Nie Li looks at Li Hangyun, shows a faint smile saying: „Danger is unavoidable, how I said that now also has 2 Fate Realm, has nothing to be worried that if the Hangyun brother can escort me to go, arrives at the Deity’s Lake center, that is good!”

Hears the Nie Li words, in the Li Hangyun heart one cold, looked at Nie Li, he understood the Nie Li intention.

Nie Li has the means to absorb God Root, so long as escorts the Deity’s Lake center Nie Li, that handled.

To overcome that medium Deity’s Lake, is a little truly difficult, because there has many Heavenly Axis Realm Dragon Blood Demon Beast, even one is only Dao of Dragon Realm. If under Li Hangyun wants to attack that medium Deity’s Lake, the light by his influence is insufficient, must to unite other influences to be together good.

If unites other influences, then the assignment of that medium Deity’s Lake, is not he can decide, this is he has not attacked that medium Deity’s Lake reason.

In comparison, but submerges the Deity’s Lake center, capturing Deity’s Lake wanted to be simpler than too many.

Since Nie Li needs him to help, he will reject?

„Good, since Brother Nie Li need, I lead the troops to go together, helping Brother Nie Li take that Deity’s Lake God Root!” The Li Hangyun nod said that „that we when?”

„Two days later!” Nie Li thinks saying that medium Deity’s Lake, once puts in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, the Spiritual Stone output absolutely is extremely astonishing, is worth take risking absolutely!

„Good, I assemble the manpower, strives for a success!” The Li Hangyun nod said.

Nie Li follows Li Hangyun, arrived in Deity’s Lake, here was gathering 500-600 people, was the Li Hangyun subordinates, this Deity’s Lake was one of the Li Hangyun footholds in Greater World.

Li Hangyun started to assemble troops from each place.

Since obtaining these God Root, Nie Li feels in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting the faint trace strength to gush out, moistens the soul, he suddenly had some sensibility, an open area near Deity’s Lake has sat cross-legged, started the practice of Heavenly God Technique.

In the middle of all cultivation method. Heavenly God Technique without doubt is in the world one of the most formidable cultivation method, with the lapse of time, Nie Li slowly float to airborne, boundless strengths are surging turbulently.

In his Soul Sea. Complicated Inscription Pattern keep circling regarding that mysterious vine cane.

On vine Fujiyuki, the first flower blooms slowly, fresh fragrance, has flooded entire Soul Sea.

Immediately, two Fate Soul also suddenly became blazing. In which impurity extinguishes slowly, becomes incomparably pure, in the flash of fragrance release, Nie Li felt that the whole body was very dry and hot, as if places in the flame.


Soul Sea has blasted out suddenly likely generally, the Nie Li pain results in the cheeks to be pale, the beads of sweat downward fall.

Although does not know the what road of practice one have taken, but Nie Li relying on own intuition, unceasingly condense Fate Soul, three Demon Spirit in Soul Sea also unceasingly condense.

Time lapse. One hour, two hours.


In Nie Li Soul Sea, burnt Fate Soul, has not thought that such quickly has stepped into 3 Fate Realm, moreover this Fate Soul was unexpectedly decadent.

One red, one blue, yellow three colors.

This mysterious Fate Soul, making Nie Li be also confused, because he felt that own practice, did not listen to the control completely, sometimes was much slower, regardless of Nie Li absorbed many Spiritual Stone. The Cultivation very difficult little advance, sometimes also at some time bewilderedly the promote step, absolutely not to have any omen.

Because of the relations of Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting?

However Cultivation has promoted, after is the good deed.

Nie Li fuses condense continuously own Cultivation. Consolidated Cultivation in 3 Fate Realm.

At this time, beside Deity’s Lake, a vigorous form grazed to come, unexpectedly was a beautiful young girl.

„Who are you?” The Li Hangyun subordinate surrounds that young girl.

„I called Long Yuyin, I looked for Nie Li, I was his disciple!” After Long Yuyin anchors. Looked that said to these people.

The people look at each other, they had heard Long Yuyin is the Dragon Seal Family person, actually as for Long Yuyin is the Nie Li disciple, they do not know that Long Yuyin Cultivation is only Heavenly Fate Realm, completely in range of control.

„During Mr. Nie Li is practicing, you cannot approach him, can only sit in here , etc. he practiced!” Nearby Heavenly Star Realm Expert said.

„Good.” The Long Yuyin nod should say.

Stone of Long Yuyin in being away from Nie Li on dozens meters away sat, far and away stares is sitting cross-legged practice Nie Li, Nie Li Aura, making her feel a formidable oppression strength.

Does not know that Nie Li in practice, is any cultivation method.

These days Long Yuyin wants to understand, all sorts that before had, making Long Yuyin determine a matter, that was understanding of Nie Li on martial arts, has achieved the average man Realm that absolutely was hard to imagine.

