Sneaks in Nie Li Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in this red red glow not long.


The landslide cracks in the earth bang transmits.

Entire void has the sign of avalanche, a boundless strength seeped Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Felt that this formidable strength, the Nie Li eyebrow selects, unexpectedly is Expert of Martial Ancestor level.

Outside thousand imaginary ** was broken, will bring in the Martial Ancestor level surely Expert!

In the Nie Li heart moves, looked that said to Xiao Yu: „Enters in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting!”

Xiao Yu a little has doubts, Nie Li space, but can also enter the living creature to be inadequate, she has not listened to Nie Li to mention! Knows indistinctly Nie Li Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is very fierce, actually does not know that what function is.

The Nie Li right hand raises, Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting lets go, has attracted Xiao Yu.

„Must find the way to exit, otherwise the strength of monster blood sacrifice did not have!” Nie Li thinks saying that does not know in Ghost Temple also has the treasure of hideaway, Nie Li did not have the time to seek.

Thinks that Nie Li entered in the middle of stone rapidly, the preparation leaves, Shi Zhen approached collapsed, once Shi Zhen collapses, that Fire Demon Prince, Honored Thunder God , etc. will come out, that troubled.

Grazed entrance rapidly, Nie Li met with Yan Yang.

„I felt that this god palace is in the avalanche, this what's the matter?” Yan Yang sees Nie Li, stands inquiry to say.

„Is Expert of Martial Ancestor level, tries to break Ghost Temple knot, we must hurry!” Nie Li said that „I felt that Martial Ancestor level in Aura, there is a Demon Clan flavor, definitely is Demon God Sect Expert!”

Hears the Nie Li words, including the Yan Yang also somewhat surprise, actually Nie Li how to know that moreover unexpectedly can judge the opposite party is Demon God Sect Expert.

The body of Nie Li, has too many secrets, making one produce the infinite curiosity.

„I must live am returning to Divine Feather Sect, but also invited the Senior Brother Yan Yang many help!” Nie Li cups one hand in the other across the chest to say to Yan Yang.

„I do certainly everything possible!” Yan Yang nodded!

Two forms dash about wildly in the exit direction.

Probably a moment later. A spatial Spiritual Stone avalanche, was emptied the people of Spiritual Stone surrounding to be rescued rapidly.

Wu Yazi looked at void of distant place, looked at the road, he smiles bitterly. Wanted to plan Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the result has not thought that by Nie Li and Xiao Yu planning, afterward him has wanted to understand, Xiao Yu definitely had carried over Shi Zhen by Nie Li.

Does not know that Nie Li and Xiao Yu where, Wu Yazi thinks. Immediately grazes toward the exit, only then blocks the exit, can intercept Nie Li and Xiao Yu!

Fire Demon Prince looked up void of top of the head, in the eye pupil has revealed a happy expression, the master comes finally!

So long as there is a master, then no one want to carry over Ghost Temple the treasure!

Fire Demon Prince thinks, leads the troop troops to graze in the exit direction.

Has Honored Thunder God, knit the brows to ponder, plundered to the distant place endless void, he is still not willing to give up. Wants treasure that seeks for in Ghost Temple to hide!


Ties finally the avalanche, during a formidable strength searched to be void, starts treasure that searched for in Ghost Temple to hide.

By the XuanMing Deity strength, wanted to look everywhere entire Ghost Temple to be simple, he then discovered quickly Ghost Temple void deep place, one group of black roaring flame that hid.

„What thing is this?” XuanMing Deity congealing eyebrow ponder, by his experience, does not know unexpectedly this group of black fires are what origin, thinks. Perhaps, that is the treasure that Ghost Temple hides, he has explored the past toward that say (way) black fire the thought.

Contacts the flash of this group of black fires in his thought that XuanMing Deity sends out the sad and shrill pitiful yell.

„Who is dares to plot against me!”

Thought of XuanMing Deity by this group of black fire ignitions. Keeps burning, his left eye burnt the blazing black fire, felt that this black fire must be completely common his thought combustion, XuanMing Deity the brave soldier broke the wrist immediately, cut off this thought directly.


The thought of XuanMing Deity succeeds in giving up two sections, that cut off thought extinguishes under the combustion of black fire rapidly.

XuanMing Deity is panting for breath in gulps. He was angry, because although he simply, cut the thought decisively, had not been killed by this group of black fires, but the damage was quite serious.

From Heavenly Axis to Dao of Dragon, the 9 Fate normalizing, may be struck to kill anytime, but to the Martial Ancestor level, besides the 9 Fate normalizing, but also achieved the mortal body to rot, the state of mind normalizing, in other words, the Martial Ancestor level Expert soul was the body, the body is the soul, once the soul were burnt, thoroughly ended.

Only has to break through Martial Ancestor, achieves that Realm in fable, can call the god!

The XuanMing Deity soul was burnt half, Cultivation reduced greatly, he flies into a rage.

If he restores the present situation, at least self-torture 30 years!

30 years of Cultivation, vanishes into thin air one night, can he not be mad?

Searched for entire Ghost Temple, has not discovered a treasure unexpectedly! Is it possible that had the treasure in Ghost Temple, been taken?

XuanMing Deity stares at entire Ghost Temple, all people had been stranded by him in Ghost Temple, he will be will not make the human bring the treasure to leave decidedly!

The XuanMing Deity low and deep sound has resounded through entire Ghost Temple: „All people in this Ghost Temple, as long as wants to leave, must leave behind Interspatial Ring can walk, otherwise, kills without the amnesty!”

Entire Ghost Temple, besides the Demon God Sect person, another eight big Divine Sect people have, moreover there are much is the character of Holy Son Holy Maiden rank, although the XuanMing Deity strength is powerful, the status in Demon God Sect is aloof, actually does not dare to handle the matter all of a sudden certainly.

If slaughters the person in Ghost Temple completely, person who that offends were many!

The average people want to kill kill, but major Divine Sect Holy Son Holy Maiden, are does not dare to massacre decidedly easily. Although Demon God Sect can resist with all one's strength several Divine Sect, but if major Divine Sect Martial Ancestor Expert jointly cope with XuanMing Deity, perhaps Demon God Sect also can only provide the asylum at most slightly, the final trouble must be solved by him.

Moreover, he just black was burnt down 30 years of Cultivation by that is the weakest time!

The Ghost Temple exit, one crowd of Demon God Sect Expert defends outside Ghost Temple, they are cruel, the look is staring at the person who comes out from Ghost Temple with raw hate.

„This is my Interspatial Ring!” Divine Feather Sect Expert threw Interspatial Ring to these Demon God Sect people, in the eye pupil has flashed through color of the anger, then walked toward outside!

„Wait!” Several Demon God Sect Expert have blocked him.

„Thing gave you, do you also want to do?” That Divine Feather Sect Expert grief and indignation asked.

„Unexpectedly dares to harbor, does not want to live!” That several Demon God Sect Expert holds that Divine Feather Sect Expert, dug up up the clothes directly, inside two Artifact fell.



The blood splash, that Divine Feather Sect Expert was cut to kill by a sword.( To be continued.)


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