After hearing the Nie Li words, no matter Wu Yazi or Xiao Yu, all in heart one cold.

The Nie Li facial expression any time must enforce a lot compared with before, Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu also earnest, is observing the surroundings with rapt attention.

Nie Li stands in this great columns, during saw only to be void to reappear the light light, just like the transparent wall, stood erect at the same time in their front, making them unable to proceed to take one step, Nie Li writes Inscription Pattern rapidly, Inscription Pattern bloomed unceasingly the gorgeous ray, has formed one huge Inscription Pattern method, has mapped in this transparent wall.


Void Inscription Pattern method explodes, the boundless impulse sweeps away, the surrounding five great column, has swayed fiercely, in the barrel has covered entirely the crack rapidly.

The earth leaves bang the tremor, is ordinary just like the earthquake.

Sees only the front that transparent wall, was ripped open an opening.

The protection of Ghost Temple ties, was opened!

„Goes in me!” The Nie Li sinking sound said that jumps to worm one's way into toward that say (way) tearing opening.

Whiz whiz, Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu also wormed one's way into.

The earth is vibrating fiercely, five stone columns fell on the emperor, around Ghost Temple several mountains, the direct disintegration expunged.

Thousand Illusions Array of surrounding, unceasingly being defeated and dispersed avalanche.

At this time, gathers beside Thousand Illusions Array each Divine Sect Expert, sees this, shocked.

„What matter lived?”

„What's all this about?”

They explored Ghost Temple before, has not lived such matter, looks toward the distant place that Thousand Illusions Array is breaking.

Thousand Illusions Array that Demon God Sect Expert are staring at disintegrate, on the face revealed the wild with joy look.

„Thousand Illusions Array was broken! All people prepare, we kill Ghost Temple immediately!”

„Sent for telling several old ancestors, Ghost Temple outside Thousand Illusions Array is broken, making them hurry the faction to reenforce!”

Divine Feather Sect, Skyblaze Sect and other Divine Sect Expert, revealed the wild with joy color.

Before because had impediment of Thousand Illusions Array, they are unable to approach the Ghost Temple half step. But now, Thousand Illusions Array was broken, they had the opportunity to enter Ghost Temple.

In fable Ghost Temple, but hides a level to be able greatly buried treasure!

Enters the Ghost Temple person first. Definitely can obtain more good things!

In flash that Thousand Illusions Array extinguishes stave, the innumerable say (way) forms change to the time, from flushes away toward Ghost Temple in all directions, everyone wants to enter in Ghost Temple first!

At this moment, only listens bang bang bang. Transmits several fulminations.

These time hit on nihility transparent knot.

„Good pain”

„What thing is this?”

Many people simply do not have presently this transparent knot before this, therefore clashes, hits directly in settling on, hits badly beaten, pitiful incomparable.

Outside this Ghost Temple, has stratification unexpectedly! This stratification is extremely hard, at is not ordinary Heavenly Star even Heavenly Axis Realm Expert can hit.

Only then broke this stratification, can enter Ghost Temple!

Several thousand people were prevented by this stratification outside, they were depressed, thinks that Thousand Illusions Array did not have. Finally can go, has not actually thought that also stratification, they start to ponder how to explain this stratification.

Long Tianming and Long Liu two people stood beside this stratification, Long Tianming was deeping frown, he has not expected, Thousand Illusions Array was explained unexpectedly! Before he recalled, the shuttle of Wu Yazi three people in Thousand Illusions Array were free, it is estimated that this Thousand Illusions Array was explained that definitely very much had the relations with the Wu Yazi three people!

Is it possible that was the Wu Yazi three people explains Thousand Illusions Array really?

Long Tianming gaze is staring at transparent knot inside Ghost Temple profoundly.

Perhaps the Wu Yazi three people entered in Ghost Temple!

Just like truly, Long Tianming thinks is the same. Just Nie Li had used special Inscription Pattern method, in Ghost Temple outside protection tied on opened an opening, the Nie Li three people have step-by-stepped first.

Outside Ghost Temple palace.


Only huge incomparable Demon Beast, from all directions throws toward the Nie Li three people. That boundless Aura, heads on just like the dreadful flood generally.

„It is not good, is the thunder ominous beast, I am not their matches, walks quickly!” The Wu Yazi running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouted to clear the way, thunder ominous beast were least is existence of Dao of Dragon Realm! Facing these many thunder ominous beasts. Even if Wu Yazi, has dead end.

Xiao Yu is the complexion slightly is also white, she felt that Aura at is not she can resist.

Actually sees Nie Li to smile to say with ease: „You restrain the mind, maintains conscience, do not go to control these ominous beasts!”

„Ominous beast quickly threw, wasn't anxious?” The Wu Yazi anxious sound track, „do you want to court death?”

„That is the empty shade!” Nie Li plunders directly, at the same time said.

Heard the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi has gawked, hurried to restrain the mind. Are these thunder ominous beasts, only the empty shades?


The thunder ominous beast passes through from the body of Nie Li, has not caused any damage to Nie Li completely.

Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu restraining mind, passed through directly.

Really is only the empty shades!

„These thunder ominous beasts just like living creature are common, actually you how saw that they are false?” The Wu Yazi doubts asked that he a little thinks clearly, why Nie Li always cannot see the unreal behind essential the thing.

Nie Li said with a smile lightly: „The law of this identification, even if told you, you did not think clearly, does not say.”

„Does not think clearly, compared with does not know completely is better!” Wu Yazi has filled at heart curiously, pursues asks.

„Ghost Temple told you again, we currently have the matter to do!” Nie Li said that turns around to continue to graze.

Hears the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi opened mouth, anything had not said that has smiled bitterly at heart, after he also prepared Ghost Temple, killed Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

This walks, Nie Li all sorts of magical things, making Wu Yazi praise to the heavens at heart.

In the Wu Yazi heart has even produced some hesitant, after the Ghost Temple matter settles, must strike to kill Nie Li, does not kill, was worried that the matter leak of monster blood sacrifice, kills, thought that offends Nie Li this kind of person, is not a little cost-effective.

Wu Yazi was at heart contradictory.

The Wu Yazi slight facial expression change, Nie Li also watches, the corners of the mouth show a faint smile, anything did not say that is grazing.

Has grazed a moment later, Nie Li fell on an entrance of side hall, without the stay of moment, walked toward the side hall, although was in this building outside, Nie Li then felt that around this side hall, overflowed completely rich Heavenly Energy.

In this side hall, decides however is hiding certain treasures!( To be continued.)


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