The confusion of time, making Nie Li a little vacant.

The sitting in meditation self-torture, the time then passed in a flash, but more than 20 years are very long. As if all of a sudden was pulled the reality in the long dreamland.

Is only sitting in meditation self-torture, the promotion of Cultivation is very slow, wants to be slower than the usual practice, but arrives at the time to be long. However once to the promotion of this big Realm, the light is the self-torture useless.

It is not far from Heavenly Axis Realm, so long as can find a turning point, can break through!

Nie Li consolidates own Cultivation, while was smiling to say to Xiao Yu: „I just fell into the middle of a quite marvelous ideal condition, therefore Cultivation can promote such quickly!”

„Do I have to disturb you?” Xiao Yu said apologetically that she just called Nie Li several.

„No matter!” Nie Li beckoned with the hand to say.

At this time, in Ghost Temple, a wisp of thought is observing Nie Li.

„This boy has Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is simply same as a robber, has evacuated my Ghost Temple thing, Lian Xuying god has not let off! I think that the secret in my this Ghost Temple, was very extraordinary. Has not thought that the body of this boy, is hiding a more astonishing secret!” That thought muttered is saying, immediately has smiled strangely, „I must have a look but actually, after you opened the god palace, how to do!”

That thought flashes past.

Nie Li seems realized that anything, stared at one in the Ghost Temple direction, after condensing nine life stars, the Nie Li sensation ability entered compared with before one step.

Although does not know that fellow is any thing, but Nie Li can determine that this fellow is not a life. Otherwise, it will not want to capture her mortal body.

Thought of Ghost Temple?

Really an interesting thing!

Nie Li understands that present he wants to open the front this surrounding area several kilometers palace, is a quite difficult matter, therefore Nie Li does not even have to attempt, but soon, he will open!

So long as in this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li does not believe that which that fellow can run up to goes!

Although condensed nine life stars. However by the strength, is far and away is insufficient.

Hides again in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting for more than ten days, it is estimated that the person affirmation of XuanMing Deity went back, by that time can leave Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li looks all around. The space in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is grazing, he fell on Deity’s Lake, the right hand wielded, all curled Spiritual Stone in Deity’s Lake.

Deity’s Lake nourished in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was so long, finally arrived at the harvest time.

Deity’s Lake has then harvested 30 ten thousand Spiritual Stone. More than 500 Spiritual Stone essence.

Receives after these Spiritual Stone and Spiritual Stone essence got up, Nie Li continues to plunder to second Deity’s Lake.

More than 50 Deity’s Lake Spiritual Stone and Spiritual Stone essence was all received by Nie Li.

Has estimated that the light was Spiritual Stone has then achieved 20 million, in addition more than 30,000 Spiritual Stone essence, this absolutely was an extremely astonishing wealth. Nie Li is supposing, perhaps his wealth could be a worthy opponent half Divine Feather Sect!

Must these Spiritual Stone, to transform the strength to be good!

Otherwise too wasted!

Nie Li is thinking secretly, he has remembered anything suddenly, eye one bright, how almost this thing forgetting!

15 days later.

Gu Clan clan meeting. The Gu Clan elders gather, was discussing that Gu Bei destroys the person Deity’s Lake matter.

In the broad great hall, Gu Clan Patriarch attended to Tianlong sitting on head, the two sides of great hall sits a row of Gu Clan elder respectively, Gu Bei, Gu Heng and other audiences Gu Clan junior, stands in the central committee of great hall!

„This matter, truly was the Gu Bei younger male cousin is done extremely, but also invited Patriarch and fellow elders upholds the justice for me!” Gu Heng cups one hand in the other across the chest saying that an extremely suffering from injustice appearance, „simultaneously Gu Clan. Gu Bei younger male cousin should you kill me with burning anger! If the later Gu Bei younger male cousin inherited the position of Patriarch, but also please kindly treat our these consanguineous juniors!”

Hears the Gu Heng words, the following Gu Clan juniors look at each other in blank diamay, is exchanging secretly.

„Has not thought that the Gu Heng male cousin ate unexpectedly such greatly has owed!”

„Heard that the Gu Bei younger male cousin recently just had established the influence. The development is rapid! However has not thought that can defeat the Gu Heng male cousin unexpectedly, really does not dare to imagine!”

„The Gu Heng male cousin had not been defeated, but was Gu Bei has caused some methods, destroyed Gu Heng male cousin's Deity’s Lake!”

„Destroys person Deity’s Lake this , was too rather ruthless. After is the consanguinity!”

„The Gu Heng male cousin always treats people genially, Gu Bei was also too aggressive. If made Gu Bei inherit the position of Patriarch, our these consanguineous juniors, means of livelihood?” This person helps Gu Heng obviously, slightly somewhat loudly said.

After Gu Bei listened, wrinkled the brow, is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to say to the above attending to Tianlong: „In Greater World, the book falls over one another, Brother Gu Heng assembled the bystander to extinguish my Demon Alliance, didn't allow me to counter-attack? The Gu Heng male cousin lost, runs here to cry, but also assembled some elders to impeach me, actually any intention, thinks that can look!”

Gu Heng coldly looks to Gu Bei, said: „In Greater World truly is to fall over one another right, but the Gu Bei younger male cousin rather did too certainly. Ruins Deity’s Lake directly, is actually this big hatred?
Under entire Divine Feather Sect control, how many Deity’s Lake? Anybody destroys easily, is to weakening Divine Feather Sect! Gu Bei younger male cousin can it be that Demon God Sect sends!”

„You shut up to me!” Gives a thought to Tianlong sinking sound to shout to clear the way, „my Gu Clan juniors, must pull together are right, your consanguinity remnant , will also quarrel so in the clan, if passes on, the Gu Clan face countenance was thrown completely by you!”

Gu Tianlong has an imposing power and influence, Gu Heng and Gu Bei two people does not dare to speak.

„How does elder see?” Attended to Tianlong sweeping around a elder to ask.

Three elder Gu Yun days said cold: „Gu Heng is my person, this situation I should not say, so as to avoid being said me to favor, but I have to say one in here, destroys the person Deity’s Lake matter, must punish, if this matter continues, Deity’s Lake will be only getting fewer and fewer!”

„What opinion is elder?” Gu Tianlong looked that asked to other people.

Gu Ya silent the moment said: „This matter causes and effects are complex, but must need further consideration is!”

„Everybody whether to listen to me to say one?” Nearby elder has stood.

Is eight elder Gu Bai!

Eight elders always help Gu Heng, this time definitely also so, it seems like Gu Heng early is prepared, the trouble of this Gu Bei was big. Destroys person Deity’s Lake this matter truly is Gu Bei does not right, if must investigate really that this punishment will be perhaps severe!( To be continued.)

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