„I also merely only then the thought of surviving, preserves in this Ghost Temple together, including me, there is the body of reincarnation, but I do not know where my body of reincarnation is.” The Daoist canon founder voice is distant.

Wanted to find that six person the body of reincarnation to be how difficult!

If not break through the space and time blockade, forever is unable to kill Sage Emperor, in the Nie Li heart even more has the pressure.

After all Sage Emperor has managed tens of millions years in this space and time, no matter the Nie Li how layout, wants to break the absolute rule of Sage Emperor, was too difficult to be too difficult, truly found that six person the body of reincarnation, successful probability greatly.

After all these six people are the antique time can greatly Expert, even if only the body of reincarnation, has the extremely astonishing bloodline surely.

„In addition, didn't have other method to challenge Sage Emperor?” Nie Li inquired.

„Pours also has, only if you can find a supreme treasure” Daoist canon founder to think said.

„Supreme treasure, what treasure?” Nie Li has gawked.

„In the antique time, Sage Emperor and our six people is also in the chaos, that time we just stepped into God level Realm, peerless Expert brought a treasure to arrive in this world, before then he does not know that experienced a war with whom, was seriously injured, came to the verge of death, he grasped rare treasure books, this book can control the space and time, had the infinite strength.” The Daoist canon founder thoughts are charmed said.

Hears the words of Daoist canon founder, in the Nie Li heart one startled, grasps the space and time, what the Daoist canon founder said is Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

„Afterward how?” Nie Li pursues asks.

Demon Lord is also inclining the head and listening attentively, has not spoken.

„This peerless Expert wants with we seven people of fine souls, therapy to him, has caused we seven people of revolts, seven people besieged his one, finally struck to kill him, but before he at the point of death, tore into shreds that rare treasure books, that rare treasure books cut the expansive sky to go, we then again could not find. We have carved up the eight remnant pages of that rare treasure books.” The Daoist canon founder said on and on.

Cuts the expansive sky to go. Nie Li can determine basically, Daoist canon founder said was Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

Does not know where that Temporal Demon Spirit Book went to now.

„Finally that eight remnant page?”

„Eight remnant pages, at least three fell in the hand of Sage Emperor, there is one in Ghost Temple. Remaining where did not know. Reason that Sage Emperor can block the space and time, perhaps also comprehended the strength of space and time from this remnant page.”

The Nie Li intention moves, in his hand has two Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant pages.

„Daoist canon founder, does not know whether you that remnant page in your hand, can give me?” Nie Li has thought said.

„Teacher Sir whether to give me that remnant page?” Nearby Demon Lord also opens the mouth to say. Now he is the disciple of Daoist canon founder, naturally cannot make such treasure fall in the hand of Nie Li.

The Daoist canon founder said to Demon Lord: „You inherited my Confucian orthodoxy, when practices with concentration, this remnant page, is extremely the thing of bad risk, even if gives you, you are unable to comprehend in the remnant page the strength of space and time! Instead is easy to involve the causes and effects.”

Demon Lord silent moment, he understands that this rank Expert, often the effective and influential word, said the words that are will not change decidedly. Only can relinquish.

The thought of Daoist canon founder fell on Nie Li, said: „Makes me give you to pour this remnant page, if you have enough convince my reason, I can consider. Once gives you remnant page, will only bring to you troublesome, does not have any profit, do you decide to want this remnant page?”

Nie Li shows a faint smile saying: „I had two pages of remnant pages”

Heard the Nie Li words, Daoist canon founder has gawked obviously, he has not expected Nie Li really to have two pages of remnant pages obviously.

„Since you had two pages of remnant pages. That third page gave you not to have anything. Later carefully, should not be traced by Sage Emperor!” The Daoist canon founder said that had the remnant page, will be chased down. Two pages and three pages, did not have anything to distinguish.

Demon Lord also slightly revealed the surprise to look at Nie Li.

At this moment, saw only in the sky one page of remnant pages to fall slowly, before falling gently the body of Nie Li.

Nie Li put out a hand to grasp this page of remnant pages in the hand, then received.

Although cannot obtain this page of remnant pages, Demon Lord does not have too many losing. But is feeling the say (way) Daozhen Secret Art in mind. The great strength of this real Secret Art, far and away has exceeded his imagination. If practices this real Secret Art, he can in very short time become existence that surmounts absolutely the Martial Ancestor level.

„Many thanks teacher!” Demon Lord to has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest void.

Nie Li got hold of the fist slightly, on arm was angry, Demon Lord inherited the Confucian orthodoxy of Daoist canon founder, later was more formidabe.

Demon Lord has sat cross-legged, sees only his form to vanish slowly.

Nie Li knows that Demon Lord affirmed entered Ghost Temple some mystical place to practice.

Nie Li is silent, although is not at heart happy, but does not have the means that but Demon Lord inherited the Confucian orthodoxy of Daoist canon founder, Nie Li must be Ye Zong revenges, even if hardships, will not give up absolutely!

„Are you a little question, why will I receive him for the person?” The thought of Daoist canon founder falls on the body of Nie Li, said lightly.

„Yes.” Nie Li nodded, the Daoist canon founder is one has the big wisdom person, why will pass to resort to all means the Confucian orthodoxy, does not hesitate to use the method of Spiritual Constellation to sacrifice innumerable life achievement own Demon Lord?

„World main road, all living things, the life and death is ancient flickers.” The Daoist canon founder said slightly sigh with emotion, „, even if peak Expert, finally also unavoidably dies.”

„Then looks like in the Daoist canon founder, these were displayed the person who the method of Spiritual Constellation died, is fate willed it so, natural?” The Nie Li eyebrow selects slightly, he will be will not approve the viewpoint of this having complete disregard for human life absolutely.

„Good, the life and death, was already pale. However we do not need to argue these!” The Daoist canon founder shook the head saying that „I know you attempt are not young, but you, if defeats Sage Emperor, must obtain his help, because, he is you must look, in which of bodies of six reincarnation!”

Nie Li opened the eye suddenly, he has not thought completely that Demon Lord unexpectedly is one of the bodies of six reincarnation.

That said that if Nie Li defeats Sage Emperor, can cooperate with Demon Lord?

„I is impossible seek the help from his there absolutely!” In the Nie Li eye pupil flashes through together cold brightness, making him cooperate with Demon Lord, this is impossible!

„Between you and him are individual enmity, but between Sage Emperor, actually concerns the world common people, can't you put down?” The Daoist canon founder sighed to say leisurely.

„Cannot!” Nie Li said categorically that „Demon Lord and Sage Emperor two people, in my opinion, are the degenerates who has complete disregard for human life, anything has not distinguished!”( To be continued.)

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