„Li Hangyun, can you be over Demon Alliance?” Gu Heng coldly stares at Li Hangyun to say. +.

Although the Gu Heng strength is inferior to Li Hangyun, the influence that but Gu Heng transfers, actually wants to be stronger than Li Hangyun Sky Alliance. Sky Alliance altogether also came 2,000-3,000 people, them has over ten thousand people!

Gu Heng snort, has worked off anger said imposingly: „If your Sky Alliance must for them over, I not mind that also extinguished you!”

Li Hangyun hearty laughter a sound track: „My Li Hangyun only respects a creed, is the loyalty, my Li Hangyun can go through fire or water for the brothers, in Demon Alliance has my Li Hangyun brothers, if who cannot pass with Demon Alliance, cannot pass with my Sky Alliance!”

Gu Heng has laughed at one, said: „Li Hangyun, since you must build entire Sky Alliance, that do not blame me not being impolite!”

At this time, Gu Heng under dozens the eldest children of influences are actually the anxiety numerous.

Copes with Demon Alliance, but copes with Sky Alliance, they a little were unsure.

What person is Li Hangyun? Although Sky Alliance only then more than 3000 people, the Li Hangyun brothers were too however many, has is a character of Fang elder brother rank, once makes war with Sky Alliance, the outbreak of war promotion, the scale of this fight will refer to erratically will be any degree!

However, does not draw the turning head arrow, even if there is scruples, must get rid! If this retreated in fear, said that did not have the face, moreover brothers under also think one have feared Sky Alliance.

„Since your Sky Alliance must be over Demon Alliance, that do not blame my Gu Heng not to care about your Li Hangyun face!” In the Gu Heng eye pupil flashes through wipes the ominous light, has drunk a sound track coldly, „, no matter Demon Alliance or Sky Alliance, kill without the amnesty! On!”

Gu Heng under immediately launched the intense attack to the Sky Alliance person.

A war breaks out.

More than 3000 people deal with over ten thousand people, is still the absolute inferiority.

However although Sky Alliance population far and away was inferior. But after all many Heavenly Axis and master of Heavenly Star rank, is not easy to act bashful, both sides frequent each other, the contact place just likes a giant meat grinder, Expert die, both sides have not the small loss.

Palm vigor and sword air/Qi rupture in the sky, the fight is getting more and more intense. Both sides both kill to get angry.

Li Hangyun pushes to the front, to the forefront, cut to kill more than ten Expert with Realm continuously, Expert of his body week several Heavenly Axis ranks furiously was also protecting Li Hangyun, murdered.

Not far away, one crowd of Heavenly Axis and Heavenly Star Realm Expert is escorts Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. to break through toward outside.

Although the Sky Alliance people are fierce, but the population is inferior after all, the person of falling from the sky are getting more and more.

„The Hangyun Boss, we temporarily are not their matches!” A Expert fist of nearby Heavenly Axis Realm the opposite Heavenly Star Realm Expert bang will kill. Then looked that said to Li Hangyun.

Has encountered intense besieging, all person pressures are big. The surroundings have the brothers to be struck to kill unceasingly, naturally they also made the enemy pay the deeply grieved price.

Li Hangyun wrinkled the brow, the Gu Heng person too were truly many, has assembled enough more than 20 influences, but they come to be also hasty quite, the light by the Sky Alliance strength, is unable to resist with the Gu Heng strength.

Li Hangyun looked at a distant place to overlook entire battlefield Gu Heng, coldly snort a sound track: „Since Gu Heng must make war, we accompany them to play, today first escort the Demon Alliance brothers to leave together. Next time will ask him to calculate general ledger again! All people with tightening me, clash together!”

The war that Sky Alliance attended each time, Li Hangyun always extremely heroically breaks through enemy lines. Saw that Li Hangyun breaks through toward side, Sky Alliance all people followed.

„Blocks them!” Gu Heng was shouting angrily, since Li Hangyun came. Also wants to walk?

Several thousand people encircled toward Li Hangyun et al., wants to encircle Li Hangyun et al. thoroughly kills in inside.


