One second remembers 【】, Provides splendid novel reading for you. Nie Li jumped to plunder a martial arts contest stage, Murong Yu also to graze.

The people focused gaze on the martial arts contest stage.

Without doubt, fight between Nie Li and Murong Yu, is most noticeable.

One is on the first talent, one is this first talent, moreover between Nie Li and Murong Yu, as if have the long hatred.

However in their opinion, Nie Li challenges Murong Yu, has overreached oneself, after all the Realm level missed is not the tiny bit. Murong Yu has practiced after all the so many year compared with Nie Li!

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai look at each other.

„Nie Li challenges Murong Yu unexpectedly on own initiative, was really too bold.” Huang Yu said.

„Young people, are unavoidably supercilious!” Nanmen Tianhai has heaved a deep sigh.

They do not favor Nie Li, after all has missed one, was unable to defeat Li Hangyun like Murong Yu to the present. 】

Murong Yu looks at Nie Li, said gloomily: „Now unexpectedly dares to challenge me, in others eyes, you are a talent, but in my Murong Yu eye, your actually anything is not, the previous time was I am negligent, making you run away, this time I must step on your head on the ground, then stepped on maliciously explodes, making you know that must respect the fellow apprentice!”

On Murong Yu, erupts a formidable imposing manner, has formed a formidable airing in the body week.

Although the Murong Yu strength has achieved 6 Fate Realm, but Nie Li only then 4 Fate Realm, but Murong Yu wants in the imposing manner on direct pressing Nie Li, is unlikely.

Although has 4 Fate Realm, but Nie Li real strength actually far and away continues.

However Nie Li has not actually erupted any imposing manner, but looks at Murong Yu tranquilly. No matter how Murong Yu tries to enrage him, or wants to attack his self-confidence with some method, Nie Li completely has not actually paid attention to Murong Yu.

Because of Murong Yu with him, at is not existence of level!

„Said these many idle talk, can start?” Nie Li looks at Murong Yu, said that the poor business conditions said lightly.

Murong Yu tries to enrage Nie Li, has not actually thought that Nie Li completely disregards his words. Made him as if fight with the fists in the vacancy.

„Snort, extremely arrogant!” The Murong Yu right hand wields, together bracing cold toward the Nie Li lasing.


The bracing cold changes to together the time.

Saw that this bracing cold must hit Nie Li, the Nie Li body vanishes suddenly.

Strikes to fail.

The Murong Yu pupil contracts slightly. coldly snort: „Is this move!” His gaze looks around for the Nie Li trail.

At this moment, Nie Li emerges out of thin air suddenly, the cold brightness cuts together toward the neck of Murong Yu.

„Snort, was too slow!” The Murong Yu double fist concentrate, an incomparably intrepid fist vigor goes toward the Nie Li chest bang.

In the fist vigor has been full of the rupturing strength. Makes a debut a electric light with the air friction eruption.


Discovered that Murong Yu knocks out the fist, Nie Li does not have any stop, still cuts toward the neck of Murong Yu.

Does method that Nie Li wants unexpectedly with fighting tooth and nail, perish together with him? How Murong Yu will make Nie Li achieve wishes, one side of the personal appearance, has shunted the attack of Nie Li, the fist by one crazy fierce incomparable strength, goes toward the Nie Li chest bang.

If Nie Li is intimate this fist, that must die surely without doubt!

The person who outside surrounds has all turned very quiet, this strikes is unable to fend. Really the Nie Li strength missed with Murong Yu far.

Only listens to the bang of bang, a Murong Yu fist bombardment in the Nie Li chest place, the strength of counter- shaking but immediately, on the fist transmits made him feel suddenly was not a little wonderful.

It is not right!

This fist gets down, Murong Yu felt that the strength of that terrifying counter- shaking be continuous unceasingly, almost directly discards his arm.

