Controls Gu together?

Gu Bei has sneered at heart, is willing to control Gu to be fishy with the human by the Gu Heng disposition together. Gu Heng is the person who in that eye cannot accommodate any sand, since has regarded the Gu Bei Gu Lan brother and sister such as the eye-sore thorn in the side, will otherwise not call these many people to exterminate Demon Alliance now.

„I thought that dismisses Demon Alliance this matter, there are certainly feasible, I go back to consider for several days, three days later replies to the Gu Heng male cousin, how?” Gu Bei looks to Gu Heng, said with a smile.

Gu Bei is not silly, since you must play empty, I accompany you to play and that is clear.

In the Gu Heng eye pupil shows to absorb the cold brightness of person, three days later replies? He dragged in too many people to call these many people to sphere Demon Alliance, such went back then to wait for three days? Cracks a joke?

„The Gu Bei younger male cousin gives any name not to be good, gives the Demon Alliance name, but also is really easy to remind Demon God Sect!” The Gu Heng smile was saying, waves, his under these Expert slowly had surrounded the past toward Gu Bei, Liu Piao rank.

Gu Heng must extinguish Demon Alliance in any case, Demon Alliance is not willing to dismiss, he besieges Demon Alliance voluntarily to dismiss, as long as the Demon Alliance person enters Greater World, that is a character, the death!

„The Gu Heng male cousin chatted, is a name that spoke thoughtlessly to give, how to have the relations with Demon God Sect!” Gu Bei spoke thoughtlessly to be perfunctory at the same time, looked at each other with Liu Piao, the preparation led the Demon Alliance person to find the place to break through.

 „To avoid the Gu Bei younger male cousin steps onto evil way, I am the male cousin, naturally does not pass on responsibilities, educates you well!” Gu Heng sneered saying that waved, under that group of people rushed toward Demon Alliance.

Gu Heng under fully has over ten thousand people, but Demon Alliance only has over a thousand, and Gu Heng strength, obviously is much more formidable than Demon Alliance.


Instantaneous intense fight eruption. This is one-sided encirclement kills, the Demon Alliance person was struck to kill.

The strength is not really coordinated!

„Master Bei, Lu Ye, we protect you to leave!” Heng Yan coldly snort a sound track, brought Gu Bei and Liu Piao to clash with one crowd of Heavenly Star Realm Cultivation Expert outward.

Gu Heng palm vigor turnover, bang bang bang. Consecutively five Demon Alliance Heavenly Fate level Expert were struck to kill by him.

„To walk? It is not easy!” Gu Heng coldly snort, changed to the time to pursue toward Gu Bei together.

Gu Heng is Expert of Heavenly Star rank, and has also reached the crest in the Heavenly Star rank, compared with Demon Alliance any person must, when he takes control, surrounding Heavenly Law Power condenses completely in together, changes to one greatly to be in charge toward the Gu Bei racket falls.

During that greatly is in charge, the silver thunder just likes the rainstorm falls in torrents under.


That silver thunder the place of falling, Demon Alliance two Heavenly Star Realm Expert were extinguished directly.

„Gu Bei. Be careful!” Not far away Liu Piao running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouted to clear the way.

Gu Heng sneers, in his front, Gu Bei also wants to walk? Simply is dream of a fool, Gu Bei with him completely is not existence of rank!

Was in charge to fall toward the Gu Bei bang, the innumerable silver thunder covered toward Gu Bei.

Was welcoming that everywhere silver thunder and greatly is in charge, Gu Bei felt that the whole body must be crushed generally.

Must be killed by Gu Heng, is very willingly!

Must be struck to kill by Gu Heng shortly, in the brain of Gu Bei actually suddenly flashed through Nie Li to write to his sword character.

Gu Bei regarding the comprehension of Sword Aura. Without doubt is a shocking rare talent, Nie Li that sword character. Gave him to inspire infinitely.

At this moment, Gu Bei as if fell into the middle of an extremely mysterious ideal condition.

Vast Heavenly Law Power such as the torrential rivers and streams from the body of Gu Bei, the vast star void shade appeared in the world generally turbulently, that vast star void shade central committee, one handle length three feet three inches (2.54 cm), sent out the sword ancestor Aura ancient sword to reappear suddenly.

