Li Yufeng continued to look for other Artifact.

Nie Li also in keeping looking around, gaze has swept that Ling jade various Armor goods everywhere, fell in a Rank 6 Artifact silver month blade.

„Also buys a weapon while convenient for the Hangyun brother!” Nie Li smiled, said to nearby Cai Die that „the Cai Die girl, please help me take down that.”

„This is the Rank 6 Artifact silver month blade, price almost five ten thousand Spiritual Stone about!” Cai Die took the silver month blade on rack, smiles saying that abandons scary that negotiates did not discuss, Nie Li goes shopping is very refreshed, does not go shopping like many people must rub gently for a long time

„Three ten thousand do Spiritual Stone, sell, so long as Cai Die girl a few words.” Nie Li smiles to say tranquilly.

Cai Die looked like damn was staring Nie Li, this Rank 6 Artifact silver month blade, the psychological bottom line was almost three ten thousand Spiritual Stone about, nothing was not bad! Initial price five ten thousand Spiritual Stone, she also thinks the Nie Li direct half booklet will offer a very low price, she categorically will definitely reject, but has not thought that Nie Li shouted directly in the base price.

Rejection? Doesn't do business? Deal words, was the base price finalized exactly, earned not many, but some gained after all.

Had Spiritual Stone, their Heavenly Treasure Pavilion can go to the god artisan pavilion to buy many Artifact.

Thinks that the Cai Die pain says with a smile reluctantly: „Mr. Nie Li the intelligent eyes such as the torch and extremely intelligent, three ten thousand Spiritual Stone finalized!”

Nie Li smiles lightly, this kind of Artifact sells probably 27,000 thousand Spiritual Stone in the god artisan pavilion about, deducts travel expense and other costs, selling quotation three ten thousand Heavenly Treasure Pavilion some have gained absolutely, naturally, if must shout that lower price Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will not accept, because such did not have any profit.

Li Hangyun and Gu Bei a little were speechless. According to the Cai Die expression, they can feel approximately that Nie Li shouted absolutely in very low price, it seems like later went shopping must take Nie Li, this may has saved a lot of money.

„Cai Die girl. How does that wrap Rank 6 Artifact dark clouds Armor to sell?” Nie Li looked that asked to Cai Die.

„Son opens a price, if, that sold to the son.” Cai Die has thought that simply non- initial price, if continues the initial price, was known some Heavenly Treasure Pavilion big profits on the contrary. She wants to have a look, Nie Li specially is skilled to the Artifact price.

„Arm protector, chest Armour, hand guard, shinguard and waistband add, 13 ten thousand Spiritual Stone.” Nie Li has thought slightly said.

Cai Die looks at Nie Li speechless, a moment later, nodded saying: „That 13 ten thousand Spiritual Stone!” She also has anything to say!

These many things. The Nie Li initial price only misses five thousand Spiritual Stone from the base price unexpectedly, actually this is any monstruous talent! This time bumps into the expert!

However Nie Li goes shopping also is really refreshed, several 200,000 Spiritual Stone wink does not wink.

Cai Die continues to inquire that Nie Li said: „What does son also need?”

„That wraps Armor, 12 ten thousand Spiritual Stone! That wrap, 125,000 thousand Spiritual Stone! That wrap, 135,000 thousand Spiritual Stone!” Nie Li has referred to here, has referred to that side.

„These many, did the sons want?” Cai Die has gawked staring. She then discovered that the thing of Nie Li purchase, the total price has been the extremely astonishing degree.

„Um.” Nie Li nodded to say. „These wrap first, other I look again slowly!”

„Good.” Cai Die appears a little excited appearance.

Serves these sons of upper-class family in here, they sell a thing every time, can obtain dozens even several hundred Spiritual Stone rewards, Nie Li these trades, she at least can attain over a thousand Spiritual Stone. How can not be excited.

The distant place with Li Yufeng sits together Miss Wu Die looks at excited excited Cai Die, went bad at heart depressed. She has recommended for quite a while in here with Li Yufeng, but also has not sold. That side Cai Die came shortly, to sell the so many thing, sold compared with her several years must.

Haven't one run into such one group of wealthy people?

Wu Die looked at Li Yufeng, was at heart depressed, appeared the interest is a little dull, this Li Yufeng this did not want that not to be good, but also went all out to offer a very low price, actually wants to buy?

Li Yufeng was also awkward, oneself linked has been choosing several, wanted to offer a very low price with Nie Li same, but by Wu Die overruling, here thing each was very expensive, he must consider again and again one to be good

! But sees not far away, Nie Li keeps buying this to buy that he was depressed.

Even if the characters of some Divine Feather Sect remote antiquity elder ranks, doesn't have Nie Li to be so rich?

What he does not know, although has spent 60 ten thousand Spiritual Stone, but this to Nie Li, actually also mediocre, Nie Li on hand also over a million Spiritual Stone, moreover in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting will have the continuous Spiritual Stone production in the future.

Cai Die has turned the head then to discover that her here Rank 6 Artifact had been bought 60%-70% by Nie Li.

This is the genuine person of great wealth! The one breath has spent 60 ten thousand Spiritual Stone!

Li Yufeng gaze is staring at Nie Li, he was guessing, Nie Li was any character, what role has played in Sky Alliance, the relations with Li Hangyun was what kind.

This kind of person keeps the Li Hangyun side, really made him sleep on pins and needles!

Continues to get down in here dull, feels ashamed, Li Yufeng has stood.

„Did Young Master Li prepare to walk?” Wu Die looks to Li Yufeng, Li Yufeng has not bought! Although is very at heart depressed, but very much has the polite -ly said, „looks like our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion this batch of thing Young Master Li cannot have a liking, when will have the new product next time, we send for informing Young Master Li again!”

On the Li Yufeng face a little feels hot, which his cannot have a liking, clearly cannot afford!

„Good, I said goodbye first!” Li Yufeng arched to Wu Die has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying that coldly has swept one Nie Li four people, then has taken back gaze.

Li Yufeng has drawn back.

„Li Yufeng this person is petty, later you must be careful!” Li Hangyun looks at the back that Li Yufeng departs, opens the mouth saying that recalled past years's all sorts of matters, he has gotten hold of the fist slightly.

„Um.” Nie Li nodded, celebrating a holiday between his very clear Li Hangyun and Li Yufeng.

Has purchased these many things, everyone divided to one set of Armor, Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Li Hangyun has attained a weapon while convenient, but Nie Li, then has not purchased any weapon completely, because he had Thunder God Meteorite Sword.

Thunder God Meteorite Sword along with the promotion of Nie Li strength, the might constantly will strengthen, present Thunder God Meteorite Sword, has been able to display not to be inferior in the Rank 7 Artifact might, therefore Nie Li definitely does not need to purchase new attack Artifact.

One group of people harvest many, comes out from Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

„Had this set of Armor, bumps into Heavenly Axis Realm Expert in Greater World, does not have anything to be good to fear!” Liu Piao excited -ly said, because he discovered that his fire falls Armor, once were attacked, will form a formidable protection strength, protects his whole body.

Even if cannot hit Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, wants to escape is very simple!

Puts on Armor, wears one set of ordinary clothes again, completely could not look.

Although has worn the coat, no matter Liu Piao, Gu Bei or Li Hangyun, felt that sporty, after all this is the Rank 6 Artifact coverall of one set, the wear one type the feeling of raising the air/Qi! Several people chin up and chest out. ( to be continued )

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