Nie Li does not know that sound, is the thought of Ghost Temple, what a little can determine, reason that the fellow makes outside person compete for the crystal of Ganges, to let outside Expert kills one another.

As for attaining crystal of most six people Ganges, can obtain the Ghost Temple treasure, that radically is a native of Mongolia!

The fellow is so parsimonious, does not give up including a Spiritual Stone fine gold, making it spit all treasures, do not think!

Moreover Nie Li can determine basically that the fellow guides outside Expert to massacre intentionally mutually, makes them approach here for avoidance!

He can find entire Inscription Pattern method Guan À immediately in!

At this moment, Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi from grazing.

Sees Nie Li, the Xiao Yu running together of two syllables in rapid speech said: „Nie Li, outside Expert welled up, we what to do?”

Heard the Xiao Yu words, Nie Li wrinkled the brow, outside Expert has come, that Nie Li wanted to explain this Inscription Pattern method, was a little difficult.

„Comes with me!” The Nie Li sinking sound said that is bringing Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi same place, grazed one side.

Over a hundred Expert flushed from outside, they start to look around for the treasure in Ghost Temple, is shuttling back and forth in Inscription Pattern method.

The Nie Li three people stand on one side, calmly looks that these look for the thing everywhere Expert, without any action.

The Wu Yazi entire gods are alerting.

Properly speaking these people want to break crystal jade to arrive at here, is very difficult matter, but clashes these many Expert unexpectedly one time, Nie Li can determine basically that these Expert definitely are the thought of Ghost Temple intentionally guides to here, the goal is to prevent oneself breaks Inscription Pattern method!

„Is the crystal of Ganges!”


A Inscription Pattern method central committee, falls gently suddenly the crystals of hundreds of thousands of Ganges, audiences Expert were jealous immediately. Starts to fight.

Chaotic battle erupts immediately.


The strength has swept, blood splash.

In order to compete for the crystal of Ganges, audiences Expert simply just liked insane generally.

After all the crystals of here hundreds of thousands of Ganges, snatch completely, then has the possibility very much directly becomes first six.

Sees the people to fight, Wu Yazi was also eager to try. After all these many crystals of Ganges, missed to be possible not to have machine ì.

„Do not move, making them snatch!” Nie Li holds on Wu Yazi, the sinking sound said.

„Why?” Wu Yazi looks puzzled to Nie Li.

„You do not think strange, these crystals of Ganges, but to let these Expert intentionally slaughters!” Nie Li passes message to Wu Yazi said.

After Wu Yazi hears, in heart one cold, after he thinks slightly, then understood. Stands with Nie Li and Xiao Yu in behind, protects Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

Nie Li comes here compared with him first, has possibly discovered anything! So long as protects Nie Li, then they very much may attain the treasure in Ghost Temple!

Expert that coming are getting more and more, 500-600, the tangled warfare still has been continuing.

A moment later, one group of people have grazed, there are 200-300 people. Demon God Sect Fire Demon Prince one line, Fire Demon Prince has swept a battlefield of tangled warfare. As well as ground the crystal of Ganges, the sinking sound said: „Has killed here all people, does not remain!”

Hears the Fire Demon Prince words, Fire Demon Prince following Expert jumps to graze, starts to slaughter crazily.

Puff puff!

These Demon God Sect Expert linked has been killing over a hundred, simply was one-sided harvesting.

Five Demon God Sect Expert plunged the Wu Yazi three people.

A Wu Yazi bright token. Shouting to clear the way: „I am Demon God Sect!”

That five Demon God Sect Expert sees the silver token in Wu Yazi hand, has stopped slightly, then throws toward other place.

Fire Demon Prince here action caused these to fight for crystal of Ganges Expert note ì, if they also continued to massacre mutually, quick will kill off by the Demon God Sect person. These Expert united rapidly, starts to resist slaughtering of Demon God Sect.

Fire Demon Prince has swept that crowd of Expert, coldly snort: „Overreaches oneself!”

Nie Li passes message to Wu Yazi asks: „What is that fellow comes ì?”

Wu Yazi appears the somewhat afraid appearance, said: „You and Xiao Yu must be careful, restrains Aura, do not expose your status, if otherwise by him is known I have displayed the monster blood sacrifice to you, I died. He is Demon God Sect Fire Demon Prince, very possible is next Demon God Sect Sect Master!”

Fire Demon Prince?

Nie Li previous generation time has heard this ì, this Fire Demon Prince, is existence of future overlord level, Demon God Sect control, once brought Demon God Sect Expert to enter Divine Feather Sect, has ruined Divine Feather Sect Soul Hall, although Divine Feather Sect has repelled Demon God Sect Expert finally, the start that but that service Divine Feather Sect declines, innumerable Divine Feather Sect Expert die.

Has not thought that will meet Fire Demon Prince in here unexpectedly!

Nie Li has restrained Aura, truly was induced by Fire Demon Prince to oneself is displayed the monster blood sacrifice to have the Demon Clan shape, no matter he and Xiao Yu, Wu Yazi will die!

Fire Demon Prince cold gaze swept one to stand in the Wu Yazi three people of corner, then has taken back gaze, Wu Yazi, although the status in Demon God Sect also calculated, but missed with Fire Demon Prince far, since were the Demon God Sect person, Fire Demon Prince has not prepared the Wu Yazi three people what kind.

The Fire Demon Prince subordinates strength was too strong . Moreover the body is all bringing high-order Artifact, various clan Expert in rear palace by the subordinates of Fire Demon Prince were only slaughtered remaining one-fifth, the crystal of most Ganges fell in the hand of Fire Demon Prince.

Fire Demon Prince is staring at the front dozens sculpture, wrinkled the brow slightly, although here already horizontal corpse everywhere, rivers of blood, but that Inscription Pattern, became under being contaminated of blood even more is continuously dazzling.

Sees the Fire Demon Prince meditation the appearance, in the Nie Li heart secret one cold, is Fire Demon Prince calculating is it possible that also this Inscription Pattern method?

When the Fire Demon Prince ponder, behind was one group of people entered the rear palace, there are probably 200-300 people of appearances, what lead was Skyblaze Sect Yan Yang!

Yan Yang looks all around the rear palace, after seeing Fire Demon Prince, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly cold brightness, Fire Demon Prince does not have í is very formidable to ǒ, in his eye pupil has not feared, only then blazing desire to fight.

Demon God Sect and Skyblaze Sect this evil two big super Divine Sect Holy Son, gets together in this small rear palace!

Sees Yan Yang to appear, in the Nie Li heart moves, has not thought that Yan Yang also came, was right now livelier, two big Divine Sect Holy Son appear in here, should be without making any mutual concessions, does not know that they do have to open Inscription Pattern method machine ì?( To be continued.)

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