Spiritual Senior Tian Yun has been paying attention to the Nie Li expression manner, he is a little accidental, trades to do is other Heavenly Soul Institute disciples, knew that must be received by him for the news of disciple, definitely will be wild with joy, but the Nie Li facial expression is indifferent.

At this time can also wind light Yun Dan, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun appreciate Nie Li, truly is the human, if the character, the Nie Li road read Cultivation, has achieved unique in some significance absolutely.

Senior Chimu passes message to Nie Li said: „Nie Li, should not be swayed by personal feelings, can do obeisance in the hanger- on my teacher, absolutely is the greatest chance, does not need, because Senior Wuyan gave up. The father of Senior Wuyan had saved the teacher, is the big disciple of teacher, the teacher usually extremely looks after to him, his spirit is a little narrow, you do not need to care about and that is clear, so long as you became the disciple of teacher, does not need to be worried that his you will be what kind of!”

Nie Li passes message to Senior Chimu said: „Senior, I know in heart.”

Let Nie Li compromise that is is impossible, at the worst does not acknowledge as teacher and that is clear.

Senior Wuyan is also the person of watching a person's every mood, sees Spiritual Senior Tian Yun not to speak, in the eye pupil flashes through wipes the cold brightness, sneered to look that said to Nie Li: „You think where the Tian Yun Shen palace is, but also wants to come to come, wants to walk walks? Really laughably! Heavenly Fate Realm, but also treats as itself a character really?”

Hears the words of Senior Wuyan, Nie Li is not angry, said neither arrogant nor servile: „This Senior, I respect Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, is willing to become the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, but proposed that own request, what questionnaire is the opinion of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, complies is the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun matters, do you stamp one's foot in here a little seem to be unnecessary?”

„You” Senior Wuyan angry, if in Greater World, Nie Li such Heavenly Fate Realm ants dares such to speak to him, already died.

Other four Senior beside Senior Wuyan actually looked at Nie Li one, Nie Li have dared such neither arrogant nor servile to choke sound Senior Wuyan, perhaps was not ordinary Heavenly Fate Expert is so simple.

Although these four Senior hold to Nie Li vigilantly, but is actually not the person who that type will provoke the right and wrong on own initiative, did not interrupt. Is observing Nie Li.

Actually saw Spiritual Senior Tian Yun to smile saying with a smile: „Nie Li said very right, recruits the disciple book is the matter that your sentiment I hope, even if I, wants to recruit the disciple also to look at Nie Li to want. Other people do not need to talk too much.”

„But teacher” Senior Wuyan is not willingly.

Nie Li such does not know the limitation, can Spiritual Senior Tian Yun endure unexpectedly?

„It is not no need to say!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun wrinkled brow slightly, appears the somewhat disgruntled appearance.

Sees the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun expression, Senior Wuyan does not dare to say immediately again, he knows that Spiritual Senior Tian Yun was a little angry. Only can stand on one side respectfully.

„Nie Li, I visited you to the character that in I write, one is ‚does not have’ character, are you what opinion?” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun looked that smiles to Nie Li was saying, has a mind to test Nie Li.

„The meaning of this character is, the inactivity is correct, allows nature to take its course, the inactivity is, the inactivity is promising.” Nie Li said.

„Is inactivity correct?” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun has gawked obviously, he thinks that the comprehension of own empty static inactivity has calculated was quite profound. Has not thought that the Nie Li inactivity is correct, seemed also more profound planned, he silently was talking over, „inactivity all was, but the inactivity was promising” a moment later, has sighed with emotion one unexpectedly, „really profound mysterious, I grumbled really such as!”

Hears the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun words, the people were shocked. Including Senior Chimu et al., loses one's voice surprisedly.

Senior Tian Yun said unexpectedly do one grumble such as?

Who Senior Tian Yun is?

He is Expert of Martial Ancestor level. One of Divine Feather Sect five big giants!

In Senior Wuyan, Senior Chimu et al. in the minds, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun is invincible supreme existence, is in the comprehension of reading, he actually thinks are one inferior to Nie Li? This has subverted their cognition completely!

Where this fellow obtains certainly some rare book. With the flickering person, Senior Wuyan is thinking, he does not believe decidedly that ants of Nie Li Heavenly Fate Realm can read to comprehend such deeply in the road. If the Nie Li road read comprehends really deeply, Cultivation already progressed by leaps and bounds, how possibly also to stay to the present in Heavenly Fate Realm?

What Senior Wuyan does not know is. The Nie Li road read Cultivation truly to be that degree, should be Cultivation progresses by leaps and bounds, perhaps already broke through to Heavenly Star Realm, because of that vine cane in within the body, Nie Li Cultivation cannot break through.

After other four Senior look at each other in blank diamay, looked that passed over gently and swiftly to Nie Li gaze has wiped the unusual look, no matter how, personally confessed including the teachers was inferior that they have to reexamine had at present this youth, at least also has placed Nie Li with their coordinated position.

„Spiritual Senior Tian Yun was laughed, I am only the comprehension that the chance coincidence obtains, compared with Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, was too inferior.” Nie Li hurries saying that he cannot say one are the rebirth comes back.

„You were too modest. Comprehension that even if you obtain from the old book, but you can the comprehension in old book, read in the character, matter that this is unusual resulting. Although I read to have nothing to teach you in the road, but in the practice on, can actually together to you direction, if you are willing to become my disciple, from now on this Tian Yun Shen palace, you can the freedom to come and go, who not be appointed to control!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun shows a faint smile to say.

„That many thanks teacher Sir!” Nie Li bows to say hurriedly that Spiritual Senior Tian Yun wants to receive him for the disciple, it is estimated that Nether Realm Master will not say anything, possibly happily also without enough time.

Does not know that many people want the relations with Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, because actually the status was too disparate to retreat.

Does obeisance Spiritual Senior Tian Yun for the master, will stand firm in Divine Feather Sect regarding him in the future, has the greatest help absolutely!

„Well good!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun has laughed, since without doubt Nie Li has been he accepts the person, a disciple who most appreciates.

Senior Chimu somewhat is also astonished, he has not thought completely the teacher accepted the Nie Li condition unexpectedly, this in the Tian Yun Shen palace in history, only one time makes an exception! Because the control of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun to disciple is very severe, but specially seems to be loose to Nie Li.

Other four Senior a little are also accidental, it seems like Nie Li will become in the Tian Yun Shen palace most special, moreover Spiritual Senior Tian Yun will think highly of Nie Li extremely, from now on must be together with this young fellow well.

In Senior Wuyan eyes pupil flashes through an envy the anger, the appearance of Nie Li makes him feel that greatest threat, since continuously he is the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun big disciple, is that in all disciples most receives to think highly, but Spiritual Senior Tian Yun actually especially makes an exception for Nie Li now, extremely attaches great importance to obviously.

„Other people exit, I must in here with Nie Li discuss well next step read!” The Spiritual Senior Tian Yun hearty laughter said.

Obtains the instruction of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, Senior Chimu et al. bow to draw back, Senior Wuyan looked at Nie Li annoyedly, has drawn back.

Nie Li stayed in the main hall to chat with Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, discussed the road to read, has chatted several double-hour.

The Spiritual Senior Tian Yun eye is getting more and more bright, all that Nie Li said can make him benefit unexpectedly, he digs a precious jade really! Believes that by the Nie Li talent, soon, will bloom the dazzling ray, even becomes the Divine Feather Sect future prop is not is impossible!

Thinks that Divine Feather Sect situation in imminent danger, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun was more attentive to Nie Li.

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