likely generally. Before arriving at this crystal jade, lost the battle efficiency!

No wonder these Human race and Demon Clan Expert sits in here, actually each other lives in peace with each other, has not had the fierce combat.

Discovered that Nie Li these three newly arrived, these Expert also looked up one, then continued to perceive through meditation the crystal jade. Wu Yazi surprised, what is, attracted these Expert to sit in here?

Wu Yazi has sat cross-legged, looks up toward the crystal jade, sees only on the crystal jade to start to reappear to make a debut to say mysterious Inscription Pattern, as well as some mnemonics, he to the Inscription Pattern not anything interest, but these mnemonics attracted his attention immediately. On this crystal jade, is it possible that to record what peerless cultivation method?

Wu Yazi immediately has appeared ponder god sè, is staring at the front crystal jade.

Sees the Wu Yazi appearance, in the Nie Li heart moves slightly, he has also sat cross-legged, prepares to perceive through meditation present Spirit Spatial Jade.

Xiao Yu also sat in the Nie Li side.

Nearby Demon Clan youth looked at one to say toward the Nie Li three people: „Which Zong Men are you? Had not seen for a long time our Demon Clan person has come, also did not know in the past few years!” That Demon Clan youth was mistaken that Nie Li and Xiao Yu are also Demon Clan. „We are Demon God Sect.” Nie Li replied, present he, is the Demon Clan appearance.

„I am also Demon God Sect!” That Demon Clan youth surface presently excited sè said.

„How long have you perceived through meditation before this crystal jade?” Nie Li looked that asked to this Demon Clan youth.

„I have not known how long, at least over six years, only had been a pity my intelligence is dull-witted, cannot the ginseng break profound mystery on this jade to the present!” This Demon Clan youth shook the head, sigh said that but his corners of the mouth show a faint smile, „I practice in here, the progress of Cultivation is very quick, from Heavenly Axis First Level, has practiced Heavenly Axis Third Level!” Six years, Cultivation of promotion twofold, is quite quick, no wonder this Demon Clan youth stayed in here for six years, but also is reluctant to part, is not willing to leave. Solely this Demon Clan youth, other people are not willing to leave.

„Does not know that this fellow apprentice does name?” Wu Yazi asked in the one side, he has taken back gaze from the crystal jade.

„Zhen Yuan.” The Demon Clan youth smiles is replying.

„Brother Zhen Yuan, does not know that on this crystal jade records, what is?” The Wu Yazi probe asked that he felt indistinctly the mnemonics that on the crystal jade has recorded were out of the ordinary, want to inquire perceived through meditation again, little took some tortuous paths. „The above record, should be cultivation method that the Ghost Temple master practiced, this cultivation method was out of the ordinary, if can perceive through meditation ten 12, can become side peerless Expert surely!” The Zhen Yuan feeling said that „I have perceived merely through meditation mnemonics, then already from Heavenly Axis First Level promote step to the Heavenly Axis Third Level boundary, if can comprehend are more, oh ...” Heard the Zhen Yuan words, in the Wu Yazi heart excited, if so, that seriously was out of the ordinary!

Although does not know that what existence the Ghost Temple master before death is, but is above the imagination can absolutely greatly Expert, cultivation method that he keeps, is not definitely simple!( To be continued ...)

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