This is in history, besides her original master, only made her feel person who was convinced!

Has Nie Li, can eagerly anticipate her to go to the peak of martial arts!

Therefore she decides to do obeisance Nie Li for master!

Even if Nie Li is the Ying Yueru disciple, the here surface rank is not right, but practices martial art crazy she , the control did not get so many. These common-place points of view, how could also to prevent her to the determination of military?

This time Nie Li is also in the practice, she can only stay in the one side obediently is waiting.

Nie Li also immerses to practice, is stimulating to movement three Fate Soul unceasingly, the Fate Soul strength rushes turbulently, embellishes in the surroundings of vine cane, only thought that a strength of rushing, entered Holy Blood Wing Dragon turbulently, the Holy Blood Wing Dragon strength crazily is also increased, 1 Fate, 2 Fate and 3 Fate, have surpassed Nie Li own strength gradually, has not stopped, has achieved 5 Fate Realm is stops.

Luckily has the vine cane ties up sleepily, otherwise Holy Blood Wing Dragon will work loose absolutely.

Nie Li hurries condense Cultivation, draws in own strength, cannot make Holy Blood Wing Dragon such promote again, so as to avoid Holy Blood Wing Dragon is separated from the control.

God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, really, although Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil Demon Spirit strength also in 5 Fate Realm about, but the Holy Blood Wing Dragon battle efficiency absolutely is the Fanged Panda several fold continues.

For a long time for a long time, Nie Li has opened the eye finally, he opens the eye time, the Long Yuyin simple and beautiful cheeks have then mapped the view.

„You how in here?” The Nie Li doubts asked.

Long Yuyin has stood the body, throwing out the chest chest cavity , the elegant face is very the earnest -ly said: „I went back to think was very long, I want to acknowledge you as the teacher, please receive me for the person!”

Nie Li looks at Long Yuyin that is very the serious appearance, stares slightly, immediately chuckle next step: „This does not conform to the custom, you are the female apprentice of my master, do you actually want to request me to be the master?” Nie Li beckoned with the hand saying that „considers as finished!”

After saying, Nie Li turns around to walk.

„Wait!” Long Yuyin stopped by calling out Nie Li hurriedly, „this was not the issue, a martial arts way, reached is the master! Our respective theory junctions, but also asked you to accept me!”

Turns head to see Long Yuyin anxiously to bring the stubborn elegant face, Nie Li to understand, matter that once Long Yuyin decides, nine cows cannot pull back. This woman to the martial arts, was really infatuated. However Long Yuyin should truly be feels, except for Nie Li, nobody can direct her on the martial arts.

„Do you crack a joke?” Nie Li walks, while said with a smile, truly thought at heart, received Long Yuyin not to have any fault for the person but actually.

„I do not crack a joke, I am earnest.” Long Yuyin caught up to follow close on saying that „, so long as you are willing to accept my this disciple, you made me be any me to want!”

Do you determine?” Nie Li turns head to look that said to the Long Yuyin faint smile.

„Determination.” Long Yuyin nods, a moment later has hesitated, said that „wants is not betrayal Divine Feather Sect and betrayal family!”

„Real?” Nie Li walked several steps toward Long Yuyin, has the one pace from Long Yuyin merely, but the poor point bumped into the chest of Long Yuyin, his corners of the mouth brought back an evil smile slightly, lowered the head looks at Long Yuyin, only had close remote with the cheeks of Long Yuyin.

Looks at the Nie Li appearance, the chest of Long Yuyin keeps fluctuating, elegant face continuously red to neck with place, lowered the head, the heart bang bang jumps madly, both hands are gripping tightly, breath also rapid several points, but she thinks, gains ground a little stubbornly looks at Nie Li.

The Long Yuyin skin light wins the snow, has a beautiful face, the body transmits the light young girl fragrance, has saying that abandons that irritable temperament not to discuss, Long Yuyin absolutely is a beautiful woman silkworm embryo.

Nie Li teases Long Yuyin, looks at the Long Yuyin tense appearance, Nie Li laughs, he has taken back gaze, turns around to walk saying: „Good!”

Although Long Yuyin stubborn temper is irritable, but in the final analysis is a young girl of having little experience of the world.

„What?” Long Yuyin gains ground to flutter asks, is a little excited, she has not thought that Nie Li such refreshedly complied unexpectedly.

„I can receive you for person, but following, visited you to display. If unsatisfied for the master, momentarily can expel Master Men you!” Nie Li smiles was saying that the development of matter basically also calculates in Nie Li is expected, he knows that Long Yuyin can look own, moreover Long Yuyin the matter that once recognizes, will not give basically up, but Nie Li has not guessed correctly, Long Yuyin will adopt to acknowledge as teacher this form.

Looks at the Nie Li back, Long Yuyin sped up the footsteps joyfully, followed

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