Whiz whiz whiz!

Several swift and fierce cold brightness cut expansive sky, goes toward the Long Yuyin behind two woman lasings.

That was called Auntie Xie's woman to erupt the formidable imposing manner by Long Yuyin suddenly, the whole body has burnt the blazing flame.

A long Long recited cuts the expansive sky.

That woman fused scarlet flame Winged Dragon, that superhuman hand grasps toward these cold brightness.

Actually saw this time, these cold brightness accelerated suddenly.

Puff puff!

These cold brightness pierced scarlet flame Winged Dragon suddenly, immediately blood splash.

„!” Scarlet flame Winged Dragon sad and shrill pitiful yell.

A moment later, scarlet flame Winged Dragon changed to the human form, has crashed from the sky.

„Auntie Xie!” Long Yuyin wept and wailed, but was brought to graze to go by another woman.

„Young lady, you must look after itself good, comes the human at least is Dao of Dragon Realm Sixth Level above Expert, even if we spell to try, is not his match!” By Long Yuyin another woman running together of two syllables in rapid speech said that bringing Long Yuyin speedily to graze.

Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, once died unable to rescue!

The Daoist believers only have delimited together in the sky, goes toward direction tracing that Long Yuyin flees.

At this time, in a small town inn.

After Nie Li practices, walked from inn, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert still in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, are almost the time returns to Divine Feather Sect.

Recently, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert that in the market trades had almost been bought by Nie Li completely, kept here also nothing to do.

He just went out of the inn, then sees in the sky of distant place, several Daoist believers only graze.

Isn't the forefront that young girl, who Long Yuyin is? Several Men in Black pursue in Long Yuyin two people of behind.

Saw that Long Yuyin must be overtaken, Long Yuyin woman pushed to fly Long Yuyin fiercely.

„Young lady, you take care, I block them!” After saying, these Men in Black who that woman turns around to welcome to pursuing, the whole body change to one to ice the Snow Dragon bird, the surrounding sky covered in the infinite chill in the air instantaneously.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow. Presented the black and white wing immediately, jumps to go toward the Long Yuyin lasing of distant place.

That ice Snow Dragon bird just came. Then saw that a sky giant blade shade cuts, only listens to the bang of bang, that only iced the Snow Dragon bird to submerge in this giant blade shade.

„Auntie Lin!” Long Yuyin with tears, turns around to want toward that group of Men in Black to throw.

This moment Nie Li fell on the Long Yuyin side, holds on the hand of Long Yuyin then to graze toward outside.

„Nie Li, Auntie Xie, Auntie Lin died!” Sees Nie Li, the Long Yuyin tears looked like have released the floodgate. Cannot stop again.

„First leaves here, other later said again!” The Nie Li vibration wing, changes to time to graze together.

After these Men in Black struck to kill that woman, then jumped to graze.

„Does not know that these people are any origins, temporarily was unable to use Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting blatantly, consequence that otherwise bringing will be hard to imagine!” Nie Li is thinking secretly, the wing fast vibrates, is getting quicker and quicker.

This is the speed of Nie Li limit.

Behind that group of Men in Black are in hot pursuit, this group of Men in Black are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert. They pursue in Nie Li, although speeds will draw near peak, actually cannot pull closer the distance with Nie Li.

Although has Heavenly Star Realm peak Cultivation. The Nie Li speed compared with it Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, is not unexpectedly inferior.

After Cultivation promotion. The wing of Nie Li behind law, before has compared, promoting the several fold to continue, changes to a black white time, as if must go from out of the blue general.

„What origin this boy is, unexpectedly runs such quickly?” The Men in Black of lead is annoyed, because he feels Nie Li, only then Heavenly Star Realm Cultivation, runs unexpectedly that quickly.

A Heavenly Star Realm boy, dares unexpectedly under their eyes do hide snatch the human?

„Courts death!” The Men in Black have drunk one coldly. The sharp sword in hand changes to together cold brightness, goes toward Nie Li from out of the blue.

In this sharp sword contained the formidable strength. The speed was to draw near peak, the nail has approached the back of Nie Li.

Saw that this sharp sword must sew after own carries on the back, carries on the back thoroughly the formidable cold air, the entire body as if must frozen stiff generally.

Can die in here?

Nie Li wrinkled the brow, once died, Cultivation must reduce, he did not have the so many time!

„It is not good, I cannot die! Also cannot make Long Yuyin die in here!” Nie Li frowns, although he does not know that these people intercept Long Yuyin for anything, but can determine that the here surface definitely has very big plot!

Nie Li stimulated to movement Soul Sea crazily, Shadow Devil Demon Spirit as if obtained some summon, revived in Nie Li Soul Sea, in instance that it regained consciousness, a formidable strength filled toward the body of Nie Li through Soul Sea, the speed promoted suddenly.

Light dark panda and Holy Blood Wing Dragon also regain consciousness, two strengths poured into the body of Nie Li.

Simultaneously feels these three strengths, the Nie Li speed erupts suddenly, became compares three times to continue quickly.

Sharp sword that Men in Black projected must sew to shoot immediately on the body of Nie Li, the Nie Li speed is getting more and more fast, has maintained the same speed the sharp sword with this unexpectedly, after that sharp sword lasing leaves a distance, gradually slow, but Nie Li is changes to the time to go together.

The Men in Black pursued to grip that handle sharp sword, looked toward the front that Nie Li was ran unexpectedly beyond several li (0.5km), quick must not have the shade.

His innermost feelings have been full of the shock.

What origin is the boy? Be only Heavenly Star Realm Cultivation, the speed will draw near so the peak peerless degree unexpectedly! Cannot overtake including the sharp sword that oneself project unexpectedly, this outcome what's the matter?

„Eldest child, we now what to do? The boy runs well quickly!”

„Pursues, I do not believe him to run with such speed, how long his Cultivation could not support!” The Men in Black said cold that he does not believe that Heavenly Star Realm, but also led a woman, but can also escape tracing of their these many Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to be inadequate?

Whiz whiz whiz!

These Men in Black dash about wildly to go in direction of Nie Li escape.

Under the support of three strengths, Nie Li dashes about wildly.

By Long Yuyin that Nie Li grabs, is the incomparable shock, the Nie Li speed was too fast, near the ear except for the howling rumor, her almost anything could not feel, because the wind is too big, clothes closely paste on her body, outlines she had to concave-convex stature.

Nie Li is Heavenly Star Realm, unexpectedly can erupt such astonishing speed!

Really Nie Li is unable to judge with the common sense.

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