In Nie Li Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting everywhere float Deity’s Lake, each low status Deity’s Lake one month can produce is equal to about ten thousand Spiritual Stone, as for a that only medium Deity’s Lake output is astonishing, one month can produce 150.000 - 160.000 Spiritual Stone, over a hundred Spiritual Stone essence.

So long as puts out some odd changes, enough supplied Gu Bei more than 3000 people under.

Therefore Nie Li has confessed Gu Bei, the person better and better, can receive many to receive many, him can raise in any case.

Gu Bei more than 3000 people, although the strength is not much, but there is Nie Li the massive Spiritual Stone supplies, practices naturally to be much quicker than these ordinary Divine Feather Sect disciples.

Regarding other people, one month, the Gu Bei influence expanded so the degree, a little was too scary.

In other institute in Heavenly Soul Institute, several people gathered at one.

In the middle of these people have Gu Heng, Murong Yu et al., in addition has dozens the eldest children of influences.

Gu Heng gaze sweeps to the people, said: „Goal that you convene, you also knew, Demon Alliance that Gu Bei that boy establishes, such short time has recruited more than 3000 people, if not suppress the development of Demon Alliance, when the time comes in Heavenly Soul Institute, did not have our rights to speak again.”

„The Gu Heng Boss, we consider as finished, the light is now, Gu Bei that boy must disburse hundreds of thousands Spiritual Stone every month, it is estimated that was also very difficult to expand! Expands again, how many Spiritual Stone every month can consume? Soon, can they dismiss voluntarily?”

„I also thought that one month hundreds of thousands Spiritual Stone, that is not the small number! How can Gu Bei that boy pay?”

These influences almost thought that plays like Gu Bei, sooner or later will unable to play, when the time comes has no need for them getting rid, Demon Alliance voluntarily dismissed.

Gu Heng coldly sweeps to the people, the sinking sound track: „You think that was completely mistaken. I heard Demon Alliance, not only has not stopped hiring, but also is increasing enrollment wantonly. So long as is above 2 Fate Realm, they receive.”

„How is this possible?” Several eldest children frown to say.

„I investigated, but also is really so!” The Murong Yu sinking sound said that „does not know where they do so many Spiritual Stone. Currently speaking, sign that their Spiritual Stone have not dried up. Gu Bei that boy has used up close 40 ten thousand Spiritual Stone in an auction! I estimated that they may be attained the antiquity to be able greatly the buried treasure, can therefore so spend freely!”

The antiquity can greatly buried treasure?

Hears the Murong Yu words, the eldest children eye of each influence has shone.

Was a pity, even if Gu Bei et al. attained any antiquity to be able greatly buried treasure. Also will not bring to go to Greater World absolutely, they want to take, is almost the is impossible matter.

Murong Yu swept an expression of people, the corners of the mouth passed over gently and swiftly wipes the smiling face, said: „If they do have continuously Spiritual Stone really? The Demon Alliance such high treatment, will definitely make your people under be also ready to make trouble, are they also when the time comes willing to work oneself to death to you like before? Can you like Demon Alliance, give that high condition?”

Good that „ Murong Yu said that Demon Alliance in destruction rule, if makes them continue to do. The Gu Bei itself talent is outstanding, in the future day, if sits Gu Clan the position of Patriarch again, when the time comes we must play!” The Gu Heng sinking sound said that looked to the people, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly a cut-throat ray, „my some ideas, had a person's support, Demon Alliance have not walked away, but must invite coordination help is!”

„The Gu Heng Boss please say!” Each Boss of influence cups one hand in the other across the chest to say.

Although does not know that person who Gu Heng said who is, but can make Gu Heng so esteem. Should not be very simple.

„All of us join up, the population that can transfer, has achieved close 15.000 - 16.000 , can absolutely crush Demon Alliance. Has not developed to threaten us while Demon Alliance now, chokes to death it thoroughly in the cradle!” On the Gu Heng face flashes through wipes the fierce color.

The eldest children surface of numerous influence presently the color of hesitation.

„The Gu Heng Boss, now Gu Bei is first in order successor of Gu, we can understand your mood. However we are different from you, we do not dare to offend the successor of Gu with no reason at all!”

These people can form the influence in Greater World. Is the astute person, Gu Heng wants to cope with Gu Bei with the aid of their strengths, naturally to compete for Patriarch of Gu, now Gu Heng in the sign that in Gu a little falls into disfavor, they do not want to be involved in this swirl themselves.

In the Gu Heng eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly cold brightness, he understands that these people not cannot benefit early, his sinking sound said: „This matter does not concern my benefit, if makes Demon Alliance continue to develop, you do not have the auspicious day, today on the scene, is the people on one's own side, so long as you are willing to help me extinguish Demon Alliance this threat, I can the true words Secret Art transcribe that gives to you!”

Hears the Gu Heng words, the eldest children broadminded hearts of these influences are startled.

„What the Gu Heng Boss said is really?”

„Good.” Gu Heng nodded saying that „eye for an eye cannot take back!”

