Sees only the distant place, around Ghost Temple knot, everywhere is the people who tries to enter.

However many Expert do not cannot find a proper way.

The surrounding mountain range trees, are thousand imaginary ** the constituent, wants, but also is really not an easy matter.

In the middle of these Expert, there is Demon Clan, there is Human race, eyes covetously. However all people do not want in this time fight, to maintain obviously certain distance.

Obviously if hits, no one can fall the advantage, but may also lose enters the Ghost Temple opportunity. Ten days, once these in ten days cannot enter Ghost Temple, next time will want to go in again, were difficult.

Nie Li fell beside Ghost Temple knot, saw only the Daoist believers rainbow ray, kept fluctuating, gorgeous incomparable.

This each Daoist believers rainbow, is thousand imaginary ** part.

Only in thousand imaginary ** beyond, several thousand people, all do not cannot find a proper way.

„How do we go in?” Wu Yazi looked that inquired to Nie Li.

„Now the time has not arrived, when passes two double-hour again, sometimes near high noon time, can find thousand imaginary ** flaw!” Nie Li looked that said to Wu Yazi.

„.” Wu Yazi nodded, now can only listen to Nie Li. Although does not know that Nie Li said genuine and fake, but his feelings, Nie Li should truly be able to find thousand imaginary ** entrance.

Nie Li continues to quenching the monster blood in within the body.

Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li, started to practice.

The side distant place outside Ghost Temple.

The group arrived in beside Ghost Temple, altogether more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, the person of lead is Long Tianming.

Long Tianming stands outside Ghost Temple, is staring at Ghost Temple.

„Young master, these thousand imaginary ** wants to explain extremely difficultly, nearby many Demon Clan Expert. Do you why personally come?” And wears accompanying of Jinjia, cups one hand in the other across the chest to say to Long Tianming.

„Practices a way, does not wait for us, this Ghost Temple is one can stay behind greatly, perhaps inside hides that to be able greatly inheritance, as long as there is an opportunity. Also must attempt.” The Long Tianming footsteps tread, is correct to say Qi to condense, this time he, is Heavenly Axis Realm.

He fused God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, Cultivation has striven to excel compared with ordinary Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

Fused God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit Heavenly Axis First Level boundary Expert, challenges Heavenly Axis Ninth Level absolutely does not have any issue, this is the God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit formidable place!

Long Tianming tries to induce thousand imaginary ** an entrance is, but he is deeping frown, has been at the silent condition.

Sees Long Tianming to be silent. Other people respectfully are standing, does not dare to speak.

The distant place had some Demon Clan Expert to discover Long Tianming et al., have not actually come up to find Long Tianming et al. the troubles, after all Long Tianming, there are more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert. Only if certain Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, the average people do not dare to provoke Long Tianming rank.

Thousand imaginary ** a nearby person are getting more and more, Demon Clan and between Human race Expert, the friction are also getting more and more. Often has the fight occurrence.

After Nie Li practices has met, then starts to observe thousand imaginary **. Following thousand imaginary ** an edge is walking.

Wu Yazi then immediately followed in Nie Li behind.

„You with such tightly why?” Nie Li looked at Wu Yazi to ask, Wu Yazi kept close simply.

„You Heavenly Fate Realm, this nearby Heavenly Axis Realm these many, I worried that you bump into troublesome!” Wu Yazi smiles to say.

„Felt relieved, I will help you find the Ghost Temple entrance, but the words may say in front. All treasures of possession, person of half! Moreover I elect first!” Nie Li said.

„Does not have the issue!” Wu Yazi complied without hesitation, is in any case same, comes out he to from Ghost Temple Nie Li and Xiao Yu gives to kill, making Nie Li elect first to elect first.

Three people of lines.

„Nie Li. You look at that side!” Xiao Yu has referred to the distant place.

Nie Li looks following direction that Xiao Yu refers to that saw Long Tianming one line, is making anything in that side.

And between Long Tianming, has not had any contradiction, but Nie Li always thought that Long Tianming this fellow, absolutely is not the good bird, does not have the least bit favorable impression to Long Tianming.

Has thought that Nie Li gets a sudden inspiration.

In any case now he and Xiao Yu are not the human shapes, it is estimated that stands in front of Long Tianming, Long Tianming does not recognize Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

Nie Li approaches in the direction that Long Tianming et al. are at unintentionally slowly slowly, at the same time is examining thousand pretentiously imaginary **.

„These thousand imaginary ** Qi was getting more and more intense, entrance likely nearby this!” Nie Li a little excitedly said that sped up the footsteps, walks in the direction that Long Tianming et al. are.

„Wait, that group of people are Heavenly Axis Realm!” Wu Yazi stopped by calling out Nie Li to say.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow, looked that asked to Wu Yazi: „Aren't you their matches?”

„Joke, how I possibly am not their matches! I competently turn them!” Wu Yazi curled the lip to say.

„Um, that not on line!” Nie Li looks to Wu Yazi, said with ease.

„They after all are more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm, if hits, unavoidably somewhat will be troublesome!” Wu Yazi frowns to say.

„That. Their this group of people gather nearby this motionless, very possible realizes entrance anything, if went by them advanced, referred to the uncertain Ghost Temple good thing falling in their hands!” Nie Li pretends to say careless that then the round trip walks.

Wu Yazi thinks, if the entrance in the nearby of that group of people, oneself such retreats, to owe?

In his opinion, distant place that more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, although was hard to deal with, but actually did not cope.

„You continue to look, so long as can find the entrance on the line. Really is not good expels them, if they do not know the limitation, then on fight, in any case is one crowd of Human race!” Wu Yazi has thought said.

Hears the Wu Yazi words, the smiling face that the Nie Li corners of the mouth reveal not a easy detection, walks in the direction that Long Tianming et al. are.

In the local time that Nie Li three people of close Long Tianming et al. are at slowly, wore Heavenly Axis Realm Expert of Jinjia to block in Nie Li three people of front, the gaze devils was staring the Nie Li three people: „The Demon Clan trash, leave distant point! Proceeds again one step, do not blame my fight!”

This Heavenly Axis Realm Expert is the Long Tianming subordinate, is responsible for guarding in here, saw that the Nie Li three people approach, then shouted angrily to make noise.

He can look, Nie Li and Xiao Yu are only Heavenly Fate Realm, although cannot see Wu Yazi Cultivation, but with mixing up of two Heavenly Fate Realm, what master can be?

Hears the opposite party words, the face of Wu Yazi got dark immediately.

„You said that who is trash?” Wu Yazi coldly looks at opposite Heavenly Axis Realm Expert

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