Quiet month dragon beast is Dragon Blood Demon Beast of a life in wind eye, from a birth, can control the wind the strength, the wind blade edge of condensation even can cut broken same level Artifact.

Whiz whiz whiz!

Wind edges cut generally toward Nie Li Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon just like the invisible moon.

The Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon whole body glitters the dazzling golden light, Aura is increasing unceasingly, scalding hot heat waves are centered on Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, spread to all around, the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon yawn puts out together the scalding hot dragon flame, that dragon flame tumbled is hitting to the wind blade edge.


Dragon flame gentle breeze blade edge crazily to bang.

The fight is conducted intensely, the formidable strength is wreaking havoc, resembles to around martial arts contest stage knot also completely tear into shreds.

This made the surrounding these students look dumbfoundedly to the scene of war. Regarding the Guo Huai strength, they do not think surprised, those who most make them shock, Nie Li can the Guo Huai resistance with 9 Fate Realm be so long unexpectedly.

Must know that Nie Li 4 Fate Realm, has then missed enough five Realm!

Before the Nie Li conceal may be really deep!

Senior Wuyan passes message annoyedly to Guo Huai, the sinking sound track: „When you must project on, a bit faster finished him!”

Guo Huai also is a little at heart depressed, although Nie Li the strength is inferior in him, however fight time is flexible, his wind blade edge either had been disintegrated by Nie Li, either was moved aside by Nie Li, the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon strength, far and away has gone beyond his expectation.


Quiet month dragon beast has roared, saw only the chest to inflate rapidly, the entire body rose suddenly in a big way one time, boundless Heavenly Law Power swiftly condensed in the mouth, the surroundings have formed a pressure of stagnation immediately, that formidable pressure forced the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon step on step on step on to keep retreat.

The wind artillery of quiet month dragon beast!

In Nie Li heart imposing, is the heart dreaded regarding the wind artillery of quiet month dragon beast that is a ruinous attack!

Nie Li wants to move aside, but already without enough time.

Quite quick!

Sees only the quiet month dragon beastly mouth to spout a giant wind ball suddenly, toward the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon lasing.

The strength of lock invisible wind to Nie Li, making Nie Li want to move also becomes very difficult, saw that the front giant wind ball must shell on his body. Saw only Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon to struggle suddenly, escaped toward side.


This wind artillery scratched on the body of Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, has had a bang, the strength of that terror swept across. Flew the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon volume.

Nie Li felt the chest has encountered numerous strikes, the wing of foreleg and part was torn into shreds by the strength of that terror directly, the blood splash, the entire body cannot help but flies upside down, hit maliciously in the ground. Has dislodged a big hole the ground instantaneously.

This wind artillery really severe wound Nie Li.

The strength level missed with Guo Huai far, saw only the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon whole body to erupt the dazzling golden light, stump residual limb place that was cut off, new meat by naked eye obvious speed rapidly rebirth. In the middle of numerous Dragon Blood Demon Beast, the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon mortal body without doubt is extremely formidable, and has the greatly strengthened mortal body reproductive property.

However Guo Huai has not thought from the start makes Nie Li have the respite opportunity, the chest and belly place inflates once again, the yawn puts out the second wind artillery.

Third, fourth, fifth

The wind artillery keep the bang to Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon. Nie Li keeps avoiding, but after was exploded by the wind artillery, in terrorist force volume that produces. The great power that bang bang bang, the wind artillery erupts shells unceasingly on the body of Nie Li.

The Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon whole body cut and bruised, covered with blood, such serious wound, has not used including the mortal body reproductive property completely.

Really with 9 Fate Realm Expert, missed many.

After has released nine wind artillery continuously, the quiet month dragon beast is a little also exhausted, the halting footsteps, are panting for breath in gulps. Guo Huai looks at mortal body stave Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, the corners of the mouth reveals one to sneer, even if Nie Li has mutation God level growth rate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, that can be what kind. Also isn't his defeated?

Although the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon mortal body is strong, actually cannot resist the strength of quiet month dragon beastly wind artillery.

Nie Li is seriously injured, the consciousness was a little fuzzy, was indistinct as if returned with Sage Emperor that war, that time he was besieged by six God level Demon Beast, arrived at the oil completely lamp dry edge. However stubbornly is still fighting, when with six God level Demon Beast fights, he can only look helplessly Sage Emperor all had the people of that a wee bit relations to pinch out the soul with him completely.

Until, existence of Nie Li lost any significance thoroughly, finally the grief and indignation died.

The rebirth comes back, there is an opportunity, his side had many fetters, the parents, friends and clansman, Ye Ziyun, Ning Er et al. the forms fast passed over gently and swiftly in the mind.

He does not have the escape route, he cannot lose!

Without Temporal Demon Spirit Book, he did not have the third opportunity!

Nie Li promotes own strength crazily, expands the strength crazily, waits for with Sage Emperor that war! He can die in here, has lost to a 9 Fate Realm person?

All people look at the martial arts contest stage, audiences East Court students sigh with emotion, Nie Li lost finally. As 4 Fate Realm, can the resistance with 9 Fate Realm now, Nie Li sufficiently win the respect of all people!

That is observing Nie Li five Aura, is exchanging.

„Nie Li can achieve this degree, was good!” That deep sound, resounds once again.

„I to this boy, had the interest more and more!” That charming sound, exudes cluck-cluck the laughter to say.

Nie Li showed the enough astonishing talent without doubt, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun has revealed an understanding smiling face, perhaps Nie Li in the future can grow is the Divine Feather Sect new prop, leading Divine Feather Sect to move toward magnificently.

Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. are being Nie Li is being anxious, sees this, Gu Bei sinks to drink to say immediately: „We come up the life-saving!”

Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. were just about to move time, Li Hangyun blocked in front, said: „Wait!”

„Li Hangyun, you make way!” Liu Piao frowns the sinking sound saying that he has not thought Li Hangyun will stop him at this time unexpectedly.

At this moment, only listens to the bang of bang, on the martial arts contest stage, boundless Aura shoots up to the sky.

Felt that the strength fluctuation of that terror, people slightly one startled, looks at gaze to Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, because of this formidable Aura, transmits from the body of Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon!

What's all this about?

Bang bang bang!

An intermittent airing is centered on Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, spreads to all around, this Aura, has continued compared with beforehand formidable the several fold!

At this time, Nie Li within the body, besides safflower yellow black four Fate Soul, fifth purple Fate Soul forms baseless, the soul fire forms in Soul Sea together baseless, calmly is burning.

5 Fate Realm!

The average people stepped into 5 Fate from 4 Fate, strength can promote two times to be good, but the Nie Li strength, actually promoted 56 times to continue!

This time Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, these remnant broken bodies, by naked eye obvious speed rapidly rebirth, moreover on that golden skin, pan- the road Black Gold luster, was common just like the metal, back thorn, even more sturdy incisive.

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