300 _ 4 () \; Sees the Xiao Yu aggrieved appearance, Nie Li somewhat is funny, he has not thought completely the matter will develop such condition unexpectedly. Has thought Xiao Yu is a man, who knows that Xiao Yu does hide unexpectedly such deeply?

It is estimated that has much to do with Inscription Pattern of Xiao Yu chest.

Nie Li looked that said to Xiao Yu: „How did your wound restore?”

In the Xiao Yu brain reappeared all sorts, the cheeks boiling hot do not go excessively.

„I have been all right.” The Xiao Yu sound is very light.

„That is good!” The Nie Li nod said that „, since your wound restored, we go back!”

„Um.” Xiao Yu has complied with one.

Nie Li has stood, is about to leave, suddenly felt that several formidable Aura were approaching toward here.

„Be careful!” Nie Li holds the hand of Xiao Yu to hide immediately toward nearby woods, then the right hand dipped some monster blood to write Inscription Pattern rapidly, Inscription Pattern kept flowing out, simultaneously right direction in the Xiao Yu chest place.

„Hoodlum!” The Xiao Yu complexion is pale, Nie Li just occupied her to be cheap, now also?

Actually saw Nie Li facial color left hand to hold the Xiao Yu skill seriously, the right hand has covered the mouth of Xiao Yu, shouted to clear the way low and deep: „Does not want dead do not speak!”

Xiao Yu was grasped from the back by Nie Li, hum has struggled, is unable to work loose, in the eye pupil revealed the ashamed and resentful look, can only , whatever Nie Li were hugging from the back, the feeling of that difference made her cheeks burning.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu hide after the tree together, the eye is staring at outside the woods stubbornly, has turned very quiet, because he feels that several Aura are extremely formidable, at is not they at present can resist, can avoid tracing of opposite party regarding Inscription Pattern method, Nie Li is not very clear.

Used such big effort to live finally, if were killed in here, that is not cost-effective.

Xiao Yu swaying from side to side, Nie Li can feel that Xiao Yu that very curls upwards the smooth buttocks. Resists his thigh stubbornly, making him recall in some experiences in god of ancient grave Nether Realm death.

Before thinks that Xiao Yu is a man, naturally did not have anything to feel, but now. Nie Li secret passage awfully.

To be honest, Xiao Yu although now is a son installs to dress up, is still much more beautiful.

Nie Li has restrained the mind, sharp gaze is staring at the distant place.

Actually saw this time, two forms fell on the lawn of distant place.

This is two other races Expert. An entire height the hair, an ear is red, obviously is Demon Clan Expert.

„Felt a moment ago obviously here has two Aura, where actually didn't know?”

„That two Aura, should not relate with that boy anything a moment ago, Aura of that boy so is not weak!”

Two Demon Clan Expert were talking.

These two Demon Clan Expert should be is tracing any person.

„The boy has killed our these many people, does not kill him to be difficult to solve hate of my heart!” And Demon Clan Expert said with clenched jaws that his gaze looks around.

Felt obviously two extremely weak Aura, after catching up , can't Aura induce? Properly speaking such weak two Aura, do not want to evade their sensations!

These two Demon Clan Expert looked around.

This time Xiao Yu then understands. Originally Nie Li induced these two Demon Clan Expert, therefore had the action, although with the Nie Li posture very ambiguous, Xiao Yu does not dare to move, has turned very quiet.

Felt Demon Clan Expert has the sign that comes toward here, the Nie Li palpitation sped up several points, according to his judgment, these two Demon Clan Expert at least is existence of Heavenly Axis Realm, once they approach to being away from Nie Li and Xiao Yu about ten meters position, is very easy to see through the concealment of Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

When the time comes by Nie Li and Xiao Yu strength. Basic is impossible is these two Heavenly Axis Realm Expert matches, was massacred very much easily directly.

When that Demon Clan Expert will soon approach Nie Li and Xiao Yu, he halted suddenly the footsteps, looks toward the distant place.

„In that side!” In that Demon Clan Expert eye pupil flashes through wipes the happy expression.

Whiz whiz!

Two forms speedily plunder.

Saw that two Demon Clan Expert walk away. Nie Li then relaxed.

„Lets loose me quickly!” Xiao Yu has struggled, said in a soft voice that thinks bitter experience of this day, she wished one could to look for the strip crack to worm one's way into.

Nie Li lets loose Xiao Yu, said: „Acts according to the special circumstances, the situation had no recourse!”

Xiao Yu a little depressed looked at Nie Li. She is certainly clear, Nie Li truly is not intentionally, but, does she possibly achieve did not mind completely?

„That two Demon Clan Expert walked, this place is not suitable stays for a long time, we must hurry to be good!” Nie Li said that turns around to be about to leave, actually sees a form to stand in being away from them has two meters place, in the Nie Li heart slightly one cold.

Nie Li looked at an opposite party, that is not a big child, is growing a pair of sharp furry ear except for the top of the head, other have not distinguished with ordinary human anything, look look like a 13 or 14-year-old child, his appearance is extremely pretty.

Although the opposite party is the human child 13 or 14-year-old appearance, but Nie Li actually does not dare to be negligent, the Demon Clan age is different from humanity, looks likely 13 or 14-year-old, but had the possibility to live very much several thousand -year-old monster!

He blinked, that limpid bright look carefully examines looks at Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

Although does not know that the opposite party has any intention, but the Nie Li facial expression momentarily is admonishing tight, although cannot see the opposite party strength strongly, but can definitely determine, at present the strength of this fellow, but must above that two Demon Clan Expert!

Can approach in the situation of being quietly to being away from them has several meters place, the opposite party wants to kill them, simply is easy as pie!

„Which Divine Sect are you? Divine Feather Sect? Skyblaze Sect?” He looks at Nie Li and Xiao Yu, smiles to narrow the eye to ask.

„Who are you?” Nie Li looks at the opposite party to ask, he does not understand that the opposite party intention is anything.

„I called Wu Yazi, already over 80 years old, you should call my grandfather, I asked your words, you did not reply unexpectedly first, but also asked me?” Wu Yazi said self-important.

Hears the Wu Yazi words, in the Nie Li heart smiles, this Demon Clan lived over 80 years old, in Demon Clan is also only an underage child, many Demon Clan have not even opened in this age Lian Lingzhi, but this Wu Yazi, the spirit wisdom should be quite high. Listens expression that Wu Yazi spoke, like having evil intention. If the opposite party wants to kill them, perhaps they already died.

„Your Demon Clan is different from our Human race, over 80 years old are also only the children in Demon Clan!” Nie Li shrugs to say.

„Aren't you children?” Wu Yazi a little depressed said that immediately a complexion board, „you did not worry I all did kill you? You are Cultivation of Heavenly Fate level!”

~~ takes care of the kid to use energy very much, in the evening has not resulted in rests, daytime must run the birth certificate and vaccine inoculation and so on matter. Truly was too recently busy, therefore renewed are quite few, when the snail was busy at work similarly the matter, recuperated, resumed the normal renewal again, was extremely sorry.( To be continued.)

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