„Good, I did!”

„I also did!” The eldest children of influence should say in abundance.

The true words Secret Art is Gu Clan not the secret of passing on, it is said only then talent most Extraordinary several talent later generations can learn, this is not the secret of passing on, once the to divulge to an outsider, must by the Gu Clan cleaning up gateway. Has not thought that Gu Heng is willing to take the true words Secret Art as the price unexpectedly!

Looked at these people, in the Gu Heng eye has flashed through cold glow, in order to transfers these people to help him, he gave fully the bait. As for true words Secret Art, joke, his Gu Heng possibly true words Secret Art to divulge to an outsider? When the time comes makes the share false to them, they cannot look, they have not seen the true true words Secret Art in any case.

Let Gu Heng put out the really gold silver is is impossible, this bait can let him not only does not need to pay any price, and can serve the purpose.

„The Gu Heng Boss, you draws up a document, we also well trust some!” Has a person to propose.

„I can write the written agreement, but I will get up with a Inscription Pattern method seal the written agreement, when the time you are taking the written agreement of seal, we de-archive again together!” Gu Heng has thought said that his naturally has own calculation at heart.

„Good!” The eldest children of influence look at each other, nods assent. So long as there is a Gu Heng handle in hand, they do not need to be worried.

In fact they also understood, Demon Alliance truly is a very big threat, will otherwise not come here to discuss the countermeasure with Gu Heng, Murong Yu et al., reason that they install careless, but is wish makes Gu Heng put out some advantage.

Acts shamelessly as for Gu Heng, they have the method of balance, Gu Heng, if dismantles the bridge after crossing, their these many people do anything, perhaps Gu Heng cannot hold on to your hat including the position of Gu successor.

However to Gu Heng, the following matter is ready to cope with anything to resist by whatever means available, now first does to say Gu Bei again, no matter he so many.

, Gu Heng starts to assemble each influence quickly Expert, prepared to Demon Alliance fight, 15.000 - 16.000 Expert, made Demon Alliance unable to survive in Heavenly Soul Institute nearby Greater World sufficiently completely.

Crowds of Expert left Heavenly Soul Institute, starts to go to Greater World.

Floats above spatial Deity’s Lake, this Deity’s Lake is also close depletion condition, but has not made Nie Li gather God Root with enough time, therefore became Gu Bei et al. the temporary footholds, here is stationed in the Demon Alliance more than 1000 people, other people went to Greater World to hunt and kill Demon Beast.

Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. are training the new person who these just joined, does not have custom not Cheng Fangyuan, has the strict discipline, has the battle efficiency. In how the imperial under aspect, Li Hangyun taught them to be many.

At this moment, Heng Yan grazes to come, his body is also wounded, just experienced a frigid war likely.

„Master Bei, our had been ambushed, died more than 100 individuals.” Heng Yan is panting for breath in gulps, on his face appears the color of pain, the chest place also dripping with blood.

„This is the efficacious medicine of therapy, a bit faster ate.” Gu Bei threw compounded drug to give Heng Yan, the sinking sound asks, „talked clearly exactly what happened!”

Heng Yan swallows efficacious medicine of that therapy, gasped for breath saying: „We have encountered ambush of one crowd of Expert, the opposite party is the Heavenly Star rank, we cannot hit, only then I ran.”

One crowd of Heavenly Star Expert?

Gu Bei wrinkled the brow, has with them has celebrated a holiday, was Gu Heng and Murong Yu these people. But the suppression Demon Alliance motive is biggest, was Gu Heng!

Gu Heng could not bear fight finally!

„Sends for recruiting the remaining people, we withdraw Heavenly Soul Institute first!” Gu Bei thinks saying that by their current influences, wants to contend with Gu Heng, was too difficult.

When the Gu Bei preparation brings the human evacuates, in the sky of distant place, presented the dense and numerous sunspots, formidable Aura head on.

Enough more than 10,000 people surround the Demon Alliance person thoroughly, lead person Gu Heng.

„The Gu Bei younger male cousin, we do not see for a long time.” Gu Heng plunders to be away from Gu Bei, only then hundred meters remote, looked that said to Gu Bei.

Gu Bei looks at Gu Heng tranquilly, said: „The Gu Heng male cousin has been well since last meeting, you lead these many people to come to see me, won't want to greet with me is so simple?”

„I come to want with the Gu Bei younger male cousin to discuss a matter.” In Gu Heng gaze is leading cold Ao, looked that said to Gu Bei.

„What matter? Hope Wen Qixiang!” Gu Bei has swept around one, the person who Gu Heng brings were too many, the words that wants to walk are not perhaps simple, today feared Demon Alliance all people unable to leave.

„If the Gu Bei younger male cousin is willing to withdraw from competition of Patriarch, and dismisses Demon Alliance, I can not count the past animosity, in the future will control Gu with the Gu Bei younger male cousin together, how?” Gu Heng slightly is narrowing the eye tiny, looked that said to Gu Bei.

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