For several days, Nie Li and Liu Piao, Gu Bei, Li Hangyun et al. together, are arranging aggressively, Gu Heng, Long Tianming et al. so duo duo press hard on, keeps chasing down Demon Alliance, Sky Alliance as well as the sound pledge person, them, can not counter-attack?

In the room in other institute. * /

Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Li Hangyun et al. gathered together.

„Nie Li, you in why?” Liu Piao has doubts looked that asked to Nie Li.

For these days Nie Li collected enough several hundred medicinal herbs, a huge crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality, is prepares to refine anything likely.

Nie Li mysterious said with a smile: „I prepare to refine a compounded drug, you will know quickly its effect!”

„Compounded drug? What compounded drug?” Gu Bei, Li Hangyun et al. have appeared the curious look.

Long Yuyin also blinked, is very curious, recently knew the Nie Li status, she truly intertwined to be very long, but after thinking, she also felt relaxed. No matter Nie Li is the hundred years later people or what kind, that was only the Nie Li past, she likes present Nie Li, that was enough!

Nie Li puts out one not to have the god fruit, then has put out a cold iron god needle, does not have in the god fruit to pick up such faint trace the fruit pulp, then has put in a jar.

„What in this jar attire is the potable well-water, you shake this jar first, then the equal distributions to 100 jars, shake once more, then puts out a jar, then divides to another 100 jars in!” Nie Li tidies up other medicinal herbs, while said.

Heard the Nie Li words, Li Hangyun and other People to understanding the meaning of Nie Li, Nie Li this was must the essence in fruit pulp, diluted to 10,000 jars in!

„What efficacious medicine is this? Even if it is the miracle drug, dilutes 10,000 times, perhaps did not have any effect!” Liu Piao doubts -ly said.

„Yes. This dilutes 10,000 times!” Gu Bei also said.

Nie Li actually smiled, said: „You have not seen do not have the god fruit, does not know its use. Therefore will have such view!”

„Doesn't have the god fruit? Truly has not heard!” Li Hangyun has also gawked staring, „does not know that does not have the god fruit is any panacea. Diluted 10,000 times also to have the function?”

„This does not have the god fruit, regarding us, only fears with the panacea four characters, was indescribable. I with so was just little, if were eaten by Martial Ancestor that cold iron god needle selected, that Martial Ancestor will explode the body to perish instantaneously, because is unable to withstand not to have the huge efficacy of god fruit!” Nie Li said with a smile.

„Is so fierce? Isn't says things just to frighten people?” Li Hangyun et al. all changed color.

The Martial Ancestor level, is how formidable existence? Eats up that little. Expert of Martial Ancestor level must explode the body to perish, this was too simply astonishing!

„When have I told the lie?” Nie Li said with a smile, this did not have god but the collection of Tianyuan Great, its efficacy, was not Martial Ancestor can imagine! „Dilutes 10,000 times, the violence of its efficacy, is not we can withstand, after diluting 10,000 times, we drink one drop, must explode the body to perish!”

„How do you prepare to do?” Li Hangyun asked. In the heart shocks unavoidably.

„I prepared to dilute medicament after 10,000 times this, used dozens methods again, relaxed its property. Then refines the compounded drug!” Nie Li answered, „when the time comes this compounded drug refined, its drug efficacy, is very astonishing!”

„Does not know this compounded drug, can help us to reach the Heavenly Axis Realm peak!”

„Let alone Heavenly Axis Realm peak, even if breaks through to Dao of Dragon Realm absolutely does not have any issue!” Nie Li is said very much self-confidently.

Dao of Dragon Realm?

The people opened the eye, breaks through Dao of Dragon Realm, can it be that simple matter!

„That whether to help me to break through to the Dao of Dragon Realm peak, our Dragon Seal Family must choose the family successor immediately. If I can break through to the Dao of Dragon Realm peak, then has the full assurance. Even if Patriarch cannot prevent me!” Long Yuyin has thought said.

Regarding the promotion of Long Yuyin strength, Li Hangyun et al. are very shocking. How long Long Yuyin has separated, present Cultivation far and away is not they can hope to attain! Does not know how really Long Yuyin practices!

„Perhaps insufficient, but two sufficed absolutely!” Nie Li has thought that said that „this compounded drug made your mortal bodies be reborn sufficiently! However absorbs compounded drug, at least must spend over three days!”

Heard the Nie Li affirmative reply, Li Hangyun, Gu Bei and Liu Piao all stays.

Such formidable efficacy?

Compared with Dao of Dragon Realm, are three days considered as the last time?

A person practices Dao of Dragon Realm from Heavenly Axis Realm, frequently several years of even dozens years!

Did this compounded drug also go against heaven's will?

It looks like in Nie Li, is actually very normal, in the eyes of Tianyuan Great that character, Dao of Dragon Realm Expert radically is ants general existence, what does three days of breakthrough have at the worst?

Must know that they have now, but God level Expert can have non- god fruit!

Does not have the value of god fruit, only feared that entire Divine Feather Sect cannot compare continually!

Generally Expert of Martial Ancestor level, how even if has not to have the god fruit not to know to use, but Nie Li actually knows!

Over the next few days, Nie Li starts to refine the compounded drug crazily, had the detailed working procedure, refined the compounded drug is not very difficult matter.

Probably more than ten days later, Nie Li then refined more than 500 compounded drugs.

Looks at all over the body glitteringly and translucent carving, just like the jade nature common compounded drug, Nie Li revealed the gratified smiling face, had these compounded drugs, was really
even more powerful. This thanked the Tianyuan senior, if did not have the Tianyuan senior non god fruit, he knew the method of refinement, was can not make bricks without straw!

Move of Nie Li from Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting several Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert, has sent these Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert almost more than 100 compounded drugs, they delivers to Ye Ziyun, Ning'er and Du Ze, these compounded drugs can make their Cultivation progress by leaps and bounds absolutely.

„Is this compounded drug, that god pill who you said?” Liu Piao is taking compounded drug observed.

Knows that Nie Li is refining this force god pill, they already could not bear, once for a while must run over to look, when knows that this god pill draws a charge, they wanted to try one impatiently.

„You can eat trying!” The Nie Li corners of the mouth show a faint smile to say.

Liu Piao looks at this god pill, he has a feeling, will not be absolutely fake, initially they who Nie Li says still in Glory City, Nie Li then had provided that formidable cultivation method to them, he almost believes in firmly to the Nie Li words!

Liu Piao opens mouth this compounded drug swallowed down, then felt that terrifying flame, has burnt in the dantian, this flame must swallow simply completely general him, he hurried to sit cross-legged.

Good terror efficacy!( To be continued.)

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