Originally this is the infinite deep meaning that in the middle of that sword character contains!

The Gu Bei right hand concentrate. Saw only that ancient sword as if to have the intelligence to be ordinary suddenly, just liked the spirit snake flies, shot toward being in charge of Gu Heng.


A bang, sees only that saying that Gu Jian pierced being in charge of Gu Heng, goes toward the Gu Heng head lasing.

Felt that a sharp incomparable Sword Aura perpendicular incidence comes. That Sword Aura as if can pierce all general, saw that Gu Jian must shoot on own head, Gu Heng hurries to fend.


The ancient sword scratches the cheeks of Gu Heng to fly, has left behind a bloodstain on the face of Gu Heng, the blood splash.

That said after Gu Jianca the cheeks of Gu Heng have been flying, extinguishes instantaneously invisible.

Gu Bei puff, puts out a blood, condenses this Sword Aura, made him consume within the body all Heavenly Law Power, his comprehension far and away to this Sword Aura is what a pity insufficient, otherwise Gu Heng had already been killed by him!

Although Heavenly Law Power has exhausted, excited and excited color that however on his face actually one type cannot constrain.

This was his first time touches Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary.

Even if died, falls first-order Cultivation, but comprehension Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, will let his future, had the infinite possibility.

„Ha, Gu Heng, you have not thought that you want to suppress me, made me comprehend Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary accidentally, so long as there is this Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, my Cultivation forever stayed in Heavenly Fate Realm, my strength one day will also surpass you! Can you be able to suppress me?” Gu Bei cold Shi Gu Heng, is dying in here proudly today, how can that?

Gu Heng recovered from Sword Aura of that terror a moment ago, still has a lingering fear, is only almost, he was pierced by Gu Bei Sword Aura. He has not thought from the start that Gu Bei of Heavenly Fate level, just likes ants existence before him, unexpectedly almost falls the homicide!

In his eye pupil revealed the deep unwilling color.

Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, why can Gu Bei comprehend Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary? The one who why comprehends Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary is Gu Bei?

That is in the fable has the domain that!

Once Gu Bei continues to practice Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, practices certain level Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, even if Gu Bei Cultivation is only Heavenly Fate Realm, can defeat a superior enemy.

This Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary is not who wants to practice can practice , if there is talent that profoundly comprehends extremely to be good on the Swordsmanship!

Once the Gu Clan high levels know that Gu Bei condense left Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, Gu how can there be his foothold!

„Any Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, the acrobatics of child, dares to pretend to be Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, ha, is really laughable!” Gu Heng is will not acknowledge absolutely orally Gu Bei practices Ancestral Sword Aura Boundary, „wants to contend with me, you also fall far short!”

Bang bang bang!

Demon Alliance Expert were killed.

Demon Alliance over a thousand people had only been killed the remaining more than 200 people, the remaining some people are also quick must support do not live.

„Looked that you can also condense many Heavenly Law Power!” Gu Heng condenses to hold the vigor together, grasps toward Gu Bei, „dies!”

Was almost struck to kill by Gu Bei the meaning of sword ancestor, Gu Heng leaves a move of time had the scruples obviously, is guarding carefully, a formidable palm vigor separates the spatial bang to Gu Bei.

Holds the vigor to rumble shortly to fall on the body of Gu Bei, Gu Bei is unable to resist again, can only smile bitterly.

Suddenly, the bracing cold bang fell together, bang, crushes the Gu Heng palm vigor, shook to draw back Gu Heng horizontally.

Gu Heng suddenly knits the brows, looks toward the front that sees only a white clothing youth to stand in void proudly.

„Is you?” The pupil of Gu Heng contracts slightly.

At present this youth, is Li Hangyun.

Sees only Li Hangyun to cross the hands behind the back to congeal to stand void, white clothing flap flap makes noise in the wind, feature handsome he at will is standing, then the deep pool ting Yue Zhi feelings, the horizon of distant place, forms generally graze to come just like the meteor, has 2,000-3,000 people of appearances fully.

Li Hangyun Sky Alliance all came!

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