Probably after more than half double-hour, Long Yuyin and two women fell in a piece of wooded mountain.

„Great distance pursues soul fragrant smell, finished to here!” Long Yuyin wrinkled the brow, looks into the distance toward all around, which also has the Nie Li trace!

„Is it possible that the uncle had discovered his great distance does pursue the soul to be fragrant?” And a woman said.

Long Yuyin silent moment, truly by the Nie Li keen sensation, perhaps already had realized great distance pursues the soul to be fragrant. Long Yuyin resentfully stamped the feet: „No matter what, I must find him!”

Long Yuyin jumps to graze to go, two women look at each other, followed quickly.

Also moment, several people graze to come, lead unexpectedly is Li Yufeng, in addition two wear a mask Expert, does not know that is what origin, as well as three Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

„Long Yuyin and did that two young married women walk toward here?” Li Yufeng wrinkled the brow.

Nearby Heavenly Axis Realm Expert hurried nod should say: „I just noticed that they stayed the moment in here, afterward in that direction!”

Li Yufeng stared at one toward the distant place, looked around two to wear a mask Expert, asked: „They walked in that direction, does not know that what to do two do prepare?”

„This does not need Master Li Yufeng to be worried, they give us to process can, we went back to report report, Master Li Yufeng met again!” And wore a mask Expert to arch has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say.
Whiz whiz, two wear a mask Expert to change to the time to graze to go.

These two wear a mask Expert, unexpectedly is existences of Dao of Dragon Realm!

Looks that two wear a mask Expert to go far away, side these Heavenly Axis Realm Expert then recover.

„Young master, what origin are these two people?” Nearby Heavenly Axis Realm Expert opens the mouth to ask.

Li Yufeng coldly has swept a nearby subordinate, the sinking sound track: „Is this you should ask?”

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert hurries to kneel down, terrified -ly said: „Young master forgives, was I talks too much!”

„Gets up, later something, should not ask do not ask!” Li Yufeng deeply looked at one toward the distant place.

Ashen Flames Family and Dragon Seal Family are existence of level, similarly is first in order successor of family. He under strongest master also has Heavenly Axis Realm. Generally Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, sufficiently was in the family the elder or consecration position.

Expert of this rank, the successor of family, generally also is very difficult to transfer.

Long Tianming subordinate. Unexpectedly two Dao of Dragon Realm Expert!

Moreover contacts, Li Yufeng discovered that Long Tianming also hid the strength!

Li Yufeng cannot help but somewhat is at heart agitated, although these days he has replied on the Long Tianming strength, but he does not want to become the Long Tianming puppet. By his arrogant disposition, is not willing to handle such matter decidedly. However he discovered that influence that he controls at present, with Long Tianming completely is not a level!

It is not willing to lower the head, actually has to lower the head, Li Yufeng at heart can be imagined depressed.

Does not know how Long Tianming prepares to deal with the Long Yuyin three people, in the Li Yufeng eye pupil flashes through together the none remaining, he looked at side one crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, said: „We walk!”

„Yes!” Nearby Heavenly Axis Realm Expert should say.

One group of people jump to graze to go.

Endless Wasteland Border.

The endless wilderness of Royal Court distant place looks that sees only the vast loess. That is barren lands, without the growth of any plant.

When the gale gets up, loess everywhere.

For several thousand years, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race has lived in distress in this loess world, strove for saving on the endless wilderness difficultly.

Once, the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race ancestor, was one stands in certainly the character of summit, even can with Sage Emperor one high, but finally Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race that ancestor by the Sage Emperor suppression in the endless wilderness, all Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race descendants has been regarded as the threat. Forever was prohibited in this piece of endless wilderness.

As long as Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race wants to tread endless wilderness one step, must be low their noble heads, becomes others' servant!

This is Sage Emperor to the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race endless shame!

This to many Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert, the matter that is unable to accept. Many Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race rather die, is not willing to tread the endless wilderness. But also some Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansmen, had no recourse to leave the endless wilderness, but after they left the endless wilderness, was enslaved, some lived to might as well die.

Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race from population several billions huge races. Slowly finally declines to only the remaining several million people, barely manages to maintain a feeble existence in the endless wilderness, every year still leaves in unceasingly some people, or dies, either the humiliation left the endless wilderness.

However the great strength of Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race is without a doubt, in Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race is weakest, is Dao of Dragon Realm Expert!

The small town of endless wilderness border region, here a babel of voices, catches up with the merchant who from each place, stops over here.

In the endless wilderness does not have any resources, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race some clansmen became the servants, after having received in exchange for massive Spiritual Stone, these Spiritual Stone purchase the grain from outside, supports the clansman.

Using this way, these for several hundred years, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race maintained the population no longer to drop finally.

However every year has at least several hundred Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert forever to leave Endless Desert, slave who became urged.

Dao of Dragon Realm First Level Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert, its price at least in three ten thousand Spiritual Stone above, Second Level wants expensive over two times, Third Level is more expensive. Only the these specially rich aristocrat, can have Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert to be the slave.

As a result of the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert master and servant contract, is Sage Emperor establishes, Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert indestructibly master and servant contract, therefore Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race, once becomes the retinue, passive obedience, even if makes him die, he will not wrinkle the brow.

Because of this point, the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race slave specially is preferred.

Nie Li is walking on the small town street, communication besides wearing beside the merchant of brocade clothes, many skin and bones Tianyuan clansmen.

Although a Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert selling price, has achieved three ten thousand Spiritual Stone above, but transports from each region to the here grain, sold the extremely high price, the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansmen, can only receive in exchange for some grain reluctantly, mixed the warm and sufficient condition.

Nie Li is walking, will look all around surroundings, here should have sells the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert merchant to be right!

So long as found these to sell the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert merchant, that was then twice the result with half the effort.

Nie Li wears the cape, is walking extremely low-key, walks, the distant place transmits suddenly clamors with the noise, the stream of people gathered the past toward that side.

„Does not know that what happened?” Nie Li wrinkled the brow, has thought that steps out to follow the stream of people to walk toward front.( To be continued.)

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