Groups of people have rushed side hall.()

And also has Long Tianming and Long Liu two people.

Everyone in Treasure Chest to side hall goes.

At this moment, does not know that was who has touched the trap, the bang of bang, Inscription Pattern method ruptured, changed to the ashes dozens Expert.

Whiz whiz whiz, said innumerably audiences Expert of chain of Inscription Pattern constitution in toward side hall locks.

Dozens personally were locked instantaneously in Inscription Pattern chain.

„Young master, be careful!” Long Liu keeps off before the body of Long Tianming, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouts, he tied up by Inscription Pattern chain, then pulls to fly.

Long Tianming looked at Long Liu, wrinkled the brow, retreat, this Inscription Pattern chain does not know rapidly is any thing, he does not dare to move easily, then stands is looking same place Long Liu was whirled away.

However dies a subordinate, moreover Long Liu can also again resurrect.

The Long Tianming gaze twinkle, it seems like wants to open these Treasure Chest, is not the simple matter.

At this time, beside Ghost Temple, one crowd the regiment comprised of several thousand Demon Clan Expert appears, what lead is one wears scarlet flame god Armour the youth, his whole body covers in the blazing flame, surroundings nobody dares to approach to being away from his three meters.

His whole body skin is red, in the foreheads was full of the stubborn makings, Heavenly Energy has formed the terror bloodshed in his body week, working off anger of that terror, suffocating.

„Fire Demon Prince, we have not verified thousand at present imaginary ** an outcome was opened by whom, more than 100 entrances of Ghost Temple main shrine, we had not found the fresh gate to be at!” Wear silver armor Demon Clan Expert said respectfully.
„Can open thousand imaginary **, this person is not very simple, the regiment that sends for behind the notice catching up with, encircles to me Ghost Temple, within a half hour completes the blockade, anybody cannot leave Ghost Temple! Who wants to leave forcefully, kills without the amnesty!” The Fire Demon Prince sinking sound said.


„All people with me together, enter Ghost Temple!” The Fire Demon Prince sinking sound said that took the lead in plundering Ghost Temple.

At this time in various side halls. Each Divine Sect Expert is competing for treasure, Skyblaze Sect Heavenly Axis Realm Expert snatched several treasures, was being chased down, ran away toward outside.

Fire Demon Prince coldly snort. Processions of lanterns curl toward that Skyblaze Sect Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert was said the procession of lanterns cling immediately, inescapable.

Fire Demon Prince coldly snort: „Day material treasure, those who are able occupy it.” His right hand empty grasps.

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert felt immediately procession of lanterns that terror the pressure of suffocation, he wanted to open this fetter innumerable, but his blazing strength looks like says the pintle surely. to bind enters his body.

Puff! Bang!

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert whole body blasting open.

His Interspatial Ring flies toward Fire Demon Prince.

Pursues dozens Expert behind that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to see this, the eyebrow is jumping crazily.

„Damn, how Fire Demon Prince came!”

Sees Fire Demon Prince, they fought for treasure the idea not to have, snatched the thing with Fire Demon Prince, that courted death simply!

Fire Demon Prince swept these people in distant place, coldly snort said: „This bumps into all the way, as long as is Human race six big Divine Sect, kills without the amnesty! All Demon God Sect, must inspect Interspatial Ring. As long as there are to harbor treasure, kills without the amnesty!”


Fire Demon Prince behind Demon Clan Expert should say with one voice.

Whiz whiz whiz, crowds of Demon Clan Expert flush away toward various side halls.

Fire Demon Prince one, the fights of various side halls turned the superheating immediately.

Fire Demon Prince stares at the main shrine in distant place, the sinking sound is asking: „Did several masters come?”

„Reply Holy Son, immediately!” Under respectful -ly said.

„After they came, immediately makes them calculate the Ghost Temple strategy, seeks for the fresh gate to be at!” Fire Demon Prince said that gaze staring front, in his pupil faintly bright fire combustion.

„Yes!” Under should say.

From Ghost Temple about 50 miles away. During Skyblaze Sect several thousand people quickly are also marching forward.

„Senior Brother Yan Yang, just obtained the news, Demon God Sect Fire Demon Prince led some people, rushed to Ghost Temple in front of us!”

Yan Yang wrinkled the brow. Said: „Uses the technique of god line, by quickest rushes to Ghost Temple!”

Besides Demon God Sect and Skyblaze Sect, Expert of several influences, is rushing to Ghost Temple.

During secret of main shrine god palace said.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu are walking toward front slowly, Wu Yazi wields a sword to be bathed in blood to fight in front.

This secret said that during everywhere is the black water poisonous spiders, basically is above Heavenly Star Realm. A few is only Heavenly Axis Realm, the quantity are much more, Wu Yazi killed is about to collapse.

Front also has a dense piece of black water poisonous spider, does not know where is Mi Dao the terminus.

„Nie Li, do you determine this road wrong not? Were we going astray place!” Wu Yazi keeps wielding a sword the black water poisonous spider that strikes to kill to throw, at the same time asked depressed.

„This road right, you feel relieved absolutely! Will draw near!” Nie Li said in behind leisurely that in any case these black water poisonous spiders at least are Heavenly Star Realm, they have no need to enter the war, Nie Li puts out Green Poison Pearl, stimulates to movement Green Poison Pearl, sees only in the ground in these black water poisonous Zhu, faint trace green Aura has gathered, gathered on Green Poison Pearl.

Green Poison Pearl dazzling.

Sees on Green Poison Pearl the intensely bright brilliance, the Nie Li eye slightly one bright.

„How I felt that I turned into your coolie!” Wu Yazi said in front depressed.

„Entered main shrine all treasures you to attain one-third good! I show the way to you, how did you strive?” Nie Li Xu did not say vigorously.

Wu Yazi thinks , can only recognize, truly does not have a Nie Li figure of road, his main shrine cannot come in! Although worked as the coolie , can only accept fate.

„What treasure in your hand is that thing?” Wu Yazi curiously looked that to reappearing asked in Nie Li palm above Green Poison Pearl, this thing seemed an extraordinary treasure.

„This you do not need to know!” Nie Li said lightly.

Hears the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi is a little depressed, Nie Li anything is not willing to tell him, but thinks is also, they are the halfway meet, each other relations of use, Nie Li agree did not say that is also very normal.

Nie Li stimulates to movement Green Poison Pearl unceasingly, absorbs the toxin of black water poisonous spider.

In the heart moved slightly, has put out the monster blood of Wu Yazi, kept the book writing to say Inscription Pattern on Green Poison Pearl, put out some Spiritual Stone fine gold, poured into faint trace Heavenly Energy Green Poison Pearl.

Although the level of Green Poison Pearl this treasure, missed with Thunder God Meteorite Sword these, but he can also use some unique methods, wielded some Green Poison Pearl mysterious wondrous uses to come out.

After having absorbed the toxin of massive black water poisonous spider, on Green Poison Pearl, the strength rushed turbulently.( To be continued.)

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