Wu Yazi looks to Nie Li, asked: „Remaining monster blood?”

„The remaining monster blood I received first in Interspatial Ring!” Nie Li wielded the right hand to say.

„Good.” Wu Yazi thinks, has not intertwined with Nie Li again this matter, waits to come out from Ghost Temple in any case, he must kills Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the monster blood in Nie Li Interspatial Ring, he must take carry back.

Although thought one such do is a little insincere, but does not have other means that if there is effect of monster blood sacrifice to go back by Nie Li and Xiao Yu, in the future will leave many hidden dangers.

Once some Demon Clan clansmen, secretly helped humanity complete the monster blood sacrifice, finally was chased down by Demon Clan Expert until death, these obtained the person of monster blood sacrifice, did not have one to have the good result.

The monster blood sacrifice has some mysterious effectiveness, Wu Yazi is not very clear, that is the Demon Clan extremely important secret, Demon God Sect several peak Expert, may not know the true wondrous use of monster blood sacrifice.

Especially, the monster blood of Wu Yazi itself Primordial bloodline inheritance, cannot fall in Human race.

After Ghost Temple this matter ended, he must kills Nie Li and Xiao Yu, at the worst next time will meet, delivers Nie Li and some Xiao Yu treasures, is counted the compensation.

„Was good, we walk!” Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu, shows a faint smile saying: „So long as it is said stimulates to movement the monster blood in within the body, pasts the whole body, can use the strength of monster blood sacrifice, changes own shape and Aura!”

Nie Li revolved monster blood in a lower part, the shape of body rapidly changed, the shape of face changed rapidly, the head grew the sharp furry ear, was similar to Wu Yazi, has illuminated in nearby mountain stream, the appearance that then sprouted to the ear dull, making Nie Li a little spit blood.

Royal Court Xiao Yu looked at one, a same pair of ear, long in the Xiao Yu top of the head. Was makes Xiao Yu add several points of adorable gentle makings.

The after strength of stimulation of movement monster blood sacrifice, their appearances completely change, perhaps Liu Piao they come, did not recognize Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

„Wu Yazi. What tribal group are you?” Nie Li traces the ear on head, „you is a rabbit clan?”

Hears the Nie Li words, the Wu Yazi face got dark, said: „You are the rabbit. We are a god blood monster fox clan, the ancestor is the day arteries inherits. Primordial bloodline, can't you understand?”

In the heart moves slightly, Nie Li guessed before that Wu Yazi is nine quiet monster fox clans, is ancient bloodline, has not thought that is a god blood monster fox clan, Primordial bloodline of day arteries inheritance, then may really gain.

Had the monster blood sacrifice of god blood monster fox, well what should do some?

The monster blood of Nie Li stimulation of movement within the body, goes toward the Soul Sea gathering. That innumerable say (way) monster blood, just like rivers and streams entering the sea general, converges in Soul Sea crazily.

„Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The monster blood stimulated Soul Sea, Soul Sea under this boundless strength impact, has seethed with excitement just like the hot water generally.

Primordial bloodline, is really out of the ordinary!

The vine cane in within the body under the stimulation of this Primordial bloodline, started to grow crazily, white flowers, calmly bloomed, however second. Third, has arrived at five, five pure white busy flowers, calmly are blooming.

This strength. As if indistinctly has also related with Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, three Demon Spirit in Soul Sea.


Besides beforehand safflower yellow black purple five Fate Soul, sixth green Fate Soul swiftly condensed.

6 Fate Realm!

„Well, your promote step?” Wu Yazi felt that the change of Nie Li body Aura, the surprise asked.

The Nie Li bewildered appearance, said: „Not clear any reason. Probably promote step, before possibly, I am the 5 Fate Realm peak, how did not know, suddenly on promote first-order!”

„!” Wu Yazi nodded.

Three people are grazing together, goes to Ghost Temple under the leadership of Wu Yazi. This all the way, Wu Yazi to Nie Li and Xiao Yu two people, keeps close, although Nie Li and Xiao Yu are Heavenly
Fate Realm, by the strength of Wu Yazi Heavenly Axis Realm, where Nie Li and Xiao Yu do not want to run up to goes, but Wu Yazi still completely did not feel relieved.

Three people graze, Nie Li unceasingly is still stimulating to movement the strength in monster blood sacrifice.

Demon Clan Expert Realm Cultivation, holds in the monster blood, under the Wu Yazi help, Nie Li has completed the monster blood sacrifice, was equal to having the monster blood of part of Wu Yazi, stimulated thoroughly the monster blood of Wu Yazi, Nie Li can at the extremely astonishing speed, have Cultivation like Wu Yazi.

This time, possibly does not even take three months!

Moreover Wu Yazi is day of arteries inheritance Primordial bloodline, the Wu Yazi ancestor innumerable thoughts, hide in his monster blood, once Nie Li turns on the seal in monster blood, then Nie Li momentarily can have the Primordial bloodline strength, is used to transform the mortal body!

The Demon Clan mortal body is most formidable, although Human race can through fusing Demon Spirit obtains the formidable strength, but after is not the true Demon Clan mortal body, when the human shape is very easy to be killed. However had this monster blood, Nie Li has been able to transform the mortal body slowly, until having Demon Clan the body of Primordial bloodline!

Reason that Sage Emperor is formidable, because of Sage Emperor Primordial bloodline, although Nie Li does not know that Sage Emperor is that Primordial bloodline, compared with Primordial bloodline of god fox clan, whose who is weak.

This is also only the part of wondrous uses of monster blood sacrifice!

Nie Li is stimulating to movement monster blood crazily, felt that own meridians under nourishing of this monster blood, slowly was more tenacious, catches has wiped the metal the gloss, simultaneously was quenchinging that together monster blood with Heavenly Energy unceasingly, the impurity in monster blood, all removed.


Besides that sixth green Fate Soul, Nie Li within the body has ignited seventh green Fate Soul. Boundless Aura, is centered on Nie Li, has sent out, Nie Li wants to cover does not cover.

The monster blood of Primordial bloodline, was too strong!

Nie Li wants saying that he has also stimulated to movement very small part of strengths!

„You promote step?” Wu Yazi is grazing, was startled to look that asked to Nie Li.

„I do not know that possibly is the cultivation method reason that I practice!” Nie Li has thought that said.

Wu Yazi gaze has glittered, no matter what, went to Ghost Temple to say first again that waited to settle the Ghost Temple matter, must gives to kill Nie Li and Xiao Yu, otherwise the monster blood preserved in others' within the body, was too discomforting.

Although Nie Li has promoted two steps, but still is also only 7 Fate Realm, but also during his control.

He is will not make situation be separated from the control absolutely completely.

Three people graze in the Ghost Temple direction, see only in the mountain range of distant place, a broad palace stands lofty, seven pink clouds light, gorgeous incomparable. This palace, vague, looks like the mirage is ordinary.

Ghost Temple to!

Yesterday evening must renew normally, finally the battery charger forgot to bring, the computer did not have the electricity, could not access the net, sweat.( To be continued.)

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