Gu Bei knows that this Gu Clan, threatens in a big way to him, is not Gu Heng, but is three elder Gu Yu!

Gu Heng is Gu Yu promotes a board game piece that the onstage comes, but this board game piece discarded now!

Gu Heng is absentminded.

After Gu Bei coldly looked at Gu Heng, has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Gu Tianlong, Gu Ya et al. slightly.

, Gu Clan had the change the news to disseminate quickly.

In Long Tianming secret room.

Knew after this news, the Long Tianming violent anger is incomparable.

„Gu Heng this garbage, garbage, garbage!” Long Tianming roared angrily, he was preparing to some Gu Heng Spiritual Stone, letting Gu Heng can divert Gu Bei Demon Alliance, but now, Gu Heng was closed the confinement, all these were out of the question radically.

Perhaps the Gu Heng influence, soon will be incorporated by Demon Alliance.

Stands in the Gu Clan angle, the influence that Gu Heng establishes, after is Gu Clan part, will not hand over in the manpower of other families easily!

Gu Clan here situation had not been controlled completely, but in Dragon Seal Family, the Long Yuyin influence also rises quickly. That side Ashen Flames Family, relates close Sky Alliance with Demon Alliance, is expanding crazily.

Even if Long Tianming, felt the enormous threat!

Rising of these three influences, have aimed at a person, that is Nie Li!

Nie Li is living, making Long Tianming think to sleep on pins and needles.

Since Nie Li continuously hidden in secretly, but this made Long Tianming feel a bigger threat on the contrary.

Now Gu Heng this board game piece was discarded, that can only come fight!

Long Tianming narrowed the eye slightly, in the eye pupil has flashed through wisp of ominous light, Nie Li surprises him a little, really had the ability, was that is also what kind. He will make Nie Li understand, the Divine Feather Sect pattern, is not a Nie Li person can change!

Nie Li hides in the place bottom shortly. Outside that grand Ghost Temple, just likes the illusion bubble is then ordinary. Vanished without the trace.

But accumulation in the Ghost Temple surrounding person, reluctantly diverges.

The Nie Li thought moves, comes out from Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, leaps suddenly, leaps the body from earth, then has taken back in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting Soul Sea.

Xiao Yu is still practicing, that makes Xiao Yu continue to stay in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Has moved the physique, now is the Heavenly Star Realm peak. Had the one pace from Heavenly Axis Realm, this feeling was very good.

Nie Li grazes in the Divine Feather Sect direction.

Divine Feather Sect.

„Nie Li, you came back finally!” Saw Nie Li, Liu Piao has beaten the chest of Nie Li excitedly, although Nie Li Fate Soul has kept in Soul Hall, but Liu Piao was Nie Li is being unavoidably also worried.

Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile: „Delays outside.” Did not have to say anything again, outside these experiences, were a long story.

Gu Bei appears mood quite good appearance, said with a smile: „ You not in these days, Gu Heng was punished the confinement 30 years

. His influence under had taken over control of by me. ”

The Nie Li eyebrow selects, although he has this psychology to prepare, but has not thought that Gu Bei is so competent. Unexpectedly how quickly Gu Heng chasing off the stage.

„The Gu Heng buttocks are unclean, in this situation also wants instead to nip my one unexpectedly! Moreover elder who he becomes friends with, is the people with no mind of his own of leaning both ways.” Gu Bei smiled to say.

„Um, on the day of Gu Heng will sooner or later have, this as I expected.” Nie Li nodded to say.

Gu Bei has thought of anything suddenly, said: „Heard that Long Tianming outside Train, obtained many treasures and Spiritual Stone fine gold and so on thing, enough value 5,000,000-6,000,000 Spiritual Stone, now wantonly expansion influence! It is estimated that he felt the threat from us!”

Hears the Gu Bei words. Nie Li has dept frown.

This seriously is a strange matter!

Long Tianming the place of Train risk, should be Ghost Temple these days right! Long Tianming was guided to approach that side hall. Should anything not harvest is right! Even if has harvested, XuanMing Deity and Fire Demon Prince entire have blocked Ghost Temple. Long Tianming can come back, treasure will also search for cleanly! Not having the truth can bring the value 5,000,000-6,000,000 Spiritual Stone treasures to come back!

Among this, surely some fishy!

Previous generation time, Nie Li always thought that Long Tianming this person a little does not suit, entire Divine Feather Sect disintegrates, finally obtains benefits, has Long Tianming one person, thus it can be seen the depth of this person of plans.
Moreover, the light by a Long Tianming person of strength, cannot make such matter absolutely!

Is it possible that does Long Tianming have some involvement with the Demon God Sect person?

If so, that can explain that Long Tianming can leave from Ghost Temple safely, and obtained such many treasures!

„If Long Tianming so many Spiritual Stone, we in the financial resource, only feared that is hard to put together him, recently, he is gathering the master wantonly!” Gu Bei wrinkled the brow to say.

„Our three big influence alliances, do not believe not to do Long Tianming!” Liu Piao curled the lip saying that Long Tianming is the financial resource is also abundant.

„You have thought mistakenly, Long Tianming manages these many years, the influence that he controls, only feared that adds to be much more formidable than our Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance.” Gu Bei shook the head to say.

„Wealth, you do not need to be worried actually that I and others to you Spiritual Stone, you will snatch the human with Long Tianming surely is, if insufficient, my here also has!” Nie Li said calmly.

„11 surely Spiritual Stone?” The Liu Piao gaze delay looks at Nie Li, these days, he understood what concept surely Spiritual Stone is, that is a huge wealth! Where does Nie Li make these many Spiritual Stone?

At this time Gu Bei was also scared, he knows that Nie Li has many Spiritual Stone, but has not thought from the start will have these many, Spiritual Stone, is surely mediocre to Nie Li!

Had surely Spiritual Stone, but why also fears Long Tianming? Long Tianming must snatch the human, that with him compared with whose initial price tall Bian!

„The Demon Alliance matter gave you!” Nie Li looked that said to Gu Bei and Liu Piao, he must grasp the time practice, in addition must investigate the Long Tianming details, wants to kill Long Tianming, the frontage resistance is not necessarily able good, if can catch Long Tianming some handles, that matter is easier to do.

„Relax, so many Spiritual Stone, if could not have completed, we simply kill to consider as finished.” Gu Bei said self-confidently that after such a long time Train, the lots has understood clearly Yu Xiong, he also more and more had makings of leader.

Hears the Gu Bei words, Nie Li is smiling nodding the head, vaguely, as if saw previous generation that Gu Bei, a person of sword, startled certainly colorful.

This, Gu Bei under his help, decides however can achieve a higher achievement!( To be continued.)

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