Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, absolutely was in Dragon Blood Demon Beast existence of King level.

Let alone is God level growth rate!

This only Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon takes a quick look around is the black, but the true color is dark red dark red, is from top to bottom turbulent the rushing strength.

Only is this only God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, Nie Li sufficiently is listed as in Divine Feather Sect one of the most important talent later generations.

A head of Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, was bigger than Frost Drake about one-third, that boundless strength presses Frost Drake radically not to gasp for breath.

Although Nie Li, only then 4 Fate Realm, but God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, made Nie Li disregard 2-3 equivalents sufficiently!

Sees this, Senior Wuyan closely is grasping the fist, originally Nie Li also fused third Demon Spirit, moreover is God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit! Since it seems like he had despised Nie Li, he has not thought completely that Nie Li hides unexpectedly such deeply!

He is a little clear, why Spiritual Senior Tian Yun regarded as important Nie Li, Nie Li had such big potential, once grew, perhaps will become in Divine Feather Sect most formidable existence.

Millenniums ago, Divine Feather Sect is at the condition of soon declining, startled certainly the colorful talent founder generally rises just like the comet, making Divine Feather Sect suddenly become in several hundred Divine Sect most dazzling existence, in afterward is disillusioned greatly, was completely has preserved.

In recent centuries, Divine Feather Sect also gradually has the trend of decline, Divine Feather Sect several giants is seeking a favorable turn, even does not hesitate to train Center Court several talents personally, Nie Li just entered Divine Feather Sect shortly , the speed of however rising is extremely astonishing, is very easy to produce some mental association.

Spiritual Senior Tian Yun definitely reckless will train Nie Li, perhaps passes to Nie Li the Tian Yun Shen Secret Art.

Different from other god cultivation method knacks. The Tian Yun Shen Secret Art is always an arteries sole line of descent! Once the Tian Yun Shen Secret Art by the Nie Li study, Senior Wuyan had not been convinced, after all he followed Spiritual Senior Tian Yun these many years!

In Senior Wuyan eyes pupil flashes through a ruthless color, no matter what, before Nie Li rises. Must suppress maliciously it!

At this time, Long Tianming at heart, there is a same idea, he has handled a lot, is treading gradually to own goal, at this time actually suddenly braved Nie Li. Variable suddenly, made he extremely restless feelings.

He will not let the bureau that anybody destroys his cloth!

Luckily Senior Wuyan sent for probing the Nie Li strength, otherwise he was also kept in the dark, has not paid attention to Nie Li, if other Nie Li threatened itself. Perhaps already without enough time. Must hurry to remove Nie Li is good!

Good present Senior Wuyan acts for him, otherwise he must go forth to battle to suppress Nie Li personally. Before he thought that Situ Beiyan is the biggest threat, but now, he discovered that the threat of Nie Li was bigger!

Situ Beiyan is also gaze profoundly looks at Nie Li of distant place, is hesitating slightly, he has not expected. Can be this kind of situation unexpectedly.

„Situ Beiyan, I thought that among us the contradiction could put, you should also feel that left his potential. Once he grows, will threaten your position of Sect Master successor surely!” Long Tianming has sipped tea, looked that said to Situ Beiyan.

Hears the Long Tianming words, Situ Beiyan actually shook the head, said: „Long Tianming, I understand your meaning. However you actually misread me. I struggle with you, does not compete for the position of Sect Master for the own selfish interests. But wants to have a look, you and I the position of whose more suitable this Sect Master. If there is a new person talent to rise, I will be will not suppress absolutely his, perhaps he can become that founder same character of leads Divine Feather Sect to move toward magnificently, why do I want to suppress him?”

Long Tianming has laughed at one: „Situ Beiyan, you let alone have smiled, are you such unselfish person? If Spiritual Senior Tian Yun said that my absolute meeting believes that but you said that you think my meeting does believe?”

Situ Beiyan shrugs saying: „You do not believe \;! This matter, I will not meddle in any case!”

Long Tianming dark angry, the meaning that Situ Beiyan clearly wants to stand by, it is estimated that wants to profit from another's strife! However he is also very helpless, if his working sentiment, doesn't want laissez faire Nie Li to grow into the biggest threat?

At this time, fused Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon Nie Li, approaches toward Frost Drake gradually, bang bang bang, so long as is the place that he hits, that road ice wall has been split up rapidly.

Sees Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon that approaches step by step, Ye Chong felt that pressure of suffocation, his has the extrication that one type is hard to speak at heart, after all he is not does not carry out the Senior Wuyan order, but is he absolutely does not have the ability to carry out!

Ye Chong also understood at heart, why Senior Wuyan must cope with Nie Li, luckily he does not need to be a scapegoat for Senior Wuyan, otherwise slaughters the charge of Divine Feather Sect later generation talent, it is estimated that his following life, must pass in the pen.

However, wants symbolically to do final wrestles!

Frost Drake has roared, wields the foreleg, sees only several Ice Dragon toward Nie Li the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon bang goes.

Bang bang bang!

The Ice Dragon bombardment on Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, unceasingly has actually disrupted.

The Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon mortal body was too formidable, the attack of Frost Drake is unable to break the defense of Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon!

Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon lowered has roared, wielded the foreleg, bang pats in the chest of Frost Drake, Frost Drake is hit hard, the entire body has flown upside down, by knot toward martial arts contest stage hit, bang a numerous dull thumping sound.

The Frost Drake wail, has crashed in the ground, cannot crawl again, the body withers rapidly, changed the shape of humanity.

Nie Li this strikes, has made into the severe wound Ye Chong directly.

God level growth rate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, seriously was too formidable.

In the students eyes pupils of surroundings these East Court revealed the color of deep dreading, the student of this new promote, cannot annoy seriously, just promote entered East Court, unexpectedly has defeated Murong Yu and Ye Chong, if this continued to grow again, that can also?

Nie Li received Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, the rapid earth-shaking transformation returned to the human shape, although fused the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon crush Ye Chong, but Nie Li was damaged is also serious, Heavenly Law Power a little has seriously also overdrawn, covered the chest to pant for breath in gulps.

Huang Yu has stood, smiles was saying: „This competed with Nie Li to win, since he can, in did not use in the Artifact situation to defeat Ye Chong, I and Nanmen Tianhai elder also approved his strength, after this war, he was also injured, made him get down the first rest!”

„Good, test on Nie Li arrived at this to finish!” Nanmen Tianhai stands to say.

Hears the words of two elders, these East Court students did not have any words saying that the Nie Li strength has been placed in here, they also had anything to say!

„Wait!” A sound has made a sound suddenly, saw only nearby Senior Wuyan to stand, „two elders, was the conclusion a little is extremely so careless?” ( to be continued )

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