Although Sky Alliance the population is inferior. However is still powerful, under the leadership of Li Hangyun, has ripped open the encirclement ring. Leads one group of people to graze to go.

The Gu Heng person pursues, continued to kill 500-600 people, may run away by Li Hangyun rank.

Looks that Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person goes far away, Gu Heng annoyedly, although they ran away by Li Hangyun, no matter but Sky Alliance or Demon Alliance, lose are big. This time starts merely, in the future he will thoroughly write off in Greater World Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance!

Heavenly Soul Institute, in Xiao Yu other institute.

One group of people gathered at here.

Nie Li just practiced to finish, because recently Fate Soul is not steady, he has not gone to Greater World, they come back until Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Li Hangyun, Nie Li knows that had the matter.

„Do you lose what kind of?” Nie Li looked that asked to the Gu Bei three people, no matter Demon Alliance or Sky Alliance, lost very big appearance.

„We have compiled news, our Demon Alliance all people have encountered the ambush, more than 3000 people, the remaining several hundred individuals have not only died.” Liu Piao has smiled bitterly, looked at Li Hangyun one saying that „Sky Alliance lost also much, at least died close more than 2000 people!”

Gu Bei said apologetically: „Actually the Hangyun brother can not use, harmed Sky Alliance to lose these many people!”

„Where words this is, in Greater World, so long as is the brothers has difficult, my Sky Alliance knew, truth how can there be to withdraw? Although my Sky Alliance lost right, but that side Gu Heng also lost, the rough estimate, we have at least killed more than 2000!” Li Hangyun said with a smile proudly, although that side Gu Heng overwhelmed with numerical strength, however the Sky Alliance strength was quite.

Li Hangyun looks actually very much opens, after all they mixed in Greater World are not a day two days, similar fight experienced too much, this time was also quite small.

„Gu Heng Blood Moon Alliance united dozens influences to start with you to make war, how did you prepare to deal?” Li Hangyun looked that asked to Nie Li, „, if you decided that made war with them, I can contact some brothers to help you cope with Blood Moon Alliance together! Convenes ** thousand people do not have any issue!”

Gu Bei and Liu Piao also looked to Nie Li, they and other Nie Li decisions.

„I want to cope with Gu Heng Blood Moon Alliance, as for convening other influences does not need, to curl not to be good more people after all for no reason, but me the need Hangyun brother helps, does not know that the Hangyun brother does want?” Nie Li thinks that looked said to Li Hangyun.

„This has anything to want, so long as Brother Nie Li a few words!” Li Hangyun said proudly that „doesn't need to convene other influences really?”

„At present has not needed.” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say.

„Do you have what idea?” Li Hangyun looks to Nie Li, the doubts asks, the light is Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance, the manpower is really insufficient.

„Does the Hangyun brother see local ruffian to fight? One group of people gang up to surround and beat up one, how should that weak person counter-attack?” Nie Li slightly has the profound meaning to smile to say.

„That is definitely reckless, holds of lead, hits!” Liu Piao said immediately that said , the eye has shone, „, why do we want to cope with other these influences? What big enmity we do not have with them in any case, grabbed Blood Moon Alliance to hit is not good?”

The Li Hangyun corners of the mouth bring back slightly, say with a smile: „This truly is good means that has done Blood Moon Alliance, other these influences estimated that must dread 12. Since the Nie Li brother can gather God Root, we all did Blood Moon Alliance Deity’s Lake! Let them cry not to have the place to cry!” Li Hangyun is also a smart person, immediately extrapolated.

Gu Bei adds in the one side: „Gathers God Root to be insufficient, had better be able buy over their internal people, stares at tight Gu Heng, at the first opportunity will do Gu Heng, will do till Gu Heng not to dare to go out!”

Four the people of a meeting of minds look at each other, has smiled dark.

~~ oh, discussed casually, in one month, the baby of snail must be born, hey, although has not known until now the kid was the boy or the girl, immediately the person who the snail must become the father

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