Has not waited for Murong Yu to have any response, Nie Li suddenly changed the human shape, held the arm of Murong Yu, Murong Yu has flung with the aid of the strength that instead shook fiercely, looked like throws the sandbag to be ordinary. Has flung a bang in the sky in the ground.


The severe pain on Murong Yu arm has not stopped, layer on layer was brandished in the ground, pounds seven meat eight elements directly.

This outcome what's the matter?

Strength that Nie Li uses, at most is only 3 Fate Realm. But why unexpectedly can mobilize his strength? Moreover why his fist bang in the chest of Nie Li, not only has not injured to arrive at Nie Li, instead received the strength of so formidable counter- shaking?

Murong Yu has not thought yes what's the matter, Nie Li like is carries the sandbag to fling him airborne, pounds again maliciously on the ground.


Murong Yu felt that the internal organs of whole body must blast open.

Murong Yu has not responded that Nie Li brandished once more him airborne. Magnificent to dazzling Lian Zhao, has projected on Murong Yu airborne, has projected on the ground again.

Bang bang bang!

Attacks falls on the body of Murong Yu continuous.

Copes with Murong Yu, Nie Li had not used the complete strength, because in his opinion, does not need completely!

Looks at this, all person suddenly not real feelings of surrounding, this outcome what's the matter? Is the person who how hit unexpectedly Murong Yu?

Properly speaking the Murong Yu strength should be right above Nie Li! But why doesn't Murong Yu have the strength to hit back under the attack of Nie Li? Why the attack of Murong Yu falls on the body of Nie Li, actually what matter?

Looked Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai that only has problems look at each other in blank diamay.

„Is Nie Li this boy cheats?” Huang Yu looked that asked to Nanmen Tianhai.

„Should not calculate, before after all us, said does not limit any method!” Nanmen Tianhai smiles bitterly was saying.

„Goes too far!” Murong Yu by one after another beating savagely, several times was wanted to counter-attack Nie Li, but the fist vigor attack on the body of Nie Li, actually received the strength of more formidable counter- shaking, is unable to cause any damage to Nie Li, his angrily low roar, the skin of whole body pan- the blood red of difference.


Boundless strengths are centered on Murong Yu erupted.

His back opened a pair of giant Scarlet-red wing suddenly, the body changed to a great hawk, the military might was imposing.

„Day, unexpectedly is Saint Blood Dragonhawk!”

„Is Extraordinary level growth rate Saint Blood Dragonhawk!”

Saint Blood Dragonhawk is in Dragonhawk most peak one of the several varieties, may be called the emperor's clan in Dragonhawk, moreover Extraordinary level growth rate Saint Blood Dragonhawk, absolutely is extremely rare, does not know where Murong Yu from does.

„ Murong Yu is not willing to fuse Demon Spirit a moment ago, originally wants to hide the strength!”

„Saint Blood Dragonhawk, although is not God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, but also sufficiently ruled a region by force! Is next to God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit most formidable existence!”

„Nie Li compelled Murong Yu to fuse Demon Spirit unexpectedly!”

Murong Yu both eyes blood red, he flies high to float in the sky, that giant Scarlet-red blood wing is fanning slowly, every time fans, erupts astonishing strengths.

„I do not want to fuse Demon Spirit, this is you compels my! Then, I must kill you thoroughly!” Murong Yu erupted formidable Aura, the body week forms a fire saying that the boundless blazing strength covered in his whole body, resembled to all destroy general.

The strengths of burning hots, are ordinary just like the difficult situation, goes toward Nie Li turbulently.

Is feeling on the martial arts contest stage the strength of overflow, the surrounding these people changed the color, has not thought that Murong Yu to so the degree, it seems like that the place of Murong Yu, early should proceed to move unexpectedly formidable again.

In the face of this formidable strength, the Nie Li step on step on step on has drawn back several steps, looks up toward Murong Yu, Murong Yu has not hidden contraband finally again, has shown all strengths.( To be continued.) The mobile phone user please glance over. Reading, higher-quality reading experience.

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