Skysoul Institute.

In Li Hangyun other institute.

„The Nie Li Boss and Gu Bei Boss and Liu Piao Boss, you came back finally!” Sees the Nie Li three people, the Demon Alliance person tearful eyes are simply tearful, for these days they may aggrievedly go bad.

Saw Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance the appearances of person looking distressed, Nie Li wrinkled the brow, asked: „Exactly what happened?”

„Is this!” Li Hangyun said the matter that the recent several days had.

Li Hangyun has frowned, the sinking sound said: „I thought that side Li Yufeng is a little strange, is more bewildered many masters, this matter some people are playing dirty tricks from behind the scenes absolutely, does not know that is who!”

„Is more bewildered many masters?” Nie Li knits the brows slightly, was he on the association to a person, is it possible that this matter all of a sudden concerned with Long Tianming?

It looks like in Nie Li, is the possibility that Long Tianming plays tricks in secret is biggest. Since Long Tianming has been an extremely mysterious person, Nie Li could not completely understand the Long Tianming anything origin.

In Dragon Seal Family, Long Tianming even is not a son of first wife, by the Long Tianming status, previous generation time unexpectedly can crawl to the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, this is not simple can achieve, decides however the reasons of some deeper levels.

At present the Long Tianming outwardly on strength, it is estimated that is also only a small part, Long Tianming hid many strengths, Nie Li has not talked clearly.

It seems like must, if wants the means to cope with Long Tianming to be good, by the current strength, is far and away is merely insufficient.

Nie Li silent moment, said: „Exits, it is estimated that will also block off by the Li Yufeng person, we can cope with their cards in a hand not to be many, I think, Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Li Hangyun. You management general situation in Skysoul Institute, I go to the several small towns of Endless Wilderness edge to walk first!”

Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Li Hangyun look at each other, looked that inquired to Nie Li: „Don't you need the human?”

„All right!” Nie Li shook the head to say with a smile. „Do not forget me currently to have Heavenly Star Realm peak Cultivation, in addition has God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit. Even if bumps into Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, can dispute 12, even if cannot hit, can escape.”

„Good, you must be careful.” Gu Bei has thought that nod said.

„Relax, that several small towns of Endless Wilderness edge, is not the special hazard place!” Nie Li smiled to say.

„Had better be able turn Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to come back. Like this our strengths can be enhanced many!” Liu Piao has thought that a little excitedly said.

„I search to explore the way first, can recruit the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansman to be an issue!” Nie Li said that recruits Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert this matter, is not that simple, because Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert chooses the master time, will be prudent, is untrustworthy, generally easily oneself selling, the price but actually next. Because of let alone 50,000-60,000 Spiritual Stone, is more, Nie Li can also leave.

„Um. Nie Li searches to explore the way first.” Li Hangyun nodded saying that truly this matter is not 1-2 days can make.

Nie Li and Li Hangyun three people discussed, then prepared.

At this moment, a form walked in a hurry, bang hit on the body of Nie Li.

Nie Li hurries to support the opposite party, saw clearly the appearance of opposite party, unexpectedly is Long Yuyin.

A vigor installed to outline Long Yuyin that proud stature perfectly, was hit a moment ago, the chest transmitted the soft feeling. Nie Li understood all of a sudden is anything, cannot help but somewhat is at heart awkward. At this time the Long Yuyin elegant face is red, chest fluctuates fiercely. Make people be hard to put aside gaze.

Just Long Yuyin almost hit to fill with Nie Li.

„.” Li Hangyun, Gu Bei and Liu Piao three people have coughed, has turned away in abundance.

Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile awkwardly: „You how in here.”

„Master came back not to send for with me saying one!” Long Yuyin a little slightly plaintively looks at Nie Li, is a little nervous, both hands do not know where should toward put.

Saw Long Yuyin this youngest daughter stance, Li Hangyun, Gu Bei and Liu Piao three human eye beads quickly stares, was this original that Long Yuyin? The tigress in that fable? This contrast was also too big.

„I came several double-hour, has not told you with enough time.” Nie Li smiled to say.
„Can master this exit?” Long Yuyin gains ground, the clear look is staring at Nie Li.

Looks at the outline of Nie Li cheeks, why Long Yuyin does not know, the palpitation sped up several points, Nie Li not in these days, she sent for having a look at Nie Li to come back frequently. Why does not know, in the Long Yuyin mind will pass the Nie Li form once for a while, thinks that many matters, those who most keep Long Yuyin from putting behind, in the gingko, Nie Li that pulls out three whips maliciously on her, on the skin as if also has the burning feeling.

Before she hated Nie Li to hate to clench jaws, now her hatred to the Nie Li did not have, but Nie Li gave her three whips is the eternal life is unforgettable.

„Um, I must go to a place.” Nie Li knows that lying, Long Yuyin perhaps has guessed correctly useless!

„Can I go together?” Long Yuyin gains ground, hopes for that looks at Nie Li, why does not know, a day cannot see Nie Li, Long Yuyin thought that feels nervous at heart.

Nie Li shook the head saying: „I went outside, quick came back, I went to be OK!”

Long Yuyin pursed the lips, is not a little willingly.

„The words of your master do not listen!” Nie Li looks at Long Yuyin, the sinking sound said.

Sees Nie Li to put on a serious face, in the Long Yuyin heart trembles, the nod said: „Good.”

„These days Long Tianming gave you, his every action and every movement, you must pay attention.” Nie Li looked that said to Long Yuyin, „I felt Long Tianming is very possible is the Demon God Sect person, although did not have the solid evidence now!”

„Demon God Sect person?” Long Yuyin has gawked.
„Good.” Nie Li nodded.

Why Nie Li will suspect that Long Tianming is the Demon God Sect person? Long Yuyin is very strange, but Nie Li, since said this, will not be aimless absolutely, Nie Li should discover anything.

„I will send for observing closely Long Tianming.” Long Yuyin nods to say seriously, if Long Tianming is really the Demon God Sect person, that issue was really serious! After all Long Tianming may not only be only the Dragon Seal Family successor, but also Divine Feather Sect Sect Master competitor!

„Um, observed closely him to be OK, does not need any movement, all waited for me to come back to say again.” Nie Li said.

„Yes, I understand.” Long Yuyin nodded earnestly. To be